Es Tries Again, 2021 Edition

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Es Tries Again, 2021 Edition

Bearbeitet: Jul. 13, 1:52pm

Happy New Year!

I'm Esquiress (Es), and I'm back again for another attempt at getting closer to 75. Last year I ended with 37, squeaking the last 2 books in December 30th and 31st. My only other year here was 2013, when life got in the way and derailed me after 30 or so books.

Let's see what happens this year. I've already started Isaac Asimov's Second Foundation, having read Foundation and Foundation and Empire as of last night, New Year's Eve.

Last year, I was all over the place. Working in the restaurant industry, I spent about 3 months completely unemployed (Idea of March through June 11th, to be exact), but I couldn't concentrate long enough to finish much of anything during that time. I picked up again later in the year and got back to reading as my primary pastime for the last few months of 2020.

As of Monday, January 4th, restaurants in my state reopen for indoor dining at 50% capacity, so maybe I'll be working a little more than I have in the last few weeks of the year, when we were only takeout and outdoor dining (at least our tent is heated O_o ).

In 2013, I used to get all fancy with links, lists, book covers, and more than a little HTML, but I've forgotten most of it and just haven't taken the time to relearn. Hell, I prefer emoticons to emojis in my text message conversations, so it's no surprise that it's pretty no-frills around here.

Welp... Here goes nothing :)

PS: I do apologize in advance -- I haven't been very good at keeping up with my pals' threads, though I'll try to sneak in sometimes. Often, I'm just too sidetracked by everything else to spend the time and attention you lovelies all deserve!

2021 Reading

Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov
Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells
The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells
Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Clay's Ark by Octavia E. Butler
Virtual Light by William Gibson
Idoru by William Gibson
All Tomorrow's Parties by William Gibson
Rosemary and Rue by Seaman McGuire
Narcissus Nobody by Gina Yates
Pattern Recognition by William Gibson
Spook Country by William Gibson

Zero History by William Gibson
Wicked by Gregory Maguire
Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire
Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells
Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells
Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind

Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind
Prudence by Gail Carringer


Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire

Bearbeitet: Jan. 1, 4:19pm

Found you! Also dropping a hello, a star and a wish for a better, brighter 2021.

Jan. 1, 4:22pm

>2 Berly: Hear, hear!

Jan. 1, 5:11pm

Happy reading in 2021, Es!

Jan. 1, 5:56pm

Welcome back!

Jan. 1, 7:20pm

Hope you have a great year of reading!

Jan. 1, 8:06pm

And keep up with my friends here, Es. Have a great 2021.

Jan. 1, 11:36pm

Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to seeing what this year holds for all of us :)

Jan. 2, 12:36pm

Dropping off my and wishing you the best of new years in 2021!

Jan. 2, 1:26pm

Happy New Year, Es! So glad to see you back again.

Jan. 4, 3:02am

>9 ronincats: >10 norabelle414: A happy new year to you both!

Bearbeitet: Jan. 4, 3:06am

I finished Second Foundation earlier tonight. Boy, some of that old-school sci fi can drag a bit, can it not? I found myself pulling my focus back every few paragraphs even though the story was relatively engaging. Guess I've had some things clogging up my mind of late.

I've started Red-Headed Stepchild now. One of my roommates lent it to me. I'm thinking it'll be easier to focus on than Isaac Asimov :)

Bearbeitet: Jan. 5, 8:57pm

Red-Headed Stepchild was fun and light -- just what I needed :) I'm starting the sequel, Mage in Black, tonight.

Jan. 6, 2:39am

I am a fan of Asimov, though. Sorry this one wasn't stellar. Glad #2 of the year fit the bill. : )

Jan. 6, 3:12am

>14 Esquiress: Oh don't get me wrong, he's great! I'm happy to have the trilogy under my belt for sure. He just wasn't what my anxiety-addled brain needed at that moment. I was interested, just not as engaged as I'd have liked, that's all :)

Jan. 6, 3:13am

Hmm... I wonder if my favorite used book store has the 3rd Sabina Kane book? I could've sworn I saw it there last time, but... I only see numbers 4 and 5 on their inventory! D:

Jan. 6, 9:08am

Hi, Es!
Old-school scifi can be a bit of a gamble, I think. Sometimes you find some real gems, but even the greats, like Asimov, have some books that haven't aged well.

Jan. 10, 6:09pm

>18 scaifea: I love Robert Heinlein too, but yeah... some of his stuff is a bit much too. After a recommendation, I got an audiobook of A Canticle for Leibowitz last year, and I gave up after a short while because it was so damn dry...

