How to combine these authors?


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How to combine these authors?

Jan. 13, 10:52pm

I'm trying to combine these entries into one author:

I see a "Combine with..." heading in the sidebar but there are no suggestions and these authors don't appear in the search results.

How can I combine them?

Also, does the direction/order of combining matter?

Bearbeitet: Jan. 14, 2:43am


'Combine with' only appears if the system automatically recognizes potential combination. In my years here, I've seen it propose a good combination only twice, mostly it proposes things to be dismissed.

I combined them by searching for Irina Zatulovskaya from author pages in Cyrillic. I think search only finds authors with some works already appearing at their page

Jan. 15, 2:43am

Thanks. By the way, I found that authors can be combined directly by going to /authormerge.php?authors={id1}/{id2}. The first ID is considered the "main" record for the author.