Seeking Group Admins


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Seeking Group Admins

Bearbeitet: Jan. 27, 10:16am

As you may have heard, we are trying to find admins for the orphaned groups. This talk topic explains more:

In short, the administrator can:
* Rewrite the group description
* Change basic group parameters, like whether the group is open or closed.
* Add and remove group pictures
* Create "pinned topics" that stick to the top of the group page
* Get notified when new members come to the group, so they can say hello, if they want to
* Open up the group for new admin applications and appoint new admins

Combiners! needs a new admin. If you are interested, you can apply from the main group page, and indeed we already have one application. I would love to get a conversation started here about possible admins for this group. I think a group this active should have two admins, but I defer to your judgement. Thank you!

Jul. 2, 9:33am

I see this group still doesn't have an admin, though there are two submissions. Are more submissions needed to get a pool of applicants?

Bearbeitet: Jul. 2, 11:11am

A 'submission' can also be a nomination. That won't go far if the nominee doesn't want the job.

Jul. 2, 11:25am

I'm seeing in other groups that members who want the job have applied, but no one has been assigned the administrator role in the months of waiting.