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American Association f...

Jan. 9, 7:35pm

There was a combination issues flag for this disambiguation page:
which I edited in what I assumed would be the correct way, as it appeared to be simply a duplication of the text in the disambiguation field, however, the page is now titled as one of the splits rather than as it originally was, "American Association f...".

I can't rectify that, and would be grateful if somebody who knows what they are doing could do so.

Jun. 28, 11:29am

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Bearbeitet: Jun. 29, 1:25am

>1 Michael.Rimmer: Do you remember what exactly did you edit?

Ah, I saw it - you deleted the canonical name. Which is why it behaves the way it does now - with author names that are too long, you need a canonical name for the disambiguated page - or one of the long names inside will win.

Fixed. I also edited the disambig note to explain why we have a warning and to tell people to leave the warning alone.

Jul. 7, 4:03pm

>3 AnnieMod: Thank you for fixing my screw-up 🙂