Two author combinations requested


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Two author combinations requested

Feb. 27, 4:53pm

I can never remember how to combine authors (as opposed to works).

These two authors are the same person

These two authors are the same person.

Feb. 27, 5:09pm

Two split authors cannot be combined.

Feb. 27, 6:22pm

But there should be a way. Flaw in the system.

Feb. 27, 6:27pm

Bearbeitet: Feb. 27, 6:57pm

Tim would say to combine all three and then split.

Other alternative is to change the authors on the works. Since the cover says William G, I can see doing that for Bill 3. I can't see it for Bill 4

Feb. 27, 7:43pm

>5 MarthaJeanne: Tim's solution seems right to me

Feb. 27, 7:50pm

>6 JMK2020:

Oh, please no.

Feb. 27, 7:57pm

>6 JMK2020:
So you advocate for combining
William G. Flanagan
William P. Flanagan
for example? Because this is where this will lead - not all William Flanagan are William P. Flanagan so combining them together makes zero sense.

Shall we just combine all authors with the last name Flanagan while we are at it and be done with all these issues? :)

Bearbeitet: Feb. 27, 9:00pm

>8 AnnieMod: No just combine when you find in different languages William Flanagan, and after if pertinent separate and/or indicate complete name to desambiguation (with some academic sources and references ti be sure)

And i have an exemple here :
Be careful (to complete CK and understand who is who, i spent a lot of time... and it's not finished) / you'll find url for each name

David GERARD (authority name and name on books) is / are

David Elwyn GERARD
David GERARD Jurkiewicz
David GERARD (Pseud) David M. Jack (other pseud ?)

Problem : David Gerard is combine with david gerard (3)

Why ? (i dont know how to change that and assembly works to (3)

Well :

2 pages and duplicate CK (it's from me)

isn't it better to have David GERARD split between (1), (2), (3), .... and no work on generic name ?

Sorry, perhaps i need help

NB : i add http librarything links http on wikidata author page... for David Gerard (3), which link ?

ps : one of the URL used to complete, combine or separate :
Hard !! ;-)

Bearbeitet: Feb. 27, 8:55pm

Search : William Flanagan

Possible :

Flanagan, William M

Flanagan, William A.

Flanagan, William G (1942-....)

What do you choose ?

Great Job with idRef
imagine in addition with the date of birth and date of death indicated ;-)

Data BNF is less relevant (only for the French language)

idem ISNI

And VIAF gives a good idea but is not very ergonomic

Feb. 27, 9:12pm

We really need to be able to combine split authors properly.

Mrz. 2, 5:49pm

This is an impressive tangle. I'm copying and pasting the current titles-to-names assignments to have a better sense of what's where.

William G. Flanagan (2)
Urban sociology : images and structure
Contemporary Urban Sociology (Contemporary Sociology)

William G. Flanagan (1)
Like Mother, Like Son

Bill Flanagan (1)
U2: At the End of the World
A&R: A Novel by
Written in My Soul: Conversations With Rock's Great Songwriters
Evening's Empire: A Novel
New Bedlam: A Novel
Fifty in Reverse
Last of the Moe Haircuts
Musician Magazine (November 1990) (Jimmy Page - Living In Led Zeppelin)
Musician Magazine - November 1991 - Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Primus,…
Musician magazine, May 1993
Musician Magazine, December 1992 - Pink Floyd front cover - (Prince, Roger…
Musician Magazine, September 1990 - Steve Vai front cover- (Michael Stipe…

Bill Flanagan (2)
Developing a Divorce Recovery Ministry: A How-To-Manual Includes a...

Bill Flanagan (3)
Dirty Rotten CEOs: How Business Leaders Are Fleecing America

Bill Flanagan (4)
Animerica Extra : Vol. 3 No. 10
Animerica Extra : Vol. 3 No. 8
Animerica Extra (Volume 6, #4) The Anime Fan's Comic
Animerica Extra Vol.3, No.7 (3)
Animerica Extra : Vol. 3 No. 9
Animerica Extra : Vol. 4 No. 5
Animerica Extra Vol 4 No 11 (Anime Fan's Comic Magazine, 4)
Animerica Extra : Vol. 3 No. 6
Animerica Extra Vol. 4, No.2 (4)

William Flanagan (2)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 1 (Translator, some editions)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 2 (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 1 (Translator, some editions)
Codename: Sailor V, Vol. 1 Shinsouban (Translator, some editions)
A Bride's Story, Volume 2 (Translator, some editions)
Codename: Sailor V, Vol. 2 Shinsouban (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 2 (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 3 (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 4 (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 5 (Translator, some editions)
Kobato., Vol. 1 (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 6 (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 7 (Translator, some editions)
Mushishi, Volume 8/9/10 (Translator, some editions)
Kobato., Vol. 2 (some editions)
Kobato., Vol. 3 (Translator, some editions)
Not Love But Delicious Foods (Translator, some editions)
Q·Ko-Chan: The Earth Invader Girl, Volume 1 (Translator, some editions)
Kobato., Vol. 4 (Translator, some editions)
Kobato., Vol. 5 (Translator, some editions)
Kobato., Vol. 6 (Translator, some editions)
Attack on Titan: Junior High 1 (Translator, some editions)
Q·Ko-Chan: The Earth Invader Girl, Volume 2 (Translator, some editions)
Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet On My Heart (Translator, some editions)

William Flanagan (unknown)
A Bride's Story, Volume 4 (Translator, some editions)
A Bride's Story, Volume 5 (Translator, some editions)
Ireland Now: Tales of Change from the Global Island
Frames, Packets, & Cells for Broadband Networking
Ragnarok Guy, Iss. 04
ISDN: A Practical, Simple, Easy-To-Use Guide to Getting Up and Running on…
It's easy to be a Gourmet...with Saucy PEANUTS...and other fine Oklahoma…
Aviation Records in the Jet Age: The Planes and Technologies Behind the…
Sheet Music: HORROR MOVIE (Peters 6847), Voice and Piano
Heaven haven : for voice and piano

Mrz. 3, 3:27am


Mrz. 3, 3:29am

>6 JMK2020: To me it almost sounds like combining all people named Smith, and taking it from there