Extraordinary Headache


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Extraordinary Headache

Jan. 27, 7:38pm

Last week, I uploaded a volume of Encyclopedias that I own. The set was in here, somewhere, via other users- but it was as a group- and I wanted to break mine down to each volume. After the first entry, I uploaded a photo of my exact encyclopedia.

When I made the second entry, that photo was not available to me- so, .... I had to upload my own photo 15 times.

All seemed well. Then the next day, I came in and found 15 identical images available as covers. I would like to correct that- but.....neither thrilled nor knowledgeable as to the mechanics of the task.

Here is a link: https://www.librarything.com/work/24334451/book/194284650

Jan. 27, 8:21pm

>1 EGBERTINA: Cover images can take up to 24 hours to refresh. So you could add the cover one time, wait 24 hours, then it will be available to add for the other books.

At this point you could pick one of the 15 images, and use that one for all 15 of your volumes. Once the other images are no longer being used they will eventually disappear

Jan. 27, 9:09pm

Did you mean for all of them to be one work? It looks like they might have autocombined because LT thought the titles were the same. You could fix that by separating using the "editions" page and then editing the titles so that the volume number comes before any punctuation.

Jan. 27, 10:11pm

>3 melannen: Thank You. I think norabelle414 had it correct; they didn't show up for 24 hours. I have taken her initial suggestion and will see if the unused images drop away

Jan. 28, 1:48am

But the point is if you entered them as separate volumes, they should be separate works, not one. For instance, all Volume 11s in there should be separated, and if there is already a work with other copies of it - combined with that. The one you've linked is definitely a mishmash of both entire sets and various single volumes If no one does it before, I'll do it after some well deserved sleep, not up to it right ow :)

Jan. 28, 3:48am

I've done some separating and combining. I think everything should look allright now, but please do check!

Jan. 28, 4:26am

>6 SimoneA: Thank you. It is much improved. I still have idea how " the fixing" in this discussion works, but grateful for the assist.

Jan. 28, 5:23pm

>7 EGBERTINA: It works by magic and kind souls :-)

Jan. 28, 6:58pm

>8 bnielsen: Chuckles. Thank you