Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #83


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Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #83

Dez. 10, 2020, 8:21pm

THIS THREAD is for LibraryThing Members, and especially for “beginners,” to ask help and learn about combining and separating specific LibraryThing Works.
-- If a book is combined with other, very different books.
-- If a book won’t combine with others just like it.
-- If problems with any Work are overwhelming, or maybe you just don’t have time.


-- Please give Titles, Authors, hyperlinks, and other information that will help.
-- If you post multiple requests at once, please number each group. Examples:

“Please combine:
#1: The Story of the Life of You
#2: The Story of the Life of Everyone Else

-- Ask about sets of Works or Series pages, ask for opinions, or ask for help with specific languages, subjects, etc.; but please be brief.
-- Please do not give Search pages, Author pages, or groups of “possibles,” unless you have a specific question.
-- “Someone will be with you shortly.” Most requests are handled by our fellow LibraryThing Members, not by staff.
-- If you add to a post, please use “ETA:” or “EDIT:” to show what’s new.
-- Please note when a request is “DONE.”


-- If two works have more than 200 records each, LibraryThing staff may need to do the combining. Please post these requests to: .
-- For information and discussion, but not problems, please see the Combiner’s Group Information, FAQ & Discussion Thread: .
-- For the related wiki page, please see: .
-- Please note Tim’s Guidelines for Proper Etiquette for Contacting Members about Book Records at ; if you contact another Member, please use Private Comment.
-- When this thread reaches 200 posts, please do not post here but start a new Thread. Threads under 200 posts load faster and are easier to navigate. Please copy these notes as post #1 of the new thread. Thank you.

Dez. 11, 2020, 3:55pm

Jumping in to the conversation between Sandra & Annie:

I've often used the ISBN to disambiguate different editions, abridgements, adaptations, etc. In fact, my impression is that it's a standard practice.

A little common sense is necessary: if the title makes it clear which work it belongs to, then yes, ignore the ISBN. If the title is ambiguous and could be used with either work, we should absolutely use the ISBN to sort it out.

Dez. 11, 2020, 5:48pm

This member has been suspended from the site.

Dez. 11, 2020, 6:22pm

>2 gabriel:

As I said, I suspect that these are the novel and not the study guide (so I left them where they were). I use ISBNs a lot -- when the titles are identical and that is the only way. Here they are not - no source has them identical (and that will ensure that there is no autcombination here). So the corrected title to match the novel title makes me think they are the novel and not the study guide. :)

I am fine either way - I just shared why I did not move them and why I think we should have left them behind. But I am not going to chase them down and return them. :)

PS: Sandra, "Let me add that I completely don't understand why student guides and such predominantly seem to come with author being the author of the work it is about"

You and me both :)

Dez. 11, 2020, 6:28pm

>4 AnnieMod: Maybe most of the people with the study guide, and not the work itself are less concerned with accuracy than with just passing their tests.

Dez. 12, 2020, 12:08am

>4 AnnieMod:

Okay, fair enough. It sounded as if you were laying down a general rule - I'm not going to quibble with your particular judgement on this by any means. Thanks!

Dez. 12, 2020, 12:51am

>4 AnnieMod: "Let me add that I completely don't understand why student guides and such predominantly seem to come with author being the author of the work it is about"

Because when companies are putting them on Amazon, Kate Maurer is going to make no sales, but F. Scott Fitzgerald might. Note that even though Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (Cliffs Notes) doesn't have Fitzgerald's name on it, it doesn't have Kate Maurers's name, either. There seem to be two different works about the same thing, but none of the 230 owners have seem to care enough to separate them.

Dez. 12, 2020, 2:01am

>7 prosfilaes: Yeah, well, complete misrepresentation isn't quite legally permissible, so it isn't publishers who are claiming their notes are written by Fitzgerald. More likely it comes from individual sellers.

Either way, it's bad data that a) often gets works wrongly auto-combined b) makes it difficult to distinguish the work even for us humans without researching the ISBN in question c) swamps the author pages of major literary figures with works that aren't theirs. So perhaps this is one of the instances where we could use a community policy to edit the primary author to the proper one

Dez. 18, 2020, 1:13pm

Please combine these two authors:

Ruby Vines
Alisha Paige

same author but uses different name for different series. (See website:

Dez. 18, 2020, 2:23pm

>9 Bettesbooks:
That's easily done from either author page. In the "Improve this author" box on the right, under "Combine with..." click "search" and enter the other name. They'll come up with the option to combine the names. I've left it for you to try it out!

Dez. 20, 2020, 4:43am

>10 r.orrison: Thanks with your directions I was able to combine! Yay.

Dez. 28, 2020, 3:18pm

How are series lists combined? I tried to do it through edit on list page but found no 'combine' within the options.

Dez. 28, 2020, 3:40pm

>12 bluepiano: I don't think you can combine publishers and regular series. You'll have to change the type of series on one of them before you can combine them.

Dez. 29, 2020, 10:53am

>12 bluepiano:, >13 amanda4242: What happens if we go to "Edit Series" (upper-right corner on my view), and "Basic Settings" (first menu option), then toggle between "Series" and "Publisher Series"? Do we then wind up with two Series (or Publisher Series) having the same name? I'd try messing with it myself, but only have time at the moment for quick, guerilla / snipe attacks ...

Dez. 29, 2020, 12:46pm

>14 jasbro: When you change the type in Basic Settings, that doesn't create a duplicate series of the other type. The series simply (as in, without fuss on our side) changes to the type selected. Does that answer the question you're asking?

Dez. 29, 2020, 12:51pm

What if you had a publisher series and a regular series with the same name? What would happen if you tried to change one into the other kind of series?

Bearbeitet: Dez. 29, 2020, 1:11pm

>16 jjwilson61: Turns out, we end up with two series with the same name and type.

The other series showed up in the Combine section when the type was changed.

I've edited the type of the older list into a publisher's series, then combined that list into the other publisher series.


>12 bluepiano: I'm fairly certain the combination can be reversed if needed.

Bearbeitet: Dez. 30, 2020, 11:35am

>16 jjwilson61:, >17 aspirit: So editing a Series or Publisher Series from one to the other doesn't override the nseries' URL number to auto-combine with other, similar/same name Series, but just changes the characterization of the particular nseries. Further overt action is necessary to actually combine two or more nseries. That's kinda what I expected logically, just didn't have time to test it or - more important - undo any surprise, undesirable, or unanticipated results. Thanks!

Dez. 30, 2020, 5:19pm

I'm flummoxed by one of the books in my library. I'm unable to combine it with the title record with far more copies.

My copy of The Labyrinth of Spirits is here:
The title record with the majority of copies is here:

I've tried adding each work individually to my workbench, but only one work appears there. Both works lead to the same author page but are not listed individually among his works. LT believes I have not completed the series, because my copy isn't attached to the "real" record, so no green check mark. It's like they're already combined...but not? Ideas? Thx.

