Zabus & Vincent Zabus


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Zabus & Vincent Zabus

Jan. 4, 4:33pm

Vincent Zabus ( is often credited as just Zabus ( so I combined the two author pges after checking that every work listed on the Zabus page was in fact by Vincent Zabus. They have since been separated with a notice on the Zabus page not to combine them. Was I wrong to combine them in the first place? All the works on Zabus's page are by Vincent, so why not combine them? If another Zabus should come along, then we could separate the name and alias it.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 4, 4:40pm

But we do have another author named Zabus on LT.

Even if none of her works has been so badly entered as to show up on that page. In general, it is better not to combine a last name with a full name, because it is very likely to create problems later.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 4, 4:45pm

>2 MarthaJeanne: Is there another who is just Zabus? Other than Vincent Zabus/Zabus, I find Chantal Zabus & Chantal J. Zabus, who are probably the same person, but no one else besides Vincent whose works appear on the Zabus page.

ETA: So, we aren't combining two names that an author uses professionally on the off-chance that sometime in the future someone *might* enter an incomplete name for a different author? That seems to me like it would create more confusion than combining now and separating and aliasing later if it becomes necessary.

Jan. 4, 5:31pm

>3 amanda4242:

Yes. Better to keep them separate now than to deal with a mess later.

Jan. 4, 5:47pm

>4 lilithcat: So have a mess now instead of maybe have to deal with one in the future?

I agree with this policy as a general rule, and if this was a case of an author's name being incompletely added then I wouldn't question leaving the two names separate; however, I question if this is the best way to handle this specific case. If we follow the general policy, then we will have to split the Zabus page, assign all the works on it to one split, alias that split into Vincent Zabus, and continue to monitor the Zabus page to assign the works he will undoubtedly continue to produce under that name to the sole split. To me that seems like making a big mess to stave off the potential of a smaller one that might never happen.

Jan. 4, 6:05pm

Most of the works on that page have Vincent Zabus on the cover.

Jan. 4, 6:09pm

>6 MarthaJeanne: My copy of The Shadows says Zabus on the cover and on the copyright page. He is listed as Zabus on the Europe Comics author page.