Zoom loom sweater

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Zoom loom sweater

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Aug. 26, 2019, 5:18pm

I bought a zoom loom a few weeks ago, and now I'm busy weaving and spinning.

I bought some 'Halloween' hand died combed wool to spin early July. The yarn is lovely, with nearly 3/4 spun now. But there will be just over 100 grams of it. Not really enough for a serious project. Unless...

So I thought about making lots of these little squares, in all the left over natural yarns I have, but mostly whites. Then I could crochet around them with the Halloween yarn and sew then together into a sweater. That would work, and might be attractive, and would use up bits and pieces.

Except it turns out that there aren't as many white bits around as I thought, neither spun nor unspun.

There is a little Ashford white-white, I think merino. There is also a lot of Chrissie's carded Bergschaf. I've spun up some of both. I even did a small ball of the two plied together. This is more interesting than either alone. I also have some white alpaca, but I think I would want to card it with some wool or maybe ply it with wool. I've rather gone off alpaca pure. And certainly for the zoom loom. It's just not elastic enough.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be going to the wool store, as they seem to have a variety of white/cream wools to spin, and I'll buy as little of each as I'm able.

I like the zoom loom, but am not up to finishing a square in 15 minutes. The prettiest square so far was from a bit of silk/kid mohair yarn I did some lace knitting with. I used it double, (good call!) and the double threads and the mohair halo look very nice. I have enough for 2-3 more squares.

I now have 12 white(ish) and 6 coloured squares. Pretty soon I'll full what I have and start crocheting.

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