How do I get a book on the author page? (split author, secondary author)


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How do I get a book on the author page? (split author, secondary author)

Apr. 2, 3:41am

I would like The way we think to be listed on the author page of Mark Turner. Mark Turner(1), that is. How do I do that?

Bearbeitet: Apr. 2, 3:59am

The first step is to get Mark Turner listed as an 'Other Author'. Listing him on your copy isn't enough. You need to go to the 'Other Author' section of the main work page and confirm him. It looks like he should be listed as a 'main author' on 'all editions'.

This will get the work onto the disambiguation page. Over on the right of that page, click on 'edit the division'. Find the book on that page and change 'unknown' to '1'. Double check that 'Divided author' is checked, and save.

I could easily do this for you, but that's not what you asked, and this is a fairly straightforward example, so I leave the exercise to you.

Apr. 2, 4:04am

What >2 MarthaJeanne: said. If you do need help we'll gladly do so though.

Apr. 2, 4:29am

Just a further clarification. Since two people wrote the book together, one is listed as primary author. The other is listed as a main author. Main authors are the ones responsible for the book as a whole.

Secondary authors would be illustrators (usually), translators, contributors (usually people who wrote articles in an anthology. The editors are the main authors.) etc.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 2, 5:00am

>4 MarthaJeanne: I'd say for anthologies only put the editor as the main author if it's a multi-author anthology, e.g. Classical Whodunnits. If it's a single author anthology, have the author as main author and put the editor as the secondary author, e.g. The Best of Henry Kuttner.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 2, 5:18am

I was thinking of books like Inward and Outward Health. I would probably put the editor in your example as a main author, because he put the book together. In fact, that is how it is listed.

Apr. 2, 11:15am

Thank you. It's not that complicated once you know how, and I learned a bit more about the structure of LT.

Apr. 2, 12:58pm

Looks good. No, it's not complicated in most cases.