Combining a series / publisher series


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Combining a series / publisher series

Jan. 20, 9:10pm

I found two series for Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology:

* (series)
* (publisher series)

Is it possible to combine them?

Also would this be considered a "series" or "publisher series"?

Jan. 20, 9:35pm

>1 gcthomas: I don't know whether this should be a regular or publishers series, but to combine them you'll need to change one of them so they'll both be the same type of series. Go to basic settings in the edit series menu to change the type of series and then go to relationships/combine to combine them.

Jan. 20, 9:44pm

...apparently I worked on both of those, lo many years ago.

The publisher series is there because a lot of the works in the series are reprints of classic monographs, not original to the series. That I know for sure.

I can't remember if this is one of the series where there were some reprints and some works commissioned for the series, but something is telling me it is. At one point the recommended solution was to have one of each kind of series for those, with the reprints only in the publisher series. What's the current best practice?

Jan. 21, 3:07am

If you want them combined it would have to be a publisher series.

Jan. 27, 5:53pm

I think it makes more sense as a publisher series, and having two series is just confusing, so I'm going to convert the first one to a publisher series and then combine them.