New genre "Steampunk Horror"


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New genre "Steampunk Horror"

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Mrz. 6, 2008, 11:01pm

This was seen In The Willows "The Strange Case of the All-Seeing Ear"

G. D. Falksen hurls us into a steampunk mystery serial: The Strange Case of the All-Seeing Ear, Part 1!
"The Strange Case of the All-Seeing Ear is a piece that I have been working with, in various formats, for several years now. It has always been very episodic in structure, and I feel that the serial format meshes very well with the sense of tension that I have tried to create at the end of each section. As with the rest of the Ether setting, The All-Seeing Ear is an attempt to tell a story while at the same time creating a clear picture of the visually intense steampunk and dark pulp world that it exists in. In addition to being an "overture" to the rest of the story, Part One is a way of introducing some of the major characters and themes present in the city of Salmagundi. Salmagundi is essentially a steampunk society that is being forced by an outside power to modernize, and that struggle very much symbolizes the conflicted personalities of the characters. Cerys, Ras, and Wilde are, naturally, key figures in the city's plotline, and in addition I feel that this installment sets the tone of their world: the city is very much trapped between the conflicted extremes of tyranny and chaos, corrupt industrialism and socialist terrorism, and religious fanaticism and the ever-present threat of the occult. Where Sofia Athanatos was the prologue or forward to the story of Salmagundi, Part One of The All-Seeing Ear is the opening act to a dark and monstrous opera."
His website may be found at

Mrz. 28, 2008, 11:48pm

Well I just ordered both magazines so I'll post back here after I read a couple of the stories.

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