Dez. 30, 2020, 5:24pm

>19 ryner: This is a known problem, you can report it in the "Missing Work ID" thread in the Bug Collectors group at:

Jan. 1, 7:39am

I am not totally sure what should be done here, but there are currently two collections of Hemingways complete short stories:

One seems to be an abandoned attempt to separate out "Finca Vigia Edition", which possibly might be a good idea, but there are still a lot of editions which have that in their names, or ISBN:s which would identify them as such. There is nothing in CK that explains why this separation exists. Both have over 2000 copies, so combination is non-trivival.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 1, 8:07am

The Amazon description for the Finca Vigia edition says 'seven new tales published for the first time in this collection' so it probably ought to be separated out of older editions. But that separation is also non-trivial.

Jan. 2, 7:45am

I'd appreciate any help anyone wants to provide with this "author":

They're all Star Trek books with this weird author listed. Easy to fix with workbench, just tedious because there's so many of them.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 3, 5:00pm

>21 andejons:, >22 MarthaJeanne: See what you think. All "Finca Vigía" records by title, and all ISBNs clearly associated with Finca Vigía records, should now be combined at with a canonical title, disambiguation notice, and a work relationship, attempting to distinguish the Finca Vigía edition from the earlier Collected Stories; the latter should still be combined at

I haven't addressed all CK, but the book description field of each work now lists specific contents (as I understand their distinction), and non-Finca Vigía covers at -25215952 are flagged as not applicable to that work. There are too many Finca Vigía covers at -23417 for me to attempt just now flagging them all as not applicable; perhaps I'll remember to tackle that later.

It appears -23417 still contains a large number of The Short Stories ... (as opposed to The Complete Short Stories ...), which may belong instead to The First Forty-Nine Stories. I'll leave that analysis for now to other Combiners! or another day. Thanks for y'all's help thus far!

Jan. 4, 8:25am

>24 jasbro:
Thank you. There are probably some translated editions that should be moved as well, but this at least makes it clear that one of the works is something well-defined.

Jan. 5, 1:04pm

>23 Stevil2001: I've cleaned up the last of the Star Trek novels on that author page. I stumbled on a couple other authors of the same type though, notably:

I'll plan to start working on that later, but if anybody else wants to jump in on it, please do.

Jan. 6, 5:44am

hello everyone,

i want to merge the editions of these issues of Do Or Die so that there is just one work for each issue number, can someone link me to a page that will show me how to do it as I am not sure where to begin looking?


Bearbeitet: Jan. 6, 7:15am

>27 elahrairah: For those the best way is open both works, then on each click on "Add to workbench" near the bottom of the right column. Once they are all on the workbench you can easily combine them.

BTW, this could be 'regular' series, as the publisher has a monopoly. There won't be copies out there that don't belong in the series.

Jan. 6, 1:25pm

Hi MarthaJeanne, thanks so much, I'll give that a go.

Jan. 9, 12:08am

Jan. 10, 10:41am

Here's another:
On the author page for Jeannette Walls,, Half Broke Horses has three books on it that don't belong (Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson)

Jan. 10, 10:50am

Jan. 11, 2:19am

Who has thoughts on IDing this little rat trap? Not even any ISBNs to work with.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 11, 2:33am

>33 davidgn: OMG, even the reviews are a jumble of meaningless symbols. Contacting the six members who have it or staff if they have a way to decipher what was imported seem the only options

Jan. 11, 2:37am

Looking at the user’s library, that is Arabic. Which means that we may be able to do a reverse conversion eventually although all those question marks look like a unknown replacements so probably not - but if you look at the library of the oldest member, there are a lot of books in this state. Probably not much anyone can do. :(

Jan. 11, 10:42am

>34 SandraArdnas: I know it says six members have it, but only three names come up; only two appear to actually have the work, and those look like variants on the same name. So there may be just one member who holds the key its interpretation.

Jan. 11, 12:56pm

It's not just the member with what looks like 2 versions of the same user name, the other member has issues with accented characters in their catalogue: John Le Carré is coming up with a weird character instead of the é.

So I suspect an encoding issue with their data source.

It's a bit like the some of the book descriptions when you export your data.

Jan. 13, 4:26pm

The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll appears to be different collections: some for poetry and stories, some for those plus essays, and others for various other selections. I'm fairly certain my edition should be separate, but which editons should go with it? I'm overwhelmed looking at this today.

Jan. 14, 1:05pm

>38 aspirit: Can I just say, "Eeps"? This one's gonna be a slow, plodding slog through approximately 56 editions (at least) identifiable by ISBN, not to mention any editions predating that system. may list contents for some editions, and may let you "Look Inside!" at certain Tables of Contents. Otherwise, I suspect it'll boil down to having copies of the same edition on hand or best guesses, hope we can separate, recombine, set relationships, and disambiguate before we either run out of time and steam, or other LT Combiners come along and (helpfully) undo those efforts. The Lewis Carroll Society ( or The Lewis Carroll Society of North America ( may have, or have access to, helpful reference and bibliographic materials; I may have an "in" or two with them, but I don't think my contacts are on LibraryThing. I'd welcome other Combiners' thoughts.

Jan. 14, 10:24pm

(cf) :

?? with this Case

there are 3 authors but 4 entries : A and A bis is the same with some pictures on each....

Common name used for Pierre Corneille is CORNEILLE so A bis > A

So how could we do for this (thanks to keep CK and http and pictures... it's a lot of time, searches and works)


Pierre Corneille (1606–1684)
225 works
A bis
Corneille 1 (is pierre corneille)
0 works................. !!!!!!!!!!!!


Corneille (is Beverloo, Corneille Guillaume)
2 works


Corneille (is Nyungura, Cornelius)
1 work

Bearbeitet: Jan. 16, 10:32am

5291. Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot, by Helmut Mahlke Translated by John Weal (read 11 Jul 2015)

The above book has two sites which should be combined. Can some smart person do it? I'm too dumb to do it.

Jan. 15, 12:17pm

>41 Schmerguls: Done. Please post links in the future, it's quicker to do.

The author on the one is misspelled. I'll combine those too

Jan. 15, 10:11pm

I mistakenly combined these two authors:

There are actually two separate authors: Carl Gustav Horn, an anime writer/editor, and Carl Horn III, a lawyer.

How can I undo the combining and separate the entries?

Jan. 15, 11:22pm

You may disregard my above post, I found out how to do it myself.

For those who don't already know, for authors with multiple names, there is a link in the sidebar under "Includes" that allows you to separate them.

After that I used the link under "Author division" to change Carl Horn back to a single author entry (I had previously split it while attempting to fix the authorship of

Jan. 16, 10:35am

Re 42

Thank you very much, Sandra, and I apologize for not using links.

