Anita (FAMeulstee) keeps on rooting in 2021


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Anita (FAMeulstee) keeps on rooting in 2021

Bearbeitet: Dez. 31, 2020, 8:34am

I am Anita Meulstee from Lelystad, the Netherlands. This is going to be my 5th year ROOTing in a row.
The first time I joined was in 2013, my worst reading year ever. I came back in 2017.

My goal for 2021 is to read 24 ROOTs.

Personal ROOT rules: every book I own, no matter how recently purchased, is a ROOT.
The majority of the books I buy have been on my wishlist for a long time, or are awarded and I buy them to keep my collection complete, or are part of a series I am already reading and not available at the library.

I only list my ROOTs read here. To follow all my readings go to my thread in the 75 Books Challenge for 2021 group.

Total ROOTs read:

Total books read:

Total pages read:


Total books read since joining LibraryThing in 2008


Total pages read since joining LibraryThing in 2008

Dez. 31, 2020, 8:45am

Hi Anita, Good to see you back. Happy ROOTing in 2021.

I love the way your tickers match. Very quieting.

Dez. 31, 2020, 10:08am

Good to see you back - happy reading in 2021!

Dez. 31, 2020, 10:30am

Anita, I hope you have a good year of reading.

Dez. 31, 2020, 10:44am

Welcome back, Anita! Have a great reading year!

Dez. 31, 2020, 4:29pm

Thanks for the warm welcome Connie, Jackie, This-n-That and RP.

Happy reading and ROOTing in 2021 to all!

Dez. 31, 2020, 6:39pm

Happy ROOTing, Anita!

Dez. 31, 2020, 7:20pm

>7 mstrust: Thank you, Jennifer, the same to you!

Dez. 31, 2020, 8:21pm

Hi Anita, Happy New Year! Good to see you again, good luck with your 2021 reading goals.

Jan. 1, 3:59am

Thank you, Donna, and a happy New Year to you!

Jan. 2, 3:33pm

Happy you are back!

Jan. 2, 3:44pm

>11 cyderry: Glad to be back, Chèli!

Jan. 5, 9:39am

Hello Anita! Good to see you here again!

Jan. 5, 12:56pm

>13 MissWatson: Hi Birgit, glad to see you too. Ready to read some ROOTs again :-)

Jan. 5, 5:54pm

Good luck pulling ROOTS this year, Anita!

Jan. 5, 6:02pm

>15 Carmenere: Thank you, Lynda, the same to you!

Jan. 9, 7:08am

Hello Anita! I love all your tickers :-)

Jan. 9, 11:44am

>17 susanj67: Thank you, Susan!
Last year I found the butterflies for the tickers and decided to continue them this year.

Jan. 30, 6:00pm

ROOTs read in January: Gewaagd leven by Astrid Roemer and Ideeën van Multatuli. Tweede bundel by Mutatuli. Short review will follow tomorrow (I hope).

Jan. 31, 6:12am

ROOT 1: Gewaagd leven by Astrid Roemer
acquired in 2016, Dutch, no translations, 239 pages

Beautiful story of a boy growing up in Suriname. Set around the time Suriname got independent, and got into deep economical trouble.

Jan. 31, 6:27am

ROOT 2: Ideeën van Multatuli. Tweede bundel by Mutatuli
acquired in 2019, e-book, Dutch, non-fiction, no translations, 469 pages

Second of seven books of Ideas by Multatuli. Essays, one-liners, and interwoven the story of Woutertje Pieterse. Written in the second half of the 19th century.
He critisises the government, parliament, the policy towards the Dutch-Indies, publishers, preachers, teachers, etc. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes boring.

Feb. 27, 6:51am

ROOT 3: Lijken op liefde by Astrid Roemer
acquired in 2015, Dutch, P.C. Hooft-prijs winner, no English translation, 251 pages

Second book of the "Motherland" trilogy
In 1999 the killers of the "December murders", are finally brought to trial. Cora Sewa dives into an other murder, committed long ago. She travels from Suriname to Rotterdam, London, Florida and Curaçao, to find answers.
Intense read, some good insights in life in Suriname after independency.

