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I will review your books

Jul. 19, 2018, 3:27pm

I review all genres of books (must be in print though) and post my reviews in 5 different places. I can not honestly say how many reviews i have done but i can give you names of legit authors that I am still in contact with that i have reviewed their books (also that send me their ARCs any time they release a new one) so that you may check to make sure i am legit. I really enjoy reading and am interested in checking out some new/different authors. Feel free to send me a msg.

Sept. 26, 2018, 4:02pm

Hi! I am offering my children's book This Book Needs a Laugh for free on Amazon as an ebook on 9/27/18 and 9/28/18. Please consider reading and reviewing for me! It's a short but delightful interactive kids book that the children in your life will LOVE!


You can also find me on:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/csshows
Twitter: www.twitter.com/CyrenaShows
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cscshows
website: Http://bit.ly/cscshows

Thank you!

Mrz. 5, 2019, 1:38pm

Hi Angela!

I’d be delighted if you’d like to read and review my book; it’s currently posted on the member’s giveaway page.

Sisters in the West will take you along on a wild-west adventure where you will find small-town cowboys, devilish outlaws, scandalous family secrets, and the blush of new love. A perfect, clean page-turner for anyone in search of a feel-good western historical-romance.

Hope you get a chance to check it out. Enjoy!

Janessa Suderman

Jun. 25, 2019, 9:54pm

Hey Angela!

Thank you so much for the offer to review people’s books! I am new here and am currently writing the third book in a series of crime novels, with both the other two having been self-published already through Amazon. The first one was released two years ago now but at the time I didn’t jump on any promotion or reviews, so yes, I am doing this a bit late!
I shall link you to the first in the series as opposed to the most recent released, as that way at least it will be easier to follow!
It is about a bank robbery gone horribly wrong... or horribly right.


It would be amazing if you got the chance to check it out and let me know what you thought!

Joe Griffiths.

Aug. 12, 2019, 5:25pm

Hi, Angela.

This post is more than a year old. Are you still accepting books for review? If so, where can I find your review guidelines? What sites do you post your reviews on?

Thank you.

Aug. 29, 2019, 10:27pm

If you are still accepting books for review, I would be happy to send my contemporary psychological suspense titled Retribution.
Karen Cogan

Sept. 1, 2019, 3:48pm

Hi Angela! Go ahead and send me an email at Blackienosferatu@yahoo.com with a list of authors you reviewed, and I'll plan on ordering a copy of my paperback to send to you. You can email me your address after I check your author-review list. Mine's a paranormal romance, and it's my first novel. Thank you!

Bearbeitet: Feb. 5, 10:26pm

Hello new author here. I just recently had published a book of poems and short stories. The title of my book is called Teardrops on the Petals .It consist of short stories and poems. Topics cover love , erotic love, poverty , substance abuse, youth and gun violence, some poems are even religious. One of the short stories centers around an abusive, neglectful mother and how her behaviours effect her daughter and son.The other short story symbolizes beauty in being a misfit or rather not fitting into the so called category of not being conventional, normal , or status quo and how sometimes people can have cruel reactions to something that is different or new
If interested just send me a message here or look me up on FB also my instagram is ajbookauthor

Feb. 9, 4:09pm

>1 AngelaFries:

Hi Angela-

I would DEFINITELY very much appreciate you reading and reviewing my Short Story Collection, "Sliced Lives".

Here are the links to my book on amazon and LibraryThing below. Please let me know if you have any questions and Thank You SO MUCH! :





Feb. 9, 4:20pm

If you are still accepting books for review

>1 AngelaFries: has not posted a review on LibraryThing since August, 2019, and no non-ER reviews since August of 2016. Don't waste your time or your review copies.

Feb. 9, 4:27pm


Mai 7, 7:07am

i'm seeking a review for my young adult ebook titled ROSES THE CHASE. the book costs 2.29 pounds on amazon.co.uk and other amazon online stores. the book is also a KDP.

Mai 8, 10:50am

According to >10 lilithcat: this thread is no longer a very good place to look for reviews.