Jan. 16, 11:28am

>45 Schmerguls: It's OK, just saying with links someone's bound to do it quicker. This is one was pretty straightforward, no other search results, but that's not always the case.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 16, 4:36pm

Can anyone help with

It's the first issue of the mini-series not the trade paperback. I entered it as a unique title (Issue 1 as prefix), and combined with the correct work ( That picks up the correct listing. As soon as I edit the title to match the correct title (#1 as suffix), it promptly switches to the trade paperback record, not the comic #1 record.

It's possible it's a lag problem although I've recalculated title/author, or it's possible there's some issue #1 in the editions among the editions with no ISBN... It does not help that the cover of the TPB is the same art as for issue #1.

UPDATE: Rediting to Issue 1... switches the edition back to the comic, so I haven't a clue what's going on. I'll leave it alone for a couple of days and see what happens.

Jan. 16, 4:38pm

Whether it was lag or whether somebody fixed it, it looks like they're distinct now. The collection is here:
and the first issue is here:

And there are even work relationships in place now.

Jan. 16, 4:50pm

>48 scott_beeler: I've been adding work relationships as I go along (and adding the issues into the series on the grounds what I have are the issues not the collections...)

Jan. 17, 8:31pm

I would like to combine all versions of this work:

I searched for the title, added author information to all duplicates, and used the author page to combine them. But for some reason two works didn't get combined (maybe because there are 0 members?):

Jan. 17, 8:47pm

>50 gcthomas: & >51 gcthomas: Done. Zero copy works can be easily combined using the workbench feature, located in the Advanced section on the right side of the work page.

Jan. 25, 1:31pm

This book ( is the Dutch translation of this book (, but when I try to combine them, it is not possible because the Dutch translation is not on the authors page. Could someone please combine them? Thank you.
I also think that the other books on the authors page are by a different author of the same name. I googled both authors, but since the opening post says not to give authors pages, I won’t do that.

Jan. 25, 1:49pm

>53 Daisy_zn: I added the author to the Dutch version and used the workbench on the English-language site for the work combination.

Separating out the authors has been left for whoever is comfortable doing that.

Jan. 25, 1:52pm

I came into the thread to say the John Nash author pages are a tangle. John F. Nash aliases are especially strange. Is anyone familiar enough with the authors and the LT system to take those on?

Jan. 27, 7:41pm

I was trying to combine these issues get a "work relationship err" msg. Can someone help.

Fate's Reprisal (The Corporate Alliance Book One) (Volume 1) (4 copies; go to work)
Fate's Reprisal (The Corporate Alliance Book One) (Volume 1) / C. W. Scott / (ISBN 1523253088) (separate)

Fate's Reprisal (The Corporate Alliance Book One) (Volume 1) / C. W. Scott / (ISBN 1523253088) (separate)

Fate's Reprisal (The Corporate Alliance Book One) / C. W. Scott / (ISBN 1523253088) (separate)

Fate's Reprisal: The Corporate Alliance Book One / C. W. Scott / (ISBN 1523253088) (separate)

Fate's Reprisal (The Corporate Alliance #1) (10 copies; go to work)
Fate's Reprisal: The Corporate Alliance Book One / C. W. Scott (separate)

Fate's Reprisal (The Corporate Alliance #1) / C. W. Scott (separate)

Fate's Reprisal / C.W. Scott (separate)

Fate's Reprisal / CW Scott (separate)

Fate's Reprisal: The Corporate Alliance Book One / C. W. Scott (separate)

Fates Reprisal / C. W. Scott / (separate)

Jan. 28, 1:59am

>56 Bettesbooks: Done. Someone set a work a relationship so that prevented combining, It needed to be removed because as far as I can tell they are indeed the same book, both were even designated as book 1 on series page

Jan. 28, 2:43am

Jan. 29, 7:03pm
this has been combined into a group of unidentified authors (I think). The review tells me it belongs to "Birdman by Mo Hayder. I don't see how to separate. Can anyone help?

Jan. 29, 7:24pm

>59 Bettesbooks: unfortunately you cannot do anything because there is no way to split a complete match (title, author, ISBN) - that is what defines an edition. The only thing that can solve this is for the writer of the review to rename their book or add an author. That will allow it to appear as a different edition and then we can pull it out.

Jan. 29, 9:44pm

>59 Bettesbooks:, >60 AnnieMod: Would someone care to contact the author of that review?

Jan. 30, 1:06am

>61 jasbro: The last book was added in 2016 and the last review is from around the same time... I can leave a message but... I don't think it will be very useful.

Jan. 30, 12:51pm

There is a group where books of over 500 pages are entered. How come I can't find it?

One used to be able star or unstar a group but I do not see the way that now can be done. Can someone tell me how to do that now?

Bearbeitet: Jan. 30, 1:07pm

>63 Schmerguls: That is the 2021 BIG FAT BOOK CHALLENGE:

At the group page you can join the group, it is at upper right corner.

Jan. 30, 1:44pm

Thank you, FAMeulstee.

Jan. 31, 9:21pm

I just got recommended this book:

Only it should be in my library! It looks like there are two collections called Batman: Prey, one of which collects just five issues (#11-15), and one of which collects more (#11-15, 137-41). Mine collects the latter but is combined with the former:

The long collection is ISBN 9781401235154. I would do this myself but can't muster the energy, so I would appreciate any help untangling.

Feb. 1, 8:03pm

>66 Stevil2001: Yes, looking at your ISBN 9781401235154 (short ISBN 1401235158) I agree that it should be with the larger collection, and I have moved those entries over to that work. I looked at the other ISBNs in both works but everything else seemed to be good as is as far as I can tell -- I'm not sure about the Hungarian(?) edition.

To try to promote clarity I changed to the canonical name of the larger collection to "Batman: Prey (Expanded Edition)" and I have added Work Relationships with the smaller collection and "Batman: Terror" which is a collection of the other half (#137-141).

Feb. 1, 9:55pm

>67 scott_beeler: Looks good, thanks!

Feb. 9, 9:18am
Two different series with the same name but different authors. Can someone help me fix this series?

Feb. 10, 7:59am

Feb. 14, 5:01am

Can someone help me fix my error? I combined Thomas H. Allen with Tom Allen which is now listed on Tom Allen page as unknown.

Bearbeitet: Feb. 14, 6:58am

>72 Bettesbooks: Separated. If there are other books by Thomas H Allen on the Tom Allen page, they can be split and aliased.

Feb. 15, 12:14pm

>73 MarthaJeanne: I didn't see any other books that I knew by Thomas H. Allen. As the book cover image says "Tom Allen". I am not even sure how I got Thomas H.

At this point, I don't understand how to split and alias. I would like to bring them here, to this page. If that is alright?

Feb. 15, 7:09pm

I’ve gathered up a few editions of Martin Eden, but there are a lot more that appear to be attributed to their translators. I’m not planning to research in detail. Advice?

