Need help to separate 2 authors (Really bad combinaison)


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Need help to separate 2 authors (Really bad combinaison)

Mrz. 18, 8:36pm (1)

contains (2)

How could i separate (2) from (1).... I tried but no result

nb : i firstly modified and add an other Christophe (3) but it was a confusion, so the new is (4) // see here

i'd like to understand and know how to do... ???


Bearbeitet: Mrz. 18, 9:08pm


It was an aliasing job that was left hanging basically -- you needed to move a work into the Christophe-3 alias on this page, save, open again the same page and go to the Alias part of it and unalias (now you could because the work assignment made it visible on the alias screen), save, go back and return the work to whom it belonged.

Let me know if you need more detailed step by step :)

PS: When you see a "also contains", this is aliasing, not combination. So you need to unalias, not to separate something. :)

Mrz. 19, 8:45pm

>2 AnnieMod: Many Thanks
Next question,

Is it possible to change christophe (4) > christophe (3) **

** for have a good order

In this case, are all the data and links are reassigned correctly from (4) to (3) (it seems to me that this is not the case after qq tests)


Christophe (3) is here but with fase old "Related tags"


For information, I sometimes have to mobilize a lot of time and resources to arrive at this example of indexing. It's much better than ISNI in this case and I send them the info to correct with the LBThing link (and I complete according to wikidata with the LBTh link) ... LBThing then becomes authority !!! but it is not necessary that manipulations change the CK and i had to perfectly understand the function (taking into CK languages)
(I will finalize the desambiguation field


Mrz. 19, 9:11pm

>3 JMK2020:

Check now.

The steps:
1. Move the works from 4 to 3
2. Go to the page of 3 and recalculate the name so it is not empty anymore. did not really exist anymore - it just the way LT show non-existent splits from split authors. See for example :) It picks up the tags for as a whole (from all splits) when you hit one that does not exist.

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 23, 3:57pm

>4 AnnieMod:
Thanks ... .but there is a pb with this transfer (CK and URL links didnt follow) : CK christophe-3 are empty and CK christophe-4 are ok


Mrz. 23, 6:27pm

>5 JMK2020: You need to manually move them when you are switching like that.

The books transfer moves only the books. If there is CK, you need to move it manually. Done now.

Mrz. 24, 7:51pm

>6 AnnieMod: Ok, Thanks. i noted to organise the switch