Jan. 11, 7:26am

>19 Esquiress: Ha! And that's one that I really ended up liking! Too funny! There certainly is enough variety that most everyone can find something they enjoy in the genre, I think.

Jan. 11, 8:42pm

>20 scaifea: I'll bet I'd like it better as print instead of audio. I have trouble focusing on audio books sometimes. I listened to The Power last year and really wished I had read it in print instead.

Jan. 12, 8:45am

>21 Esquiress: I get that. I think I'm more picky about audiobooks than books in print, too.

Jan. 14, 8:15am

>21 Esquiress: >22 scaifea: I agree totally! I have two problems with audio books, well three: 1) if the narrator's voice bugs me it is over, and 2) I can't skim through parts I am not enjoying, and 3) without driving to work during COVID, I am finding less time to listen, which make the books take longer to finish. Still, I always have one going!

Bearbeitet: Jan. 14, 4:59pm

>23 Berly: I think my issue with The Power was exactly that -- the narrator's voice really bugged me. I seem to remember a few years ago enjoying the audio books of The Night Circus and Liesl & Po. I don't know what was up with A Canticle for Leibowitz, honestly. Maybe I was just too distracted by melancholy while trying to listen XD

Bearbeitet: Jan. 14, 5:04pm

I've been reading Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind the past few days. I'm enjoying it, though I'm still having a bit of the mind-wandering struggle. Guess I've a bit of other nonsense that's taking some of my attention?

Jan. 15, 6:03am

>25 Esquiress: I tried to read that but kind of got lost because I didn't really connect with the characters. What's your experience? And would you recommend resuming to read it?

Jan. 15, 8:02am

>25 Esquiress: Ooooh, I loved that series when I read it years ago! I Hope you do, too. The writing isn't the most nuanced, but the story and world building is just so easy to get happily lost in.

(Now that I'm thinking about it, I was pregnant when I read those, so it's been 13 years! Yoicks.)

Bearbeitet: Jan. 17, 2:52am

>26 PersephonesLibrary: I found it pretty compelling, enough that I picked up the sequel for $1 at my local bookstore, but I can definitely see feeling disconnected from the characters. I wasn't that invested in them at first either -- I felt like I didn't get enough information front-loaded for me to be as interested right away. There are better fantasy works out there, but it was an interesting enough diversion that I didn't feel like I was wasting my time either. Like I said, I've had a lot on my mind, so my mind wandered a bit, but I still found myself doing the "okay one more chapter" thing late into the night. It might be worth giving it another try, but if it doesn't pull you in within the first few chapters, I'd turn your attention elsewhere; life's too short to read books that don't speak to you :)

>27 scaifea: I'm continuing into the series once I finish what I started last night (Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman). It is an interesting world for sure, and I found myself continuing from one chapter to the next well past my bedtime :) I'm glad I found Wizard's First Rule on the bargain shelf at my favorite bookstore!

Bearbeitet: Jan. 17, 2:58am

I enjoyed Wizard's First Rule enough to pick up the next book in the Sword of Truth series from my favorite local bookstore. I've absolutely been reading well past my bedtime most nights, even though I work an unfortunate number of lunch shifts these days.

I found Neverwhere on my basement bookshelves, so I'm veering into some Neil Gaiman before trying Stone of Tears.

Jan. 17, 4:10am

>28 Esquiress: Thank you for the great reply, Es! Hm... I will keep the book for now. Sometimes you just need the right time and place for a story. :) Have you watched the TV series by any chance?

Jan. 17, 9:12am

It's so weird/funny that you're now reading Neverwhere: I mentioned above that I was pregnant while reading the Sword of Truth series, and I also read Neverwhere while pregnant! But I read the Gaiman during the morning-sickness-all-day-long period, so even though I love Gaiman tons, I can't even *think* about that book without feeling nauseous. Ha!

Jan. 17, 9:30am

Great to see you posting regularly, Es.

Jan. 17, 11:23pm

>30 PersephonesLibrary: That's true, sometimes it's worth a second try. I'm not a big TV person, myself, though my roommate has seen it. I'm not sure if it's available on any streaming services. If it is, I could put it on my ever-growing watch list... but I tend to prefer the pictures in my head more :)

>31 scaifea: Oh that's too funny!

>32 PaulCranswick: *waves* Good to hear from you, Paul. Your thread moves so fast, I can't even hope to keep up!