Feb. 17, 3:43pm

hi everyone, i messed up a combine for kant's Prolegomena and am gradually working to fix it, but don;t have the time to do it all tonight so i will carry on tomorrow. just wanted to let you know haven;t broken it and then walked away but its an ongoing project! cheers :)

Bearbeitet: Feb. 17, 5:31pm

I was combining works and accidentally combined a film with a book about the film.

I manually separated the book from the work editions and re-added it to the relevant series. However I'm concerned this mistake may have messed up some of the work details.

For future reference, is there a better way to "undo" a work combination and restore the original work details?

Feb. 17, 5:35pm

>77 gcthomas: For future reference, is there a better way to "undo" a work combination and restore the original work details?

Nope... No "undo". When I am doing big combinations with a lot of CK (and series and relationships), I leave the various pages open in separate tabs so if something does get messed up or I press submit where I should not, I can see the CK/details for the different splits and fix it.

Feb. 18, 1:26am

>77 gcthomas: Once you have undone, it's a good idea to put in disambiguation notices to prevent it happening again.

Feb. 18, 5:47am

still working on the kant but need to take a break until the evening, haven't abandoned it!

Feb. 18, 5:48am

>79 MarthaJeanne: yes, this is definitely a good idea and one i will be doing with the prologemanas (prologemanai?)

Feb. 18, 3:43pm

ok, so i need staff to finish off the recombining on a couple of these.

firstly the prologemana with the letter:

secondly, the prologomana in its varied translations and editions with no other works:

i think that's done now!

Feb. 18, 5:03pm

>82 elahrairah: You need staff/special URL way only if all of them are over 200. As just one of them was per group, the usual way with the workbench worked on these :)

PS: is the Prologemana with the letter so I did not add it to the other 3 in that latter list.. Did you mean another one there?

Other from that these are done

Bearbeitet: Feb. 19, 2:56pm

Hello, some advice needed!

I combined my own manually added entry of Midaregami, which was correctly filed under its author Akiko Yosano, with another entry that was erroneously filed under the book's translator Jane Reichhold. Result: my own entry was merged into the one that shows up under the translator. How do I get the work to show up under the author?

(direct link to my entry:

Feb. 19, 3:01pm

>84 defaults:

The easiest way is to go to Other authors -> Add/edit other authors -> Recalculate from members' books and confirm the correct author as a main author, all editions - your book made sure it was pushed into the list :)

I had done that now.

Technically this is one of the cases where overwriting the calculated "primary author" is justified but I don't like using it unless leaving the wrong one really messes up their page (so if the translator was a major author, I would have; in this case if someone wants to - be my guest).

Feb. 19, 3:03pm

Thank you!

Feb. 27, 9:57pm

Can anyone (especially amanda4242) explain why these two editions of Octavia Butler's Bloodchild and Other Stories are separate? The Disambig notices are the same!

Bearbeitet: Feb. 27, 10:11pm

>87 Stevil2001: I would have combined them but there are too many copies for me to do it. I asked for them to be combined in, but they obviously weren't. I put the disambiguation notice on both to make sure they weren't erroneously combined with the first, shorter edition of the collection.

ETA: Here's the link to the only response I got to my request. My reply is the next post down.

Feb. 28, 1:59am

Luc Bertrand: Assassin's Victim by A. F. Grappin

Can someone help me to combine the first listed item? When I try to add the work to workbench it won't add?

Feb. 28, 2:40am

>89 Bettesbooks: I got them both on the workbench, but it didn't show up to combine. Look at the editions page. Something is very weird about that work.

Feb. 28, 3:32am

>87 Stevil2001: Done. Sorry I missed it in the other thread.
>89 Bettesbooks: Done. That was a weird one.

Bearbeitet: Feb. 28, 7:42am

>88 amanda4242: Ah, got it, makes sense. I just wondered if there was something I was missing. (I realized this had happened because one of the versions showed up on my recommendations, and I was like, "I know I own that!") Thanks for cleaning them all up!

>91 r.orrison: Thanks to you too!

Feb. 28, 9:01am

>90 MarthaJeanne:, >91 r.orrison: Thanks for the help,
Looks perfect now. Though, I went in in erased the canonical name which somehow got there by combination (go figure).

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 7, 11:32am


Here is the link for a book I have read:

But my review for it shows up here:

Why in the world is that? I have no idea hot to get my review connected to the right book. Can someone fix it?

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 7, 3:37pm

>94 Schmerguls: The title, ISBN, and cover in your catalog are for Everybody Sees the Ants by A S King. The book you read is The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait by Frederic Morton? I think you might want to delete your book entry and add the correct edition to your books.

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 7, 3:50pm

>95 aspirit: Nope. Their book is fine... That second link is not Schmerguls' book- look at the member name :)

>94 Schmerguls: How did you make up that second link?
When you use the link, it shows you the title, author and cover and user's details from the Book ID 197357713 and the bottom of the page from the work ID 270093

Arina42's book belongs to another work - and when you click from their catalog OR you do not mixup the work ID, you get :)
Now...if this specific book was mixed under 270093, then it was a separation issue once upon a time. So if the link is somewhere in an old Talk page, it is just invalid anymore (LT does not check if the work and book are connected - it shows you what you asked it to show you)

But if you replace this first number with any valid Work ID (the book you reviewed like here), you will see what you see what you see with your link - a mix between book data (title, author, cover and book details) and work (everything below it). It is supposed to do that - except on valid links, the book will be inside of the work ;)

PS: Your book is

Mrz. 7, 3:51pm

Those links seem to be bad.
is the Rothschild book in Schmergul's catalgue. is the correct url for the ants book in Arina42's catalogue.

You can always get weird stuff if you put a work number and a book number that don't belong together.

Mrz. 7, 3:59pm

>96 AnnieMod:

How did I make up the second link? I just copied it from what appeared when I clicked on the my listing of the Rothschild book--when I did that I got the other book. I have thousands of books and when I click on any of them I get the reviews for that book--but that does not work for the Rothschild book and I have idea why I get an entirely different book.

Mrz. 7, 4:07pm

>96 AnnieMod: When I searched in Schmerguls' catalog a half hour ago, I could find Everybody Sees the Ants, but "The Rothschilds" brought up the Everybody Sees the Ants edition, not the book in your postscript, which I can now see. This case is strange.

Mrz. 7, 4:09pm


Everything seems to be OK now!

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 7, 4:16pm

>99 aspirit: That IS weird!

Something hiccuped? Or it was the gremlins.

Or there was a quick separation but then the link would not have looked like that - this is someone else's book. Caching issue maybe? Although a weird one.

>100 Schmerguls: Good! :)

Mrz. 7, 5:53pm

>101 AnnieMod:

I certainly appreciate the attention this has received from you.

Mrz. 8, 3:13am

Miss Pettybone's First Case by author Melissa Rees

When you go to the author page there are no works listed. I have 4 of her Pettybone books in my library.

I was reviewing another work, separate from the Pettybone series that I have in my library. Here her name has a middle initial J. (Melissa J Rees).

