Martin Walker's "Bruno, Chief of Police series"


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Martin Walker's "Bruno, Chief of Police series"

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 1, 7:20pm

Hello good people,

I have been reading this series and looked at the other books by Martin Walker on the disambiguation page ( I feel somewhat confidant that "Sombre Vendanges" and "Surm Dordogne'is" in the Martin Walker (unknown) list belong to "my" Martin Walker (#1) because the covers both say something about Bruno. However my French is not good enough (ah, c'est domage!) to figure out which English works they correspond to. I wonder if someone more linguistically talented than this poor American could help. Also, I suspect the photograph of Martin Walker #1 is not really him, but I could be wrong about that. Thank you!

ETA: After looking up his home page, I think the photograph is the correct Martin Walker.

Mrz. 1, 7:51pm

Sombres Vendanges appears to be the same book as The Dark Vineyard and Surm Dordogne is Death in the Dordogne.

Thank you, Google Translate.

Mrz. 1, 8:25pm

Seconding the thanks to Google Translate. Not good enough to translate a whole novel but great help in sorting titles.

Mrz. 1, 9:05pm

>3 Crypto-Willobie:


Although there are times when the translated title appears to have no resemblance to the original!

Mrz. 1, 10:04pm

Thank you >2 lilithcat: and >3 Crypto-Willobie:! I should have thought to do that.

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 2, 1:23am

Googling the ISBN often leads to a list of all editions, including those in English. And yes, Google translate I use so often for small bits like titles that I use a browser add-on that lets you view it in a small pop-up for marked selection. Love it.

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 2, 1:30am

Better is to check WorldCat, which usually includes 'Other titles'. Just a translation isn't always the right book. Publishers do weird things.

Or use Amazon 'Look inside' to see the copyright page. Doesn't work if the Look inside is of the Kindle book.