Mrz. 1, 6:45am

ROOT 4: Het nut van de wereld by J.M.A. Biesheuvel
acquired before 2008, Dutch, no translations, 163 pages

Short absurd, and often funny stories. Maarten Biesheuvel grew up in Schiedam in a orthodox protestant family, he did spend some time at sea, at university and in mental institutions. Again in this book snippets of his experiences.

Mrz. 1, 6:47am

ROOT 5: Huis van volmaakte eenzaamheid by Edna O'Brien
acquired before 2008, translated, original title House of Splendid Isolation, 232 pages

Set in Ireland during the Troubles. A man tries to keep out of the hands of the police, he finds refuge in the house of an elderly woman. She doesn't like him being there, but there is no-one, but her, and she has been very ill recently. Slowly the two come to know eachother, and maybe even like eachother.
Meanwhile we also read what the police is doing, trying to find the man.
Interesting read, I think it had more impact at the time of publication, as it was published some years before the Good Friday Agreement.

Mrz. 6, 4:48am

Happy Thingaversary, Anita.

Mrz. 6, 6:19am

>25 connie53: Thank you, Connie.

Mrz. 6, 11:17am

Happy thingaversary!

Mrz. 6, 5:23pm

>27 MissWatson: Thank you, Birgit!

Mrz. 31, 5:27am

No ROOTs in March, to catch up I planned 5 ROOTs in April.

Apr. 3, 5:55am

>29 FAMeulstee: I hope you read some good none-ROOTs in March, Anita.

Happy Easter!

Apr. 4, 3:16am

>30 connie53: Yes, Connie, I did read some very good library books :-)
And I finished my fist April ROOT: Oeroeg.

Happy Easter!

Apr. 4, 5:28am

>31 FAMeulstee: Oeroeg ahh, memories of the reading in my schoolyears return.

Apr. 4, 5:39am

>32 connie53: I didn't read it back then, Connie.
Way back I collected all boekenweekgeschenken until 2000, and Oeroeg was the boekenweekgeschenk of 1948, so it was on the shelves. I was glad it didn't fall apart while reading, the paper quality of books in the first years after WWII was not very good.
On Hebban is a group read of Oeroeg this month.

Apr. 4, 6:31am

Hi Anita! I'm rooting for you that you'll finish your planned ROOTS for April.

Apr. 4, 6:59am

>33 FAMeulstee: Thanks for the tip, but I think I don't want a re-read. I have enough books going on.

Apr. 5, 1:11pm

>34 Carmenere: Thanks, Lynda, I even added a few more.
If my planning works out, I will read 8 ROOTs in April. One down 7 to go.

>35 connie53: That was how I got to read Oeroeg, Connie. And I never read it for school.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 14, 4:03am

ROOT 6: Oeroeg by Hella Haasse
acquired before 2008, Dutch, Boekenweekgeschenk 1948, English translation The Black Lake, 79 pages

Dutch classic.
A Dutch boy grows up on Java, together with an Indonesian boy, Oeroeg. The Dutch boy, who tells the story, has no notion of colonial problems and thinks Oeroeg is his friend, while Oeroeg grows into colonial anger and wants to free his country.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 14, 4:02am

Root 7: Van oude mensen, de dingen die voorbij gaan by Louis Couperus
re-acquired in 2010, Dutch, Dutch Canon, English translation Old People and The Things That Pass, 256 pages

Set in early 20th century. Sixty years ago, in the Dutch Indies, something terrible happened. The three people involved, now in their 90s and living in The Hague, have been haunted by it all their lives. They think no one else knows, but nearly all family members of their large families do know, or have a slight, odd feeling something is wrong in their family.
Couperus could write, it is always a pleasure to read his books.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 14, 4:02am

ROOT 8: Over liefde en over niets anders by Toon Tellegen
acquired before 2008, Dutch, poetry, no translations, 61 pages

Poetry with daily observations and some classical themes: other angles on stories from the bible and Greek mythology.