One can try the member giveaway. (Click on Early Reviewers in small type at the bottom of the page and from there go to Member Giveaway). But expect to give away more books than you actually get reviews back.

I'm still guessing that the best way to get reviews is probably to go looking for review blogs, and then contacting the blog owner directly. Although the best ones probably have horrendous wait times? So the best approach is probably to go looking for the review blogs long in advance of when you are finished the book, so that you can get your requests in as soon as possible.

Out of curiosity, has anyone here actually ever gone looking for review blogs?
If so, what happened?

My books have been featured on at least a couple notable blogs... but I didn't contact those bloggers directly. One was an old acquaintance who noticed I had published and looked into it, and for the other one, one of my betareaders followed the blog and recommended my book to the blogger.

Mai 11, 9:31am

Here is the blog that I wrote about that: BLOG ‘BOUT BOOK BLOGS

Say that five times fast. That’s OK. Take your time. Try again. I’ll wait…

We’ll just have to add that to “Peter Piper” and “She Sells Seashells,” won’t we?

I decided to reach out to some more book bloggers this week. I googled book blogs and came up with sites with lists of book bloggers. As I suspected, there were a lot of them. Why book bloggers? Somebody has to read your book and like (or dislike) it enough to tell others. There are countless blogs out there, and many companies/individuals that set up blog tours, cover reveals, and book blasts. I checked out a few of them, and I wasn’t convinced that it was worth the cost (advertising is always a gamble even if it is a necessity). Sure, you get a fancy banner, and they send out your info to the participating blogs, but I visited a few, and some blogs had tour stop after tour stop that looked pretty much the same. I don’t think you get to choose your site either.

The last point was the most important to me. Now, I’m sure that these bloggers get many emails from authors, so how do I stand out? I wanted to make a personal connection, so this is what I did:

-Looked at the review policy. Don’t review poetry? No point in staying…but wait...
-I searched their site for my genre. Hey look, they did review a poetry book, and they said they should do more. There’s my in.
-Guest posts. If they take them, I read through some to see if my writing fits.
-I cut and pasted some of my request, but always added something to show that I read their blog.
-I also looked to see if their reviews generated comments/discussions. More discussions = more readers

I did discover some interesting things during this exploration:

Bloggers are clever! There are great names out there. Here are some of my favorites: Brooke-reports, Bookedonafeeling, Spinesinaline, Literaryweaponry, Fortheloveofdewey
Book bloggers are 99% female. Why is this? I suspect that what I was told in school is correct, "Girls is smarter than boys" (and thought I was SMRT)…and they have the ability to dedicate themselves to a task and finish it.

I came across several blogs that had been inactive for a long time. I was compelled to peruse through the blog to see if there were any clues to why the site had been abandoned. Not one had closure, no last post saying thanks, or link to follow. Nothing. A ghost in the digital miasma (I learned that word while doing a crossword puzzle...). So, as a writer, I wrote:


I stumbled upon your blog today
The place you built to have your say
A clever name
Graphics much the same
Stars twinkled between pages
Of poetic thoughts, dreams, and rages
Shared part of your life right here
For friends and followers to hear
But where do you go?
The last post was two years ago
Why walk away?
Was there nothing left for you to say
Do you still look the same?
Do you have the same name?
I hope you left for good reasons
Like the changing of the seasons
There’s nothing I can do
Except hope for you
So, I’ll go on pretending
That you wrote a happy ending
I closed your blog when I was done
The visitor count read 3,471

Till next time, keep reading!


Mai 12, 10:01pm

>14 LeonStevens: "Blogbandonment"


This is unfortunately pretty normal on the internet. I have had my blog look like it has been abandoned several times, because when I get sick I don't know when I'll get better --- it might be the day after tomorrow, so why post a good-bye post, when I have no intention of leaving? And posting apologies just gets old after a while. So my blog just waits for me to come back, and both of my regular readers are happy to see my return.

In the webcomic world, partially finished webcomics were the reason I stopped reading them. I don't like stories that stop in the middle. It's so frustrating!

Mai 13, 9:12am

>15 LShelby: " I don't like stories that stop in the middle. - Just like shows that get cancelled without any warning.