Broken, Karin Fossum

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Broken, Karin Fossum

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Jan. 28, 2014, 4:16pm

Another stunning book for this year. I'm really picking them!

This book is unique in that it is written by an author. Yes, I know, all books are written by an author, but I mean the book starts with the author looking out her window at the characters standing in line on her driveway, waiting for their turn to be written. One of them cuts in line and she writes his story. It's a different way of getting random information about the character, I suppose. It's good. I enjoyed it, anyway.

What do we people have in common? I wonder. Well, we're born. Not because we want to be, but because someone else wanted it. We grow up nd we don't know where we're going or what we'll get. We think we can make our own decisions, that we can plan things. And so we can to a certain extent, but fate can be very capricious. A late-running bus can change a whole life - It can steer us toward another fate. We stumble on the curb, someone rushes to our aid, we catch someone's eyes for a brief second and lightning strikes. A glance can lead to marriage and children ... suddenly we've ended up in a totally different place from what we imagined. p28-29

I am sitting in front of the computer. My fingers skate quickly across the keybard. There are times it becomes flexible like a ribbon in my hands and I can bend and twist the language any way I please. p55

We see ourselves as we really are only in our own mirrors, he thought, and this is the honest truth. p93
This is about the character getting a hair cut that he isn't used to. He's had his hair the same way for ages, he finally cuts it because a woman tells him it would look better and now he has to get used to the look and how it changes his appearance. (We're talking getting rid of a comb-over here.) In other mirrors away from home he hadn't been as phased by his reflection as he was in his own bathroom.

"What kind of a world is this where good leads to bad? How are we meant to behave when there are no consequences, no logic or justice? p174
The main character was taking care of someone, bad things happened, his good deeds created those bad things. I really can't say much more than that without giving away the entire plot.