This was my favorite:

I put a line
to here
and no further

When I went further
I put a new line
and again

The sun was shining
and I saw people everywhere
hastily and serious
and everyone put a line
everyone went further

Apr. 14, 4:03am

ROOT 9: Jheronimus Bosch: Visioenen van een genie by Matthijs Ilsink
acquired in 2016, Dutch, English translation Hieronymus Bosch: Visions of Genius, 192 pages

We visited the Bosch exhibition in April 2016. Reading through the catalog brought back this wonderful experience of the many Bosch paintings we saw that day. The amazing details in the paintings, background and foreground alike.
I miss going out to see some art, reading through this catalogue helped a bit.

Apr. 14, 4:06am

ROOT 10: De waarheid over honden by Stephen Budiansky
acquired before 2008, translated, original title The truth about dogs, 248 pages

Based on recent scientific findings, the writer tells a lot about dogs. How dog and man came together, dog behavior, breeding, the trouble dog breeds are facing because of a closed studbook, etc.
Written 20 years ago, most is well known now. Although the trouble with pedigree dogs are still worsening.

Apr. 15, 3:09am

>38 FAMeulstee: Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It has been translated to German, and I'm looking forward to reading this.

Apr. 15, 3:40am

>42 MissWatson: You are welcome. Birgit, enjoy!

Apr. 15, 5:07am

>38 FAMeulstee: I've read this but don't remember a thing about it. It's on the list for my Exams in High School.

Apr. 15, 9:04am

>44 connie53: I didn't read it back then, Connie, I had Psyche ; Fidessa on my Dutch reading list.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 17, 6:55am

>45 FAMeulstee: I have not heard of that book before, ever!

Apr. 15, 9:43am

>46 connie53: Psyche is a Greek myth retold and Fidessa a fairy taly by Couperus. I don't remember the stories, but do remember I liked them.
They are on the list to be read again sometime, as I have enjoyed Couperus lately

Apr. 18, 5:28am

ROOT 11: Leon & Juliette by Annejet van der Zijl
acquired March 2020, Dutch, Boekenweekgeschenk 2020, no translations, 95 pages

The story of a Dutch man who went to Charleston, early 19th century. He made his fortune there, and fell in love with a slave, married her and managed to smuggle her (and their children) from Charleston to the Netherlands, despite laws prohibiting slaves to leave South-Carolina.
An interesting family history, larded with the history of Charleston in the years towards the civil war, when laws against slaves and free black people were worsening.

Apr. 18, 5:29am

ROOT 12: Alles tegen by Dick Francis
acquired March 2021, translated, original title Odds Against, 282 pages

Sid Halley was a jockey, until an accident crippled his left hand. Now he is working at a detective agency, although he doesn't do much actual work. Helping out a collegue, he gets shot. After leaving the hospital he is determined to find out who was behind this.
As always a good, wel written story, with a bit more violence then I usually like.

Apr. 19, 8:13am

ROOT 13: Winnetou by Karl May
acquired April 2021, translated from German, English translation Winnetou, 452 pages

In my youth I loved the books by Karl May. Some of the 50 translated paperbacks fell apart, because I had read them again and again. After joining LT I did read them all again.
This month a shiny new translation was published, first time an unabridged translation. I had get and read this book. As always I was taken by the story of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, with a few parts that were new to me. I am glad I finaly have read the whole story.

Apr. 25, 5:15am

>48 FAMeulstee: I have that somewhere too. Maybe I give it a go soonish!