When I went to combine them there were no works listed on the Melissa J. Rees page either.

Can someone help me?

Mrz. 8, 3:56am

>104 MarthaJeanne: Recalculated as the bug reported suggested.

BUT the work, is not listed with her books.

This may be because, when I was reviewing the author field I noticed the population of the data from amazon had listed the author as Oliver Bishop with other author Melissa Rees.
I changed and listed Melissa J. Rees as author and Oliver Bishop as other author based on the cover image. Though I am not sure why on my Kindle title page the copyright is assigned to Oliver Bishop, though it clearly shows both as authors.

My question, since she was listed as other author (originally added to catalog in 2012) shouldn't the work still have appeared?

Mrz. 8, 4:19am

>105 Bettesbooks: You can add Melissa Rees on the work page, under "other authors".

Mrz. 18, 10:49am

Hello! I stumbled upon a book, Love and the Laws of Physics, and I noticed that not only are there two unlinked editions of the book that I can't seem to resolve (no ISBN number?), but the author page attributed, A.C. Maclaren is also the wrong person. The linked author died in 1944, and the correct author wrote and published her work this year.

The pages I've found are:

I wasn't sure where else to turn, but y'all seem to be the experts in fixing this kind of thing.


Bearbeitet: Mrz. 18, 10:57am

Books combined. Author divided.

and CK moved.

Mrz. 18, 11:18am

I just noticed that Lucy Gordon appears as a single author, but one work on this page - Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life - pertains to the actor Lucy Gordon (1980-2009). The author has over 200 works and lots of CK to her name so this split will require a bit of work. Leaving this info here in case anyone is up for tackling it.

Mrz. 18, 11:19am

I was trying to combine Barbara Mertz with Elizabeth Peters and ended up screwing upl Now Barbara Michaels credited with Amelia Peabody series which belongs under Elizabeth Peters.
Can someone straignten out the mess I created? I am afraid to do anything more because of the complexity of the author.


Mrz. 18, 12:19pm

The Thomas Harris page has quite a few Hannibal Lector works in unassigned that look like they could be combined with assigned works.

Mrz. 20, 1:32pm

>109 I-_-I: I've split and sorted Lucy Gordon as best I can. Primarily the romance writer but I found three that seemed to be separate.

Mrz. 20, 1:48pm

>110 Bettesbooks: I'm not familiar with her work, but all of those are the same person, right, just different pen names? As it stands now the Elizabeth Peters page is split because there is a second author by that name. The Amelia Peabody books etc. are sorted to Elizabeth Peters (1). And then because they're the same person, Elizabeth Peters (1) is aliased to Barbara Michaels. So the Amelia Peabody books show up both under Elizabeth Peters (1) and under Barbara Michaels. The author name on the work pages for those still shows as Elizabeth Peters.

I think with the functionality of LibraryThing that's the best way for it to be set up.

Mrz. 20, 1:56pm

>111 jjwilson61: I cleaned the ones that were there now. Obviously this will be an ongoing thing as more will appear as people add them.

Mrz. 20, 2:04pm

>113 scott_beeler: Barbara Mertz wrote non-fiction under her real name (Two Thousand Years in Rome is an example), and fiction as Barbara Michaels and Elizabeth Peters.

Mrz. 30, 2:42pm

This is author combination rather than work combination, but I have not had luck with author combination working the way I expect it to, so I'm seeking assistance. Specifically, this author: is just a typo of this author:

Mrz. 30, 2:50pm

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 30, 2:53pm

>116 shadrach_anki: I also did some combining. I also put a correction in to Amazon, which is where the bad info was coming from.

Mrz. 30, 10:25pm

I need assistance with author Sally Berneathy. She has written under the following names
I also sold fifteen romance novels ranging from comedy to dark suspense under the names Sally Carleen, Sally Steward and Sara Garrett.

I went to Sally Steward and see that if I try to make a combination I could really mess up the work that has been done previously.

Can someone help me?

Mrz. 31, 1:40am

Sally Berneathy
Sally Steward

It looks like Sally Steward 1) is the one you want. That has already been aliased into Sally Carleen, so if all the books on that page are really hers, you can just combine Carleen, and the Steward books will go along.

Sara Garrett has no books.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 15, 11:47am

I'm trying to enter this book into my library - Scenes from Quarantine but what I'm getting when I try to manually enter the information (since using the "Add to Your Books" button doesn't bring this book up in the search) is this book -, which has many, many editions not connected to the book I want to add.

Help would be most appreciated. TY

Apr. 15, 11:55am

>122 Bookbee1: I've separated your book and combined it with the correct work. is going to need a lot of work still.

Apr. 15, 11:58am

>123 amanda4242: I coincidentally just found this work today and have been chipping away at it some. I'll check tomorrow to see if more work needs to be done on it. I don't mind these kind of jobs, they're very satisfying :)!

Bearbeitet: Apr. 15, 5:31pm

I did a few more.

Najeeb Ahmed is going to need combining once the various author pages have been indexed.

Down to 1119

Apr. 15, 9:36pm

>123 amanda4242: Bless you! The whole thing was such a mess, I couldn't even figure out where to start! :)

Apr. 16, 8:18am

>124 SimoneA: I've done all I can for now. There are a lot of 'Title Missing' editions with various authors, but I don't know if there's any use separating those out. I'll put the work in a note for myself to check it regularly for stray 'real' editions.

Apr. 16, 1:05pm

>127 SimoneA: Do I recall correctly that, at one time, LTers were separating out zero-copy "Title Missing" editions and recombining them in a single, comprehensive "work" record for LT staff to address at another time? I don't now recall where that work appears - maybe "untitled" or "no information"?

Apr. 20, 9:35pm

I need help figuring out what to do, or why not to do anything:

Lauderdale's notes on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations

all five copies are held in private libraries, only one copy attaches to the cover, no tags.

In editions:

Two copies use ISBN 1315026244 which on OCLC Classify and display as Abdullah Ansari of Herat (1006-1089 C.E) an early Ṣūfi master, and on Amazon US and UK it brings up nothing.

Two copies use ISBN 1315026244 and the title displays' as Lauderdale's notes on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations

One one copy uses ISBN 0415122848

A google search on the ISBN 1315026244 brings up two related items:

Abdullah Ansari of Herat (1006-1089 C.E) and Early Sufi Master on Pinterest (Routledge ebook March 2021)

And Lauderdales notes on dk.librarything (Routledge and imprint of Taylor & Francis first published 1995.

Typically I would separate them, recalculate the title/author and covers, and then go look at them in the holders libraries to see tags and comments to determine how to recombine or combine with other works.

Any thoughts on how or if they should be picked apart?

