Looking for a new series to follow

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Looking for a new series to follow

Jan. 29, 1:55pm

I follow these mystery series religiously:

Inspector Banks Mysteries by Peter Robinson
Inspector Rebus Mysteries by Ian Rankin
Bruno the Police Chief by Martin Walker
Commissario Montalbano by Andrea Camillieri

I have tried these:

Commissario Ricciardi by Mauricio de Giovanni, read the first two and enjoyed it but the third one waylaid me, I will return to it eventually.

I read Southern Seas by Manuel Vaquez Montalban, I thought I would be hooked but it didn't hook me, I have not started the second book in the series yet.

I love the Shadow of the Winds series by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
I loved The Club Dumas, The Flanders Panel, and the Seventh Communion by Arturo Perez Reverte. But the later stuff and the Capitan Alatriste series didn't gain traction with me.

I also tried Donna Leon and it didn't do much for me either.

I like the mysteries that are a bit of a travelogue as well as being food and music obsessed.

I need a new series to start on, any advice?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Jan. 29, 8:45pm

>1 pw0327: Have you ever used the "What should you borrow" feature of LT? I looked at that for us, and it suggested you might like series by Deborah Crombie and Louise Penny. It suggested I'd like Peter Robinson and Ian Rankin from your library. I don't know the writers that you mentioned liking well enough to recommend based on them.

Jan. 29, 8:59pm

Maurizio de Giovanni has another series you might enjoy, The Bastards of Pizzofalcone (which is also the name of the first book of the series).

Jan. 30, 6:33am

Fred Vargas has a couple of series ongoing. I would definitely recommend the Adamsberg one which starts with The Chalk Circle Man.

Jan. 30, 8:54am

I love Inspector Ian Rutledge series by Charles Todd and the Linley/Havers series by Elizabeth George.

Jan. 30, 10:39am

>2 Jim53: Louise Penny's series would definitely tick the "food-obsessed" box! I have to read her books on a full stomach because otherwise all the food descriptions make me hungry :)

Jan. 30, 1:11pm

>3 lilithcat: The Pizzofalcone series is great, but make sure you read The Crocodile first. It introduces a main character in the series.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 30, 1:43pm

>2 Jim53:

I tried looking for that "What You Should Borrow " feature but couldn't find it. Can you point me? Thanks


Jan. 30, 4:51pm

Jan. 30, 6:34pm

I'll add my endorsement of the recommendations for Deborah Crombie's Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series, as well as Charles Todd's Ian Rutledge series. Both are first rate.

Jan. 30, 6:46pm

>9 majkia:

Thank you! I am having loads of fun with this.

Feb. 9, 8:32pm

>8 pw0327: Click my username on this post to see my profile. On the right side (if it looks the way profiles look to me) there is a box that says "Books you share" followed by a number, in our case 50, with a few of the books that you have in common with the person you're looking at, in this case me. At the bottom of that box is a link that says "What should you borrow?" again followed by a number. Click this link and you'll see the list I referred to. I'll warn you that I've added a lot of books to my wish list this way ;-)

Feb. 9, 8:34pm

>9 majkia: >11 pw0327: Oh my goodness. This is dangerous.

Feb. 20, 10:21pm

>12 Jim53:

I just finished the first Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James, show promise. I am starting on the first Inspector Gamache book.

But that function is fabulous, thanks for alerting me to that. Yes, this could be dangerous.

Feb. 28, 8:28pm

I also recommend Charles Todd’s Ian Rutledge series.

Ann Cleeves’ Shetland series
Rennie Airth’s John Madden series
Georges Simenon’s Maigret series

>14 pw0327: The Gamache series get better with each book.

Mrz. 1, 4:18pm

I am also a fan of Peter Robinson and Ian Rankin so I suspect we share much the same taste. In addition to books mentioned here (like Louise Penny and Ann Cleeves) I recommend Peter May's The Lewis Trilogy and The Enzo Files, Steve Burrows Birder Murder series (although that may not appeal to people who don't bird), Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce books, and Giles Blunt's Cardinal mysteries. Also if you like historical fiction C. J. Sansom's books about the lawyer Mathew Shardlake in King Henry the Eighth's time are terrific.

Mrz. 30, 1:39pm

>16 gypsysmom: Thank you very much.

Apr. 22, 1:42pm

>10 rosalita: I’m also a big fan of both. Louise Penny forever!

Mai 23, 4:10pm

For those who recommended Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache books, I am hooked. I am half way through Still Life and I am really enjoying it. I also added Mark Pryor's Hugo Marston series into consideration.

I suspect I will give Duncan Kinkaid/Gemma James second book a try. Summer time, where the reading is easy.

Mai 24, 4:09pm

I also recommend the Louise Penny books! I finished Bury Your Dead about a month ago, and it was one of the best books I've ever read. But please, read them in order! Getting to know the characters is important.

Mai 27, 1:10pm

>20 jhicks62: I just got books 2-5 of the series.

Mai 28, 3:40pm

>21 pw0327: Enjoy the journey! I'm going slowly, only about one or two of them per year, so I don't get through them too quickly.

Jun. 1, 1:51pm

>22 jhicks62: I just finished Still Life. It was an excellent read. I like the quirkiness of the characters, plot, and details. I thought her explanation of the archery part was a bit unclear, but forgiveable, but I learned about art and painting. Started on the second book last night, after finishing the first.

Jun. 2, 12:28pm

>23 pw0327: They're highly addictive! Just because of this conversation, I bought A Trick of the Light yesterday.

Jun. 23, 2:49pm

>24 jhicks62: I am on book 3 now. I wonder though, why would the denizens of Three Pines ever welcome Gamache back if he is only there for murders. :)

Jul. 12, 6:44pm

Try The Campbell Murder Series by Nenny May, its her first series but it's good! Here's a link to the first book

Jul. 17, 6:21pm

>25 pw0327: (Laughing!) Very good point!