Apr. 29, 6:13pm

ROOT 14: De drieëntwintig dagen van de stad Alba by Beppe Fenoglio
acquired before 2008, translated from Italian, English translation The Twenty-three Days of the City of Alba, 182 pages

This book contains seven stories about resistance in the Northwest region of Italy in WWII and 6 stories from the time just after the war.
The title refers to the days between October 10th, when 2000 partizans got hold on the city of Alba and November 2nd in 1944, when the remaining 200 partizans were defeated. The stories are mainly about the daily life of the partizans. The next stories are about the problems the former partizans, most rather young, have with adapting to "normal" life after the war. One of these stories is a first draft of De laatste dag, that I read last January.

Apr. 29, 6:14pm

ROOT 15: Tussen Orinoco en Amazone by Redmond O'Hanlon
acquired before 2008, non-fiction, translated, original title In Trouble Again, 333 pages

After his expedition to Borneo (Into the Heart of Borneo), Redmond O'Hanlon travels to Venezuela to visit the Yanomami tribe. There are no roads in the Amazonian jungle, so he travels by boat. He writes about the hardships (many biting and stinging insects, snakes, etc.) of his travel with a lot of (dry English) humor. His descriptions of nature make you feel there yourself.
I love to read travelers books, even more than traveling myself.

Apr. 30, 11:04am

>51 connie53: It was an unexpected good read, Connie.

Two more ROOTs finished: #16 De heilige Rita and #17 De jaren, reviews will follow later.
April was a very good ROOTing month, after my ROOTless March.

Mai 1, 7:54am

ROOT 16: De heilige Rita by Tommy Wieringa
acquired April 2019, Dutch, Bookspot Literatuurprijs 2018, English translation The Blessed Rita, 286 pages

Paul Krüzen is 50 years old, and still lives with his dad in a remote village near the German border. His mother left when he was young. His friend Hedwig is the third generation owner of a small grocery in the village. Together the visit the brothel just across the german border, and together they go on holiday. They are not really best friends, but as they are both single, lonely and same age, there are no others left. When Hedwig accidently brags about his riches in the local cafetaria, things take a bad turn.
Tommy Wieringa sure can write, but somehow this story never really touched me. The sad and lonely life of two single 50+ men from a remote village was not the right read at the right time for me.

Mai 1, 7:56am

ROOT 17: De jaren by Annie Ernaux
acquired November 2020, translated from French, English translation The Years, 229 pages

Memoirs of Annie Ernaux mixed with the major changes of life in France from 1941 to 2006.
She writes about her own experiences in third person, that makes the reading more distant. Somehow that worked well for me. She starts each decade with the description of a personal photo, and some personal memories. Then she goes on to the big picture of France during that time: songs, movies, books, politics, womens rights, changing sexual morality etc., sometimes going back to her own experiences during that time.
I am in awe how Ernaux packed 7 decades in 229 pages. Accurate descriptions of changing times, changes in society. From togetherness just after WWII to hyper individual life in 2006.
Great read.

Mai 3, 7:47am

>54 FAMeulstee: Perhaps I will sneak it in somewhere. It's such a tiny book.

Mai 12, 5:03am

ROOT 18: De hengelaars van Castelnau by Pierre Michon
acquired before 2008, translated from French, English translation The origin of the world, 56 pages

A teacher starts to work in a primary school of a small village in the Dordogne, near the Lascaux caves. He feels very attracted to a lady in the tabacco shop. He dreams about her, but she doesn't return his avances, so he will have to do with his actual girlfriend. It takes some time before he finds out who is the lover of the lady of tabacco shop.
Not sure what to make of this (short) story.

Mai 12, 12:25pm

Dropping in to say, Anita! I hope you're having a good week.

Mai 12, 2:11pm

>59 mstrust: Thank you, Jennifer.
Yes it is a good week, yesterday my husband got his first Pfizer vaccination.

