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Iliad Editions

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Jan. 17, 2018, 8:08am

I'm looking to pick up another edition of the Iliad. I have the old LCL and am after a different translation in a specific format. What I'm after is a smallish hardcover. Something like the size of a Loeb or the little hardcovers that the Oxford World's Classics did. Anyone have editions to recommend or avoid?

Jan. 18, 2018, 9:42am

There's the The Iliad of Homer from the Oxford World's Classics translated by Alexander Pope. My edition is 1944. I suspect, though, you want a newer translation. I have it in my library. I made the dust jacket myself, so it won't look familiar to anyone else.

I'm always looking for small hardbacks. Love the OWC size the best, but Loeb size is nice, too.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 18, 2018, 11:01am

If you can live with a larger (octavo rather than the 16mo OWC), there's Fitzgerald's translation in the new Everyman series. Failing that, you could try the old translation by George Chapman, a contemporary of Shakespeare (remember Keats' poem On looking into Chapman's Homer?). That was published in pocket form by Dent in the Temple Classics series around 1900 in four volumes (two each for the Iliad and Odyssey).

I think Chapman would be better than Pope as an expression of Homer (Pope's worth reading on his own terms, but he's not to my taste as Homer).

Jan. 18, 2018, 2:48pm

I hadn't thought of the Everyman series, which is embarrassing. That will probably be the one.

Unfortunately, I am playing catch up on poetry and have barely read anything by Keats. One book at time eh?

Jan. 20, 2018, 1:02pm

>4 TAHorton: One of the great joys about living in the internet age is that we can read poems as we encounter them, not just when we happen to open a book of, say, Keats. And if we prefer to, we can order a paper copy or a library copy before we move on and forget it. Sadly, as you can see from my ludicrous library catalogue, I don’t believe in one book at a time...