Combining a working title


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Combining a working title

Feb. 13, 1:26pm

I'm not sure what to do with this one.
The Iron Season was a working title for The Hidden Palace (which is due to be published later this year). Should these should be combined? There's a sort of argument that The Iron Season is a book which never has and never will exist; maybe the copies will gradually drop off of people's wishlists when they find out. But they might not.

Feb. 13, 1:34pm

I'd say combine it, and add the 'The Iron Season (working title)' as an alternative title to The Hidden Palace in CK. You'll need to change (or delete) the canonical title in The Iron Season as well.

That way it's clear that the two are the same work, and you have the history of both titles.

Feb. 13, 1:54pm

I second everything in >2 Maddz:

Feb. 13, 2:09pm

>2 Maddz: That makes sense - done.