Mai 17, 6:40pm

ROOT 19: Brekebeen by Dick Francis
acquired April 2021, translated, original title Bonecrack, 229 pages

Neil Griffon has temporarely taken over the management of his fathers stables, because his father is in hospital with a bad broken leg. He is kidnapped by a criminal who has the most unusual demand: Neil has to take on his son as first jockey, or else the stables will be destroyed. Seeing no other way out, Neil takes Allessando as a jockey.
Good read, interesting take on fathers and sons, as both Neil and Allessandro have to take a lot from their fathers.

Mai 17, 6:42pm

ROOT 20: Wit konijn, rode wolf by Tom Pollock
acquired December 2019, e-book, translated, awarded, Dioraphte Jongerenliteratuur prijs 2019, original title White Rabbit, Red Wolf, 350 pages

Thrilling YA thriller.
Peter Blankman is great with maths, he also suffers from severe panic attacks. He needs his world to be orderly, and finds comfort with his twin-sister and his scientist mother. At school Ingrid is his only friend. When his mother is stabbed just before she will get an award for her work, Peter finds himself in a violent world of spionage and family sectrets. He needs all his skills to survive.
I didn't expect to be so absorbed by this story, with many twist and turns, up until the last sentence.

Mai 17, 6:43pm

ROOT 21: Asterix en het gouden snoeimes by René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo
acquired before 2008, translated from French, English translation Asterix and the Golden Sickle, 46 pages

Asterix and Obelix have to find a new golden sickle for the druid, as the old one is broken.
Decent Asterix and Obelix story, always fun to have a close look at the pictures and find out some more.

Mai 21, 3:15am

>38 FAMeulstee: Just dropping in to let you know that I have read this now and enjoyed it very much, it is wonderful. Thanks again.

Bearbeitet: Mai 21, 3:27am

>64 MissWatson: Glad Couperus still finds his way to readers, Birgit.

Mai 21, 5:00am

ROOT 22: Vlucht van de havik by Margo Maguire
acquired before 2008, translated, original title Celtic bride, 254 pages

Harlequin Historical Romance, the best "trash" I could find on the shelves for a TIOLI challenge to 'Read some "trash" '.
Fake 15th century romance between an Irish princess and an English knight.

How low I go to complete my TIOLI challenges ;-)
On the other hand there have been times I wasn't able to read anything else than these kind of books, and back then I bought every book from this series when it came out. So it will remain on the sheves to be at hand if ever needed again.

Mai 21, 1:23pm

You're doing an excellent job in getting to your really old ROOTs!

Mai 22, 4:13pm

>67 mstrust: My ROOTs go faster than expected, Jennifer, even digging some oldies. Way more are patiently waiting on the shelves.

Mai 23, 1:30pm

ROOT 23: Portnoy's klacht by Philip Roth
acquired long before 2008, 1001 books, translated, original title Portnoy's Complaint, 280 pages

A long monologue by Alex Portnoy, 33 year old Jewish American, telling his psychiatrist about his frustrations growing up with a neurotic, dominant mother, and his obsession with sex.
A nice peak into Jewish American life, must have been more shocking when it was first published in 1969.
Three stars, and a half star extra because it made me laugh a few times.

Mai 27, 5:36am

ROOT 24: De passievrucht by Karel Glastra van Loon
acquired before 2008, Dutch, AKO Literatuurprijs 1999, English translation Jude the Obscure, 238 pages

Armin and Monika got a son called Bo. Ten years ago Monika died, and now Armin and his new partner Ellen want a child. Then Armin finds out he is infertile, so Bo can not be his son. He gets obsessed to find out who is Bo's real father.

Mai 27, 5:37am

ROOT 25: De vergaderzaal by A. Alberts
acquired before 2008, Dutch, no translations, 78 pages

Mr. Dalem goes to a board meeting, but he has a hard time to concentrate. Before the meeting is over he leaves to his own office. Slowly he looses grip on reality, and slowly the reader finds out how complicated family relations drove him mad.