Bearbeitet: Apr. 21, 1:05am

>129 CtrSacredSciences:

1) From title with :

ʿAbdullāh Anṣārī of Herāt (1006-1089 C. E.): An Early Ṣūfī Master
ISBN 13 = 978-0-7007-0313-5
==> ISBN 10 = 0-7007-0313-6

ISBN 10 : 1315026244
==> 978-1-315-02624-4

ISBN 10 : 0415122848


1) seems
Abdullāh Anṣārī of Herāt (1006-1089 C. E.): An Early Ṣūfī Master

2) seems
Abdullah Ansari of Herat (1006-1089 Ce) An Early Sufi Master

3) seems
Lauderdale's notes on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations


1) = 2) = Abdullāh Anṣārī of Herāt (1006-1089 C. E.): An Early Ṣūfī Master
ISBN 10 = 1315026244

3) = Lauderdale's notes on Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
ISBN 10 = 0415122848

Nota bene
it's just supposition with academic and/or primary sources (neither AMZ !!!, nor Google...) but academic indexation error is a possibility or multipe uses of same ISBN... and i have not theses books under eyes (and with private library, it's a difficult to know more about this pb (and perhaps these private datas are false too))

Action test
a) separate
b) rename each from ISBN
b1) 2)
b2) 3)
b3) Combine 2) with the 1) ISBN in LBTh (South africa member)

So :
2 ex have an incertain or false title.... but it's cause of probable real isbn

Question is it a good action ? Wait and see

Apr. 23, 5:22am

Several editions, revisions--I'd guess that changes from one to the next might in some cases be substantial-- & think I spotted what looks like condensed version as well. If it might be a helpful reference, the 3rd revised ed. was publ. in 2009.

Apr. 26, 1:24pm

Another project for anyone with time and motivation.

There's an American political commentator who writes under the name Michael Savage. He was born Michael A. Weiner and wrote books on nutrition and medicine under that name. Right now Michael Savage and Michael A. Weiner are combined.

- There appears to be at least one other person writing as Michael A. Weiner; I think Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Secrets was written by a pediatric oncologist at Columbia.
- There also appears to be at least one other Michael Savage. I think The dynamics of working-class politics : the labour movement in Preston, 1880-1940 is actually by the British sociologist who usually writes as Mike Savage.

Complicating matters a bit, Mike Savage and Michael Weiner are both split authors; the latter has an alias into Michael Savage.

Thanks in advance to whoever takes this on. :)

Bearbeitet: Apr. 27, 1:12am

>132 I-_-I:
I organize some data (add links, datas in fields ... and pictures)

remains to be done
- Author of The Complete Paper Airplane Book Who is he ?
- Add some date (born) and informations

I separated Michael A. Weiner (Oncologist) From the radio host and rename books from this last with Michael A. Weiner or Michael Weiner (as cover) / and so separate Michael A. Weiner / Michael Savage but mase an alias

At time there is some problem


Add and organize links between Pseudo and real name + qualify Michael Weiner, Michael A. Weiner, Michael Savage

So here NEED HELP to finalize

Bearbeitet: Apr. 27, 11:17am

Hello, This message is about Kimberly M. Zieselman, author of XOXY,

The main author page just has Zieselman for the author name, without her first name or middle initial (the title page includes her first name and initial). I did something so that "Zieselman" now includes "Kimberly M. Zieselman," but is there a way to make it the other way around, so that "Kimberly M. Zieselman" includes "Zieselman"? Thank you.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 27, 11:58am

>134 akblanchard: Amazon is importing the author as only "Zieselman". Because XOXY is the author's only work, it needs to have more entries with "Kimberly M. Zieselman" than with only her surname for the author page to automatically show the full name as the default. I've forced that to happen with book additions, but I've also added a canonical name to the author page. "Zieselman" is likely to win out again without the override the canonical name provides.

Note: Fixing the URL will take more effort than I can put into it right now, assuming it's possible. continues to win out over I think this is annoying, but it shouldn't matter as long as no other Zieselman's work imports with only their surname.

Apr. 27, 11:58am

>133 JMK2020: I'm leaving this for whoever can focus better than I can at the moment.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 27, 12:30pm

>134 akblanchard: I've made a correction request at Amazon. That's the only thing that is likely to get more copies with the right info.

Apr. 27, 2:23pm

>135 aspirit: Thank you!
>137 MarthaJeanne: Thank you!

Apr. 27, 5:19pm

A user has mistakenly combined The Dispatcher by John Scalzi with its sequel, The Dispatcher : Murder by Other Means . Not having any luck separating them- they are not the same work- a user seemed to think Murder by Other Means was a special edition of The Dispatcher.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 27, 5:39pm

>139 leennnadine: Separated and a disambiguation message added. Combined with the main work of Murder by other means.

This does not need to have been a mistaken user. The autocombiner only looks at characters before a colon.

Apr. 27, 7:21pm

>130 JMK2020: Thank you both for your steps, and Diamond!

Bearbeitet: Apr. 28, 6:18am

The Human Zero: The Science Fiction Stories of Erle Stanley Gardner

has the CK for The Human Zero and Other Science Fiction Masterpieces, but the most common editions in that work are for a single-author anthology by Erle Stanley Gardner in 1981. I have ISBN 0-688-00122-X and it only has short stories from Gardner.

Apr. 28, 11:06am

>142 prosfilaes: Separated! And I've added a disambiguation notice for Gardner's collection.

Apr. 28, 2:57pm

>140 MarthaJeanne: Thanks so much- didn't realize that about the user.

Apr. 28, 9:30pm

If anyone wants to do some translation and research, George Orwell could use a bit of work.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 29, 5:03am

>145 karenb: To judge by the couple of German titles I looked at, Orwell is a favourite to have selections edited and published that are not just translations of an English language title.

There are also lots of bad entries where the review does not match the work - the member grabbed just any book containing the title without paying attention to whether the data was for the general novel, for a shortened edition, a book with extra material, or Notes on the book.

So yes, there is some weird stuff in there, but this is hardly going to be 'fixed'. Just a big time sink.

Bearbeitet: Mai 2, 6:18am

I need help, please. I thought I would combine this myself but I can't work it out.

Who's That Earl

When I added 97851611075 to my books I only got two results, one with 1 member and one with 0 members so I picked

Looking at the book, there are 25 members so I assume that the copy I picked is not combined. When I look at 'Editions' on my copy (1 member), it shows 25 members - so does that mean it's already combined? I'm confused.

ETA: it's not combined. If I click on the touchstone it doesn't show that I have added the book.

Bearbeitet: Mai 2, 6:18am

Diese Nachricht wurde vom Autor gelöscht.

Bearbeitet: Mai 2, 6:21am

>148 jasbro: Thanks - but I'm not seeing that. If I click on your link, it has 25 members but I'm not on the 'recently added by' list nor can I add a review.

On the other hand, if I click on my link, it only shows one member.

Mai 2, 6:32am

>149 humouress: Sorry, I see that. I also see that the URL you gave only shows the book number, not the work number too. What do you get if you add the work number to your URL?

