Adding to List & Thumbing Down Acting Inconsistently

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Adding to List & Thumbing Down Acting Inconsistently

Apr. 9, 1:16pm

When adding to a list that is supposed to be limited in number, sometimes some members are able to add more than five. This does not seem to happen consistently.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to the Nature Writing list:
Add five titles
One of three things seems to happen next:
1. The option to add more titles goes away (i.e. the text "Add To Your List / Thumbs Down" disappears)
2. The option to add more titles is still showing on the screen, but clicking "Add to Your List" doesn't actually add to the list.
3. Able to successfully add more than five books to the list (see, for example: or

Hard to reproduce because it seems to change without rhyme or reason.

Apr. 9, 1:40pm

Related: as noted in scenario 1, once someone has added five books, sometimes both "Add To Your List / Thumbs Down" disappears, which means they cannot thumbs down a book that does not fit the list.

Apr. 9, 2:43pm

I have 5 books on my list. I never tried to add more than 5, but if I do that now (the add to list is still there in the upper right), I get a message saying I cannot add more than 5 books. Fine and good. But I cannot thumbs down anything (not so good). And the "add to your list" button is correctly missing from any of the books on the list. I have not seen any of this behavior change for my list since the beginning of the list.

Apr. 10, 4:52am

I don't think it's intermittent.

The "limit" function seems to have not been working (i.e., people could add more books than the set limit) until around April 6. Everyone who added more than five titles to "Recommended Nature Writing" did so before that date. (