Mai 27, 5:39am

ROOT 26: Rituelen by Cees Nooteboom
acquired February 2009, 1001 books, Dutch, English translation Rituals, 192 pages

Three parts from the life of Inni (Inigo) Wintrop, taking place in 1963, 1953 and 1973. At 30 he tries to commit suicide after his wife leaves him, but fails. At 20 he meets Arnold Taads, a man with a stricktly regulated life, dictated by the time of day. At 40 he meets Philip Taads, the abandoned son of Arnold Taads, who tries to lead a timeless life through zen-buddhism.
As the tile indicates the book is about rituals. Inni was raised with Catholic rituals, Arnold Taads has ritualised all his daily actions, and Philip Taads finds comfort and his ultimate destiny in a Japanese tea ritual.

Mai 29, 4:40am

ROOT 27: Getemde schoonheid by Ruth Langan
acquired before 2008, translated, original title Briana, 254 pages

And I got through one more Harlequin Historical Romance... to complete a double TIOLI sweep in May.
Fake 17th century romance in Ireland.

Mai 29, 4:41am

ROOT 28: Ik wou by Toon Tellegen with illustrations by Ingrid Godon
acquired February 2021, YA, Dutch, English translation I Wish, 94 pages

Found on Richards tread last year. I am a fan of Toon Tellegen, but completely missed this book. It was published in Belgium, and didn't get much publicity over here.
Lovely portraits from Ingrid Godon are accompanied by text/poems from Toon Tellegen.
Richard wrote a great review with some pictures last year.

Mai 30, 11:42am

Congrats on reaching and surpassing your target!

Mai 31, 2:13am

>75 MissWatson: Thank you, Birgit!

Jun. 23, 4:34am

ROOT 29: Het geluid van de berg by Yasunari Kawabata
acquired before 2008, Nobel Prize winner, translated from Japanese, English translation The Sound of the Mountain, 236 pages

Shingo is getting older, and his memory is failing him. His children don't do as well as expected, and they don't respect the traditions anymore. Shingo has a hard time with these changes, but isn't able to interfere. There are still deep wounds from WWII, his son came back from the war, but many others didn't.
A quiet and lyrical story, with nature ever around to reflect feelings and moods.

Jun. 23, 4:36am

ROOT 30: Wat wij zagen by Hanna Bervoets
acquired May 2021, Book Week Gift 2021, Dutch, no translations, 94 pages

Kayleigh works as content moderator of a social platform (not to be named). Looking at terrible videos all day, and deciding if they must be removed or not, deforms Kayleigh and her collegues psychicly. At first they seem to be friends, Kayleigh even gets a relationship with Sigrid, but slowly they all move away from eachother. Some get so brainwashed some become supporters of QAnon, Holocaust deniers, and Flat Earth.
At times a bit creepy, this story told by an unreliable narrator. Still not sure I liked the ending

Jun. 23, 8:35am

ROOT 31: Geachte Muizenpoot en achttien andere gedichten by F. ten Harmsen van der Beek
acquired before 2008, poetry, Dutch, no translations, 94 pages

Poetry, first published work (1965) by Fritzi ten Harmsen van der Beek.
Can't make much of most of these poems, instead of forced rhyme it is forced in form: nearly each poem has 13 pairs of sentences and a last word on two pages.
I probably missed a lot of references, I did like some nice word creations

Jun. 27, 5:56pm

ROOT 32: Cliënt E. Busken by Jeroen Brouwers
acquired May 2021, Dutch, Libris Literatuur Prijs 2021, no translations, 257 pages

Intern monologue of a man suffering from dementia. Physical locked in a wheelchair in an institution, his mind locked in a failing body, he comments on his surroundings. His memories of a past life get more and more absurd.
The winner of this years Libris Literature Prize is a very good read. Brouwers makes you feel how locked up and misunderstood the main character feels. Just enough humor to make reading bearable.

