Beyond Me, I Need Help - Book Still Not Showing After Combined


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Beyond Me, I Need Help - Book Still Not Showing After Combined

Feb. 15, 10:24pm

I own a book that is not "checked" on the author's page, meaning it's somehow not combined with others of the same title.

I found the following:

The Greyhound by Helen Griffiths

needed to be combined with

The Greyhound by Helen Griffiths

I found one copy of this book was listed under Helen V. Griffith, which is not the same author as Helen Griffiths.

I added a disambiguation about the two authors.

Then I removed The Greyhound from Helen V. Griffith as author, and combined it on the workbench with the other copies of that title listed under Helen Griffiths, but my own copy is still not showing under the author's page:

I've recalculated and refreshed but nothing has changed.

Not sure what I've missed here, need help from someone with more expertise than I!

Bearbeitet: Feb. 16, 1:34am

Everything looks fine, but I'm not able to see whether your copy shows with checkmark. It should - your author leads to to the correct author page. Perhaps try force-reloading the author page? Sometimes things are cached when you expect them to refresh automatically.

Edit: The disambiguation notice properly belongs on the author page, not the work. It's there that people will notice it when trying to combine the two.

Bearbeitet: Feb. 16, 9:01am

>2 SandraArdnas: thank you.

The first link still shows as a book not in my library.

The second link still shows as a book IN my library.

I still do not have a checkmark for this book on the author's page.

Does the second part of the url (for "book") have anything possibly to do with this?

How can these two editions be combined beyond what has already been attempted?

Noted about the disambiguation notice. I put it in the disambiguation box, I thought that was correct. When I combined the two the notice I put in almost screamed at me, but I combined them anyway.

Feb. 16, 9:19am

This sounds like another instance of

Feb. 16, 9:50am

>4 r.orrison: thanks, that was a very interesting thread.

And I thought it was me...

Feb. 19, 11:35pm

>5 fuzzi:
>4 r.orrison:

And yet another occurrence, and BUG reported...

Link returns "There is no work with that reference number."