Bearbeitet: Mai 2, 6:52am

>150 jasbro: Now you're getting too technical for me ;0) How do I do that?

ETA: if I click on 'my' URL, it only shows 1 member. If I go to the work page or book page from there (left side bar), it shows 25 members. So they are linked ... somehow.

ETA: if I click your link, it shows me on the page with 25 members but how do I get to it from my books? That link still takes me to the page with 1 member.

Bearbeitet: Mai 2, 7:09am

>151 humouress: Honestly? I’ve about exhausted my knowledge of html and URLs … ;0)

The fact that they’re linked, and that the “complete” URL (that is, including both the work and book numbers) takes you to your book, suggests your copy is already combined with the others. That it’s not (yet) showing up may be a caching issue, that is LT needs a little time to catch up? It’s been a while since I’ve seen those discussed though, and don’t know that I’ve particularly paid attention to them in our own library. If nothing else, consider coming back in a bit to see whether it changes. Sorry I can’t be more help; perhaps another Combiner! will see something I don’t?

ETA: I also added the work to my workbench, then tried to add your copy to combine them; but my workbench came up with just the one work. That also tells me yours is combined. But it still doesn’t explain the page showing one member only …

Bearbeitet: Mai 2, 7:24am

>152 jasbro: Thanks. At least I know a bit more about it now.

I'll give it a bit, as you suggest, and try it again later.

Mai 2, 8:11am

>153 humouress: It is probably a caching issue, but if it persists you can report it in the Missing Work ID thread in the bugs reporting group.
There were similair issues before, but since Tim cleared them all I haven't seen new occurences.

Mai 2, 8:27am

>154 FAMeulstee: Thanks; I didn’t know about that thread.

Mai 3, 6:54am

>155 humouress: It looks like it was a cache problem. You are one of the members with Who's That Earl now.

Bearbeitet: Mai 8, 12:45pm

>156 FAMeulstee: Great! Thanks :0)

ETA: ... but, as yet, I can't add a review by clicking on the touchstone.

ETA: resolved now.

Bearbeitet: Mai 11, 7:48pm

Figured it out. Thanks.

Mai 16, 6:08pm

Please fix this, thank you. The cover is incorrect for this work.

Mai 17, 1:07am

>159 SaintSunniva: It has been flagged and voted on. You could add to the vote. What more do you think we could do?

Mai 17, 8:58am

>160 MarthaJeanne: So you know, your post comes across as the opposite of helpful. The work's covers if not also the editions have changed in the past day.

>159 SaintSunniva: I think it's as good as it's going to get for now with the photo of the correct work. Even the Amazon covers (not only the member-only covers) are sticking when they're flagged, so the JFK cover will likely be tied to Dalgliesh's Long Live the King! for a while.

Mai 17, 5:43pm

>160 MarthaJeanne:, >161 aspirit: Thank you. As to what more could you do, I don't know.

Mai 18, 9:28am

Charles Burns is currently a single author. Most of the works are by Charles Burns the cartoonist, but at least two are by someone else, e.g. A papal legation to Scotland.

Bearbeitet: Mai 18, 10:14am

>163 I-_-I: If you know the cartoonist's works well enough to start sorting them out without looking each one up, you could start the job yourself.

On the right, under 'Author division' click on 'split the author'. Then, any works you know are by the cartoonist, change the number from unknown to 1. Now and again save the page, making sure it is marked 'divided author'.

It is then easier for others to look up the works that are left.

I've been able to find several works of a different Charles Burns, and information about him.

Bearbeitet: Mai 18, 12:28pm

>160 MarthaJeanne:, >161 aspirit:, >162 SaintSunniva: Also flagged. More important, while we can't change other members' (or Amazon's) data, as I recall other LT members have a way to notify Amazon of ratty data and request corrections. It looks like Amazon assigned its ASIN B00085MDDY to the right work with the wrong cover. I'm not familiar with the process but suspect it may be similar to suggesting corrections to ratty Google Maps data, which I've occasionally done (with modest success, if I do say so myself). It may be a long shot, but also may be worth exploring if you've got the time and are so inclined.

Mai 19, 1:58pm

>164 MarthaJeanne: I went in and moved the Charles-Burns-the-cartoonist works into a split for him, leaving only 1 that might be neither of the existing splits. I also moved over Common Knowledge to the new split.

Bearbeitet: Mai 19, 2:27pm

Certainly not either of the others, as he is a British man living in London.

Marked as (3). I also got rid of the stranded French CK.

Mai 21, 4:28pm

>164 MarthaJeanne: Awesome... I do a lot of helping myself; I just left this one here because although I didn't have time to take it on, it would driven me crazy not to do anything at all.

Jun. 6, 1:41am

This is the same Mervyn Peake as the author of Gormenghast - it says so on the dust jacket flap.

(Sorry if this isn't a combiners issue - I don't understand how LT works)

Jun. 6, 2:20am

>169 Settings: Yes, and the work is on If you want, you can edit your copy to use that author name.

Jun. 6, 2:21am

Jun. 7, 3:58pm

Looks like there's a dozen or so distinct works combined here:

Leaving it here in case anyone wants to fix it before i get around to it :)

Bearbeitet: Jun. 8, 3:30am

>172 I-_-I: I've done some of it. It looks like a mini- black hole.

Done, except that a member cover may need to be flagged if it doesn't clear itself in a day or two.

ETA Yes, it cleared.

Jun. 14, 7:56am

having some problems with ovid's metamorphoses, which i suspect i made worse by ham-fisted combination and now i need to own my mistakes and ask for help.

because i was tired and not paying attention i combined all the metamorphoses editions together (sorry) and then realised what a fool i was and have done my best to fix it. i'm almost there, but definitely not there completely, and i know this because i am trying to add Metamorphoses Books IX - XV, ISBN 0-674-99047-1

to my library, but it adds it as a complete metamorphoses.

i have separated everything i can see that might be wrong but can't seem to get this last one. i know its on here as a separate work, but nothing i can do gets me this work in my library.

advice please?


Jun. 14, 7:58am

I don't see you listed on either of those works.

Jun. 14, 8:06am

i shouldn't be on the first one, because i can't, but i definitely am on the second. if i click on it i get taken to my penguin classics version.

Jun. 14, 8:16am

I was only looking in recently added. What is the URL for your copy of Metamorphoses Books IX - XV?

Jun. 14, 8:46am

i haven't got one now because i deleted it from my library, shall i add it again?

thanks for you help on this, appreciated.

Jun. 14, 8:50am

i've added it here, you see its part of the big metamorphoses:

Bearbeitet: Jun. 14, 9:39am

OK, found and moved.

Deleting and reentering usually, almost always makes the situation worse. The wrong combinations are still in there as ghost copies and attract new entries. If you can't separate and recombine yourself, feel free to ask for help earlier rather than later.

Only you can enter and delete copies in your library, but we can help move them into the right work.

