Wonderball Apocalypse by Dr. A. R. Davis

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Wonderball Apocalypse by Dr. A. R. Davis

Aug. 19, 2020, 7:55pm

Wonderball Apocalypse, the second book in my Spirit Cloud series of metaphysical sci-fi is now available.

An accidental breakthrough in artificial intelligence, followed by an unheeded warning, leads to the Wonderball Apocalypse, flooding the world with reincarnated souls trapped inside the crystal balls of the next generation personal home assistants.
The borders are opened. The crack in the wall between the physical universe and the spiritual universe widens. Through the chaos, the catalyst of this chain reaction returns inside his own prison, and is swept up on a global journey, meeting others attempting to adjust their old beliefs to deal with this new mystery. He is determined to rescue his original creation, his Eve, and be her Adam in this new world.


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