Tom Clancy Separation Issues


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Tom Clancy Separation Issues

Jan. 3, 12:31pm

I usually do these things myself, but the site is acting "wonky". When I click on one item to separate, the entire list is highlighted. I recalled "do no harm", and stopped.

Under Clancy's author page the following DVD is combined with a book:

Submarine: Steel Boats, Iron Men (DVD)

Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship (book)

Also, Requiem by Robert Heinlein is listed under Clancy's works, not sure why.

Appreciate any help available, thanks.

Jan. 3, 12:45pm

>1 fuzzi: Requiem includes a contribution by Clancy, so he'd be other authored.

Jan. 4, 11:37am

I think fuzzi means that there are editions in the book that are the DVD. I tried to separate one, but it didn't seem to be trying to separate the edition that I clicked on. So I didn't do anything.

Jan. 4, 1:18pm

>3 al.vick: exactly! That's why I'm asking for help. It didn't act as it has in the past when I separated something that didn't belong.