Jan. 18, 1:37am

I love Gaiman! I wonder if I have any waiting for me in the TBR Tower....?

Jan. 18, 1:39am

>29 Esquiress: I love Gaiman! I wonder if I have any waiting for me in the TBR Tower....? Oh, I forgot! I have The Sandman up next on audio. : )

>31 scaifea: LOL. That is too funny. Amazing how we make those associations.

Jan. 18, 2:50am

>35 Berly: I love Good Omens, of course. It's one of the books that stayed with its borrower after I lent it out, much to my dismay -- I'd had the same copy since freshman year of college! (Don't ask how long ago that was; I just did some math and despaired!) You think I'd learn, but I just so want to share books with others! A nice fella I work with lent me a book a month or three ago; when I asked, I prefaced it with the knowledge of how serious book-borrowing is :) Needless to say, I returned it within days in the exact same condition he lent it, with a long handwritten thank you note inside, then bought him the sequels for Christmas :D He's since lent me at least one other book; we have deemed each other trustworthy enough. After all, he bought me a copy of his favorite book for Christmas... That's how you know a fellow bookworm is a true friend, right? XD

Jan. 24, 12:58am

>33 Esquiress: No pressure to keep up, Es - just get yourself swept along!

Have a lovely Sunday.

Jan. 24, 5:02am

>37 PaulCranswick: That's about all I can do what with my erratic work schedule, night owl habits, and primarily mobile use of the site XD

Bearbeitet: Jan. 31, 11:09pm

Nothing like yet another snow day to allow me to finish a book :) I finished Stone of Tears with 50 minutes of January to spare! Hmm... I think some Octavia Butler might be in order next...

Bearbeitet: Feb. 1, 11:31pm

Well, that was quick. Whoever suggested Octavia E. Butler for me for SantaThing was pretty on the money :) I finished Clay's Ark today, between some snow shoveling and napping.

I have no idea what to read next, actually.

Bearbeitet: Feb. 2, 1:05am

I've decided to pick up Virtual Light. The only problem is that I can't remember if I've just read synopses of it, or if I actually read it previously. I guess we'll see. I swear I've read Idoru, though...

Bearbeitet: Feb. 3, 2:06am

If I read Virtual Light previously, I don't think I finished it. I'm still confused as to why I'd have read Idoru, though, but I'm going to read it again :)

Bearbeitet: Feb. 4, 4:28pm

Might as well round out the Bridge trilogy while I'm at it with All Tomorrow's Parties. This makes book 4 of February... Who am I?!?!

Bearbeitet: Feb. 7, 8:14pm

Took me a little longer to finish All Tomorrow's Parties, so I'm "only" starting book 5 of February now -- Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire. I hear there's some kind of American football finale on television tonight? Sounds like a good night to get some reading done :)

Feb. 11, 4:17am

Now I *really* don't know what to read next. Hmm...

Feb. 11, 9:00am

I always like to pick something short when I don't know what to read, so there's less of a commitment if I don't pick the right thing.

Bearbeitet: Feb. 11, 3:03pm

>47 norabelle414: Technically I'm reading the novella that's included in my copy of Rosemary and Rue, but while I see that someone did add it as its own work here on LT, I can't figure out how to add it to my library. But I'm a bit at a loss otherwise :/

Feb. 11, 3:32pm

>48 Esquiress: If you go to the "add books" page there is a little link at the bottom that says "add manually". You can use that to add any work that you can't find in search. (I use it for adding everything because I like to add my own data instead of relying on a library or Amazon.)

Feb. 12, 3:18am

>49 norabelle414: Cool! Thanks! I saw that someone else had added the book manually, but I couldn't figure out a way to add it to my library. For now, I've just essentially created a duplicate of what the other user did.

Feb. 16, 1:09am

Apparently, I've stalled. I don't know if it's the 50-hour work week because of Valentine's Day and filling in due to personnel issues or what, but I haven't picked up a book in days. Hope I can snap out of it soon.

Feb. 16, 7:45am

It's been hard for me to find reading time lately, too. Hopefully that will change soon for both of us!

Bearbeitet: Feb. 17, 1:53pm

>52 scaifea: It's been a long few work days, that's for sure. I just spent 15+ hours sleeping to recover from the weekend. Now we're due for more snow :( Wishing you reading luck too!

Feb. 18, 7:36am

I'm glad to hear you got some rest at least!

Feb. 20, 12:20am

>54 scaifea: Me too! Thanks!

