Having trouble with LT widget on wordpress blog

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Having trouble with LT widget on wordpress blog

Apr. 8, 1:42pm

Tried to add LT widget to my wordpress blog and it says there are "2 errors that must be corrected"? Anyone else having problems/any troubleshooting advice?

Apr. 8, 1:56pm

Where are those errors being shown? Are you able to copy/paste the embed code in a post here?

Apr. 8, 4:32pm

>1 Well-ReadNeck: The last time I tried to use the LT widget on my WordPress blog I got an error because WordPress doesn't allow users to install Javascript code. That's for a blog hosted on Wordpress.com, though, and I don't know if the same is true for blogs you host elsewhere.

Apr. 9, 11:39pm

It doesn’t say what the errors are just “2 errors that must be corrected” but based on rosalita’s response, it looks like this just won’t work for Wordpress.

Apr. 12, 11:06am

Yes, >3 rosalita: is right and also thank you rosalita for refreshing my memory!

Apr. 12, 11:40am

>5 kristilabrie: You're welcome! It takes a village ... :-)