Need help fixing an author page with no books showing


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Need help fixing an author page with no books showing

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 25, 12:23pm

So I was looking over one of the new authors showing up in the Hobnob Group, like I usually do, and he had got himself his author badge and the link led to a page showing a bunch of tags, and some CK, but, for me at least no books show up on it. The page is or in other words it's a split author page. If I go to the disambiguation page, it shows two books neither of which is assigned to any split, and neither of which is the one my newbie author actually wrote. (Although he may have contributed to one, I haven't asked him about that yet.)

I think the tags on the ankur-1 page might come from here. They seem to match the book Lotus of Another Color. But that book does not show up on the page for me.

The book my newbie author says he wrote is of the five copies listed for it, four list the author as Agarwal, Ankur and only the author himself has listed the book as being by just Ankur.

I can't assign the book to the ankur-1 split, because it doesn't show up on the Ankur disambiguation page. (And how is there even an ankur-1 split if the disambiguation page doesn't show it?)

I'm not as knowledgeable as y'all -- is this something that we can fix, or do I need to post a bug report?

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 25, 11:39am

It looks like Kristie divided the Ankur page, probably when he put his book up for Member Giveaway. At that point he may well have been the only person who had it entered. Ankur Agarwal comes from Amazon. Once other people entered it with that author it eventually moved from the Ankur author page.

I have added Ankur as an other author, which isn't really a final solution, but at least puts it on the page of the author's prefered name.

Mrz. 25, 12:31pm

That does make the page look a lot better.

I am checking with the author in question to see if he contributed to the other book, and it looks like I need to check about the Ankur Agarwal page too, because that's showing another book also, so it might also need splitting.

After we've confirmed the splits, are we supposed alias Ankur 1 into Ankur Agarwal (or Ankur Agarwal 1 as the case may be)?

I've never actually done any aliasing.

Mrz. 25, 1:29pm

If one name is split and the other not, then we alias the split into the not split. If both are split if becomes more difficult.