I got Narcissus Nobody from Early Reviewers, and I finished that up yesterday. It was engaging, though not earth-shattering or anything. I liked it. I cried a little bit :)

Feb. 20, 5:11pm

Rosemary and Rue is on my list to read at some point, and I read my first works by Octavia E. Butler last year but hadn't heard of Clay's Ark so I'll have to check that out some time. Hope you were able to get out of your reading slump and find some good books to read :)

Feb. 21, 11:56pm

>56 bell7: I like Rosemary and Rue. It's reminded me of the Dresden Files books :)

I got Clay's Ark as part of SantaThing this year!

I'm working on some more Gibson now, so we'll see :)

Bearbeitet: Apr. 1, 3:47pm

Mrz. 3, 7:33am

Wow... How is it March?!

I agree with this shock and confusion, completely.!

Mrz. 4, 8:39pm

>59 scaifea: I'm dreading the middle of this month, the Idea of March specifically, fearing the resurfacing of the anxiety I (and all of us) experienced last year o_0

Holy. Moly.

Mrz. 5, 8:40am

>60 Esquiress: Ooof, agreed. I've been thinking about how much we didn't understand about how long this would all go on back then. Yoicks.

Mrz. 13, 1:28am

It's already March 12th, and I only just finished my first book of this month. I hope this isn't a trend :(

Bearbeitet: Mai 1, 11:40pm

Last week, I got a nice haul from my favorite used book store, and I'm hoping I can rev up my reading again. My work schedule has been relentless recently, and I'm not as into A Lion Among Men as I'd have thought, but we'll see :)

A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire
Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells
Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells
Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

Abandoned (for now?):
Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire

Bearbeitet: Mai 16, 2:42am

Sorry, friends... I'm not doing a very good job of the social aspect of this challenge. The brutal work schedule has been taking a lot out of me.

BUT! I got my second vaccine shot this week and will be considered "fully vaccinated" by May 12th! Huzzah!

Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind

Currently Reading:
Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind

Mai 2, 1:35am

>64 Esquiress: Great news on the vaccine, Es. Malaysia's roll out is extremely slow and I am looking at ways to accelerate it by paying for our own which seems to be what the government here is finally expecting after misleading its population that it would be state funded.

Nice to see you posting. x

Mai 2, 8:31am

Congrats on being fully vaccinated! I'm getting my second shot on Thursday and am really excited about being fully vaccinated and being able to socialize in person again.

Mai 4, 11:53pm

>65 PaulCranswick: Hey, Paul! That's not cool :/ Here they didn't even ask for my insurance information, and one of my two roommates, who's uninsured, didn't have to pay anything. My county in Pennsylvania was really far behind the others around us, so we went to the next county over to get ours. My parents are in their late 60's and had to travel out of the county to get theirs in a timely manner.

>66 bell7: Thanks, gal! Good luck on Thursday. Drink tons of water. I did have a reaction, but I think it was mitigated by my drinking a ridiculous amount of water plus a half gallon of Gatorade XD

I'm actually a bit nervous about crowds again, if I'm being honest :D I am looking forward to concerts again, though I don't know if I'll ever be down in the general admission pit area getting shoved and sweated on by random strangers again XD

Bearbeitet: Jul. 13, 1:52pm

Goodness gracious. This isn't shaping up well at all; it's June, and I'm not even a third of the way to the goal :/

Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind
Prudence by Gail Carringer

Currently Reading:

Jun. 23, 12:40am

So... If you turn 40 and are failing a book reading challenge, do you get a special prize :P I turned 40 last Wednesday. Eek!

Jun. 23, 8:47am

Happy belated birthday!!

Jun. 23, 11:04am

Happy belated birthday, Es.

There is no such thing as failing this book challenge.

Just to prove it - PM me your address and I'll send you a book.

Jun. 23, 11:05am

>67 Esquiress: Good news is that I managed to get the AZ jab (first dose anyway) without having to pay for it.

Jun. 23, 2:19pm

>70 norabelle414: >71 PaulCranswick: Thanks, friends!

>72 PaulCranswick: At least you're getting there! I'm glad you didn't have to pay for it :)

Bearbeitet: Jul. 19, 8:13pm

Goodness, July is moving along briskly. My family is going away for a week starting on Saturday, and I have a pile of books to pack, because nothing has been jumping out at me. I haven't read anything for July yet, actually. Let's hope I get one or two finished while I'm on vacation!


Currently Reading:
Happy Hour in Hell by Tad Williams
Anathem by Neal Stephenson