Finding titles owned by ~10-15 users


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Finding titles owned by ~10-15 users

Mrz. 8, 7:03pm

Since the feature I like most about LT is the lists of recommendations for individual works, I'm mostly interested in making combinations that will push a work's number of owners to the 15-20 needed to generate recommendations. The "Vous et nul autre" feature, though, only goes up to 5. Is there any other way of getting such a list?

Mrz. 8, 8:20pm

Do you know how to sort a library by how many people own the books? It's not obvious, but if you click the up/down arrow button in the row with the Settings button, you get a whole bunch of extra sort options, and one of them is "total members", which will sort by what you want, and then you can go to the 15-20 range.

Have to do it one library at time, of course; I don't know any way to get that data sidewide.

Mrz. 8, 8:53pm

I see that option, now. Thank you.

Mrz. 8, 9:04pm

Sort by members used to be much easier to find, but several updates ago they hid it in that menu, and I think a lot of people don't realize it's possible anymore. Glad it's doing what you need! I also use it to find possible in-need-of-combinations books a lot.