Combining problem suspected


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Combining problem suspected

Jan. 27, 4:29pm

I suspect this might be a combining problem but as I have little experience in the field I don't want to touch it in case I cause more problems.

The book is The skin we're in: a year of Black resistance and power by Desmond Cole, The main page shows an average rating of 4.27 and 77 members who own it.

However, in my catalogue it has zero ratings, zero members who own it (apart from me).

I've tried adding it from other sources but the catalogue listing remains the same. As well, the cover image will not "stick".

Jan. 27, 4:35pm

>1 VivienneR: I saw this bug on a List earlier. The List shows the linked book as having no cover and no members but when I clicked through to the book page I saw the book with a cover image and 2 members having it in their catalogue.

(Also got the change Subject bug with this message.)

Jan. 27, 4:40pm

>1 VivienneR:

Something is weird. I tried an old trick (force a recalculation via separations) - let's see if it will do something - although it may need a few minutes.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 27, 4:50pm

>1 VivienneR: I searched for the book in your catalogue and the result had a cover but only showed 8 members and no reviews.

ETA: but this might be something to do with AnnieMod's intervention. :-)

Jan. 27, 4:48pm

>1 VivienneR: Has it been combined, is your book with the larger group now? I can't find other copies by searching. If not combined, post the link to your book.

Something strange is going on anyhow, because the author page keeps changing the amount of books

Jan. 27, 4:53pm

>5 SandraArdnas: That's probably me trying to get the 9 from the small group to fully integrate.

I am going to leave it for a bit so it catch up and see where we are.

Here is the main book:

And the 9 from Vivienne's are missing:

Why do I have a feeling it is one of the blasted "no work ID" problems?

Jan. 27, 5:03pm

In my catalogue display the cover is back and there are 8 members 0 reviews, but on the main page there are 0 members and 5 reviews.

Very strange. I will ignore the problem and hope someone cleverer than I can fix it.

Jan. 27, 5:08pm

>6 AnnieMod: Why do I have a feeling it is one of the blasted "no work ID" problems?

Jan. 27, 5:12pm

>6 AnnieMod: It's not just that. It sometimes shows zero works (than when you refresh it shows one work with 77 members, than refresh - 2 works, etc.)

Jan. 27, 5:21pm

>9 SandraArdnas: That's the caches. That is why I left them alone for a bit to settle and sync properly after the juggling I did before we monkey more with that.

>8 norabelle414: I hope someone from LT figures it out because it is annoying.