It sounds like a bad idea to me

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It sounds like a bad idea to me

Apr. 3, 2020, 5:44pm

I just ran into a fix-up novel (a novel that is constructed out of short stories with connecting bits) that according to the disambiguation notice had the same title as a short story collection by the same author, but with a totally different set of stories in it.

How many readers are going to assume they are the same book and not buy the other one?

And in the over-aggressive marketing department, I recently got spam trying to convince me that I urgently needed some tool for my website that would allow me to phone my 'customers' as they were looking at my site. It claimed that if I responded to them in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes, I would have an exponentially better conversion rate.

I believe I was supposed to wait for them to "indicate an interest" (otherwise that's waaaay too stalkerish,) but still, that's going to do wonders for my sales if I spend all my time sitting around waiting for readers to tell me they want me to phone them, instead of, say, writing more books.

Have any of the rest of you seen some super dumb marketing moves/suggestions that you are willing to share?

Apr. 9, 2020, 3:45pm

It's maybe not that dumb a marketing move, but if I visit a website and one of those chat boxes pops up in the corner, saying, "Hello, my name is Jim. Do you have any questions?" I close the tab immediately. I'm sure it's not a real person, but it still creeps me out. And I'd rather get help when I seek it than have it (metaphorically) shoved in my face.

But then, I'm a grumpy so'n'so 😋