BTW, don't use that URL now, it will show a mixed up entry because the work and book numbers no longer belong together.

Jun. 14, 9:42am

cool, thank you so much.

Jun. 18, 6:24pm

>173 MarthaJeanne: Awesome! Thanks :)

Jun. 18, 6:29pm

Another little project: I just separated Kathryn Johnson into 3 authors... there are still several works unassigned, but more importantly I've also learned that KJ #1 has written 40+ works under pseudonyms including Kathryn Jensen, Nicole Davidson and K. M Kimball. I haven't made any changes related to that discovery.

For anyone wanting to tackle this, the pseudonym info comes from here (see last paragraph):

Jun. 18, 6:31pm

One more. Anne Cassidy is currently a single author but I suspect there's at least one distinct author hiding among those 75 works. For example I'm guessing Collaborating to Improve Community Health is by a separate Anne Cassidy.

Jun. 18, 6:42pm

>184 I-_-I: I started Anne Cassidy, but it is too late at night.

Jun. 19, 8:15am

Hello everyone,

Here we have a confusing work.

loeb classical texts no 20 and 21 are the first and second volume of sophocles in that series.

20 contains ajax, electra, and oedipus tyrannus in ancient greek with english notes. it is isbn 0674995570

21 contains antigone, the women of trachis, philoctetes, and oedipus at colonus, also in ancient greek with english notes. isbn 0674995589

both edited and translated by hugh lloyd-jones.

you can double check this on their website


that work seems to refer to a different selection also in loeb, which doesn't seem to exist. perhaps the german loeb is different?

any ideas on how to proceed?

i was thinking of separating both the above isbns and then seeing what it looked like!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 9:54am

>186 elahrairah: That work is Oedipus the King / Oedipus at Colonus / Antigone regardless of whether or not it is a Loeb edition. Adding a Canonical title when your copy is wrongly combined in is NOT a correct action. I have separated all wrong editions out, and deleted the incorrect CK.

If work information disagrees with your copy, the first thing to do is separate your copy from that work, not try to make the work agree with your copy and messing everyone else up.

BTW several of the copies in that work predate your 'original publication date'. Maybe Loeb changed their numbering.

Note that these are all translated by F. Storr.

Jun. 19, 12:23pm

>185 MarthaJeanne: I cleaned up the rest of the Anne Cassidy split aside from two that seem probably unique other authors but I'm not sure.

Jun. 19, 12:56pm

>187 MarthaJeanne: It does seem likely that Loeb changed up the contents of their Sophocles volumes at some point in publishing later editions. The following link looks like a list of the earliest editions (1912 onward) and has Oedipus the King / Oedipus at Colonus / Antigone together in Volume 20 (Storr translations).

A more recent Volume 20 has Ajax / Electra / Oedipus Tyrannus (Lloyd-Jones translations).

This makes setting the numbering in the LT Loeb Classical Library series page tricky. Maybe label the original one as "20 (1912 edition)" or something.

The original one should probably also be combined into this other entry for those same three works collected.
I'm not doing it yet just so people can see beforehand.

Jun. 19, 2:35pm

yeah, it was when i got to the canonical bit and saw the disambiguation that i stopped what i was doing and checked out the editions and then came here without changing it.

thanks everyone for your help. interesting to see that loeb have renumbered. looking at the series maybe N20 indicates the new series. now i need to check all my loebs to see if they are new or old!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 3:16pm

Canonical titles (and authors) should only be put in if there is a real need to do it. If Amazon entries include series information, it is justified. But not when your title is different from the work title. If the book has different titles from different printings, then numbers win. See Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. On other language sites the title in the language of the site can be entered. Very rarely this can be needed in English (but only if the book has been published in English.)

In most other cases, you need to look at the editions page, and probably separate the two titles. When work has problems, deleting any canonical title is often a useful way of seeing what is really going on.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 20, 6:01am

>191 MarthaJeanne: Agreed. I just changed things for one work because 2 out of the total of 3 users had the title and the author in the wrong fields. But these are indeed rare exceptions.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 20, 6:17am

>192 Nicole_VanK: Well, that's why we can change things at the work level, but it needs to be done very carefully.

BTW, those '3' users are all the same.

Jun. 20, 10:44am

fantastic, thanks for the information and help.

Jun. 23, 5:27pm

I just combined my (German) copy of with the French and Italian versions on the author page. The result is weird. Each of the three works had 1 copy. The resultant work also has 1 copy. I show as the only member, however the work title is now the original French. Do others see the same thing?

Jun. 23, 6:06pm

>195 MarthaJeanne: Yeah - It is an old and annoying indexing issue that sometimes resolves itself in a few hours/days and sometimes it does not. The smaller the works, the more likely for it to happen in my experience.

When that happens, separate one of the versions out and combine it back - it kicks off the recalculation again and usually resolves it. I just did that and it got it unstuck.

Jun. 23, 6:43pm

Thank you. I hadn't seen this before.

Jun. 27, 11:37am

Adam Silvera’s page could use some work. Lots of titles in translations, and I don’t have easy access to a translate app today.

Jun. 29, 1:18pm

Hello everyone, not one of my mistakes this time you'll be pleased to learn, but the Bacchae looks like all the versions have been combined together. If we want one work for the original and one for it in translation there needs to be some separation. If anyone has any knowledge of editions here it would be useful!

Jun. 29, 3:50pm

If anyone is interested in a multilingual challenge, Apicius and his one book seems to need cross-language combining. Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome is an English translation; having scanned and worked on it, I can aver that is a fair and true representation of the first edition of that translation, and the Dover copy is an exact copy sans some patron credits. I don't have the same intimate knowledge of The Roman Cookery Book, but a review says it's Latin on one side and English on the other. is something, but ISBN 3150087104 is partially combined with it and partially combined with .

There should be at least two clearly marked works, one for Latin editions of Apicius, and one for modern translations, and I assume one for editions combining modern translation with Latin original. To make it hard, there's a pile of adaptations that shouldn't be combined with either. As it is now, a bunch of non-English translations are combined into De re coquinaria, and the two largest English editions stand alone, and while there's questions about the accuracy of Vehling's translation, it is complete and clearly a translation, not an adaptation.

Jul. 1, 7:06am

another tricky one here.

Bollingen Aristotle comes in two volumes now but used to come in 8 volumes (i think). the above credit shows that both works have been combined, and that that there may also have been a two volume edition. I suspect there are other "complete aristotle"s there too.

there is also a work for the first volume:

i am happy to do this but before i start i'd like to see if anyone has any objections or thinks that i am wrong to start separating and combining here or has any other contributions to this one that would help me make good decisions!

Jul. 1, 7:07am

12 volumes, rather than 8, btw!

Jul. 1, 4:57pm

i'm struggling a bit with this aristotle, here's volume two, it has the same series number as volume one, which makes me think that maybe it was only issued as a two volume work

Jul. 2, 10:59am

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