Jun. 27, 5:56pm

ROOT 33: Wraak en andere novellen by Jim Harrison
acquired before 2008, translated, original title Legends of the Fall, 273 pages

This book contains three novella's: Revenge, The Man Who Gave Up His Name, and Legends of the Fall.
The first story was an disturbing read about aldutry and revenge. The second about a succesful man who gives up this life for more peace of mind. The third about 3 brothers going to WWI, with only two returning.
A bit much violence, and female characters stay flat, some are used, and abused in very disturbing ways. Not my kind of book.

Jun. 27, 5:58pm

book 34: Een roos van vlees by Jan Wolkers
acquired June 2008, Dutch, English translation A Rose of Flesh, 194 pages

Ten years ago Daniel and Sonja lost their 2 year old daughter. Daniel still can't cope, his wife left him. We follow Daniel one day in winter, waking up with his cat, going to his daughters grave, having his son midday from school for lunch, his parents visit him, and having a date in the evening. Always afraid he will also loose his son, misunderstood by his very protestant father, missing his ex-wife.
Sad, very good written story. Some beautiful nature descriptions, and two very disturbing scenes.

Jun. 28, 6:32am

>78 FAMeulstee: I don't think I will put this book on the top of the TBR-pile!

Hi Anita, just visiting threads to try to keep up with the other ROOTers. So 'HI'.

Jun. 28, 8:34am

>83 connie53: Completely understand that, Connie. Only advantage is that it is a short read, like all book-week-gifts.

Jun. 30, 5:32am


ROOT 35: Het veelkleurig land by Julian May
acquired before 2008, translated, original title The Many-Colored Land, 393 pages

ROOT 36: De gouden halsring by Julian May
acquired before 2008, translated, original title The Golden Torc, 399 pages

ROOT 38: De troonveroveraar by Julian May
acquired before 2008, translated, original title The Nonborn King, 411 pages

First three Saga of the Exiles books (of four, I am reading the last one now).
Earth, 22nd century, people who don't feel at home at Earth and colonised planets have a way out: a one-way time portal to six milion years back. We follow the eight characters of Group Green, who leave together. But they don't arrive in an idyllic ancient world, aliens are in control of the Pilocene Earth, fighting eachother and using the humans fot their own advantage.

Julian May sets up a great story, incorporating Celtc myths, in a mix of sience-fiction and fantasy. There is a huge cast of characters, that can be a bit overwhelming at first.
I gave all books 5 stars when I read them in 2010. I still love these books, but after reading many other books since, the ratings are a bit lower now.

Jun. 30, 5:33am

ROOT 37: Johannes Viator by Frederik van Eeden
acquired before 2008, Dutch, no translations, 412 pages

Johannes is tormented by his love for Marion, his love isn't as pure as he wishes it to be. He goes through his own battle of Good and Evil, fighting his demons, hoping to find enlightment.
A difficult read. The book is written in bombastic language, including a few beautiful sentences and descriptions of nature. Neither Johannes or Marion comes alive, they stay the puppets of the writer. If you want to read Frederik van Eeden choose an other book.

Jul. 3, 1:11pm

>85 FAMeulstee: Now I'm wondering if I did read those books too. I must have a long time ago before my LT membership because the titles sound so familiar. Maybe in my library-books-reading-time. Those are over since I bought my books because I really like to own my books after reading.

Jul. 4, 6:30am

>87 connie53: They were published in Dutch translation in the late 1980s, Connie.
I would love to own all the books I read, sadly there is not enough place for so many books in our house. I do buy books after I read them from the library if I really loved them. But that means other books have to go to make place :-(

Jul. 5, 5:30am

>88 FAMeulstee: I will have the same problem if we ever have to move to a smaller place. Then I will have to choose which books have to go. I dread that moment.

Jul. 5, 6:55am

>89 connie53: Yes, that is hard, choosing books to let go. We have done so twice :-(

First time it was not so bad, mainly books from high school, university and other education.
Second time was harder.

Now we are at the point that adding a book to the shelves means an other book has to go. Although I have a small pile of books that should go, I can't part from yet.

Jul. 5, 6:59am

I feel for you!

Jul. 5, 7:03am

>91 connie53: Thank you, Connie!
I hope you will never need to move to a smaller place.

Jul. 5, 7:11am

I hope so too.

Jul. 9, 10:28am

ROOT 39: De tegenstrever by Julian May
acquired before 2008, translated, original title The Adversary, 478 pages

Fourth and last book of the Saga of the Exiles.
An exiled human conquers the throne, leading the Tanu in the last battle against the Firvulag.
Meanwhile Marc Remillard, once the leader of the human rebellion against the Galactic aliens in the 21st century, tries to stop his children. They want to get away from Marc's plans with them, as he still believes in his rebellion.
The story of Marc, and his family was published later in the Galactic Milieu series.

Jul. 9, 10:31am

ROOT 40: Een jaar uit het leven van Gesine Cresspahl by Uwe Johnson
acquired November 2020, 1001 books, translated from German, English translation Anniversaries: From a Year in the Life of Gesine Cresspahl, 1596 pages

In 366 chapters, with the date as header, we follow Gesine Cresspahl, and her ten year old daughter Marie, from August 21st 1967 until August 20th 1968. They live in New York, where Gesine works as a translator at a bank.
Most days start with an article from The New York Times, following the news in those years: the war in Vietnam, the assasination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the Prague Spring.
The daily life of Gesine: on her way in the metro to her work at the bank, walking through the neigborhood, her friendship with a fellow East-German, who teaches at university.
Gesine tells the tales of her youth in a small village in Mecklenburg to Marie: first the rise of Nazi-Germany, then the war, the liberation, the English occupation, the Russian occupation, East-Germany, leaving her country, living in exile.
An absolutely fabulous and great read, a true classic. Both timelines, in New York and Mecklenburg, took me right into these worlds. Nearing the end I felt sorry I had to leave the characters.

Jul. 21, 5:26am

ROOT 41: De ziener by Simon Vestdijk
acquired before 2008, Dutch, no translations, 227 pages

Pieter Le Roy is a very unlikable character. He is a voyeur, and an intriguer. He likes to follow young couples and watch nearby. He gets molestated sometimes, but feels that is worth it. He also writes anonymous letters to stirr things up. In the end he uses his skills to bring a couple together.

Jul. 21, 5:27am

ROOT 42: Pluk de dag by Saul Bellow
acquired before 2008, 1001 books, translated, Nobelprize, original title Seize the Day, 144 pages

Wilhelm is in his fourties, he hasn't been able to live up to his fathers expectations. Failing in every career he tried, he has left his wife and children, and just lost his last job. He is in serious need of money, his father won't help him, so he falls for the tricks of a con man.
Not the great read I had hoped for, but a decent one. We have a lot of Saul Bellow on the shelves, as my husband was a fan in his younger days.

Jul. 24, 3:24am

ROOT 43: Het behouden huis by Willem Frederik Hermans
acquired before 2008, Dutch, English translation An Untouched House, 79 pages

Near the end of WWII a Dutch man fights together with the Sovjets and other partizans. He looses his companions on the way, and ends up in an empty house. When German soldiers arrive, he acts like he is the owner of the house.
A lot is packed in this short novella. It describes the cruel and absurd sides of war, with touches of very black humor.

Gestern, 5:08am

ROOT 44: Hele verhalen voor een halve soldaat by Benny Lindelauf
acquired April 2021, YA, Dutch, awarded, Woutertje Pieterse prijs 2021, no translations, 279 pages

Six brothers, the eldest has to go to the war. When he arrives at the border, he tells a story to the guard. The the next brother has to go, he also tells a story to the guard at the border, and so on. All older brothers hope the war will be over before the youngest has to go.
Frame tale, each brother tells a fairylike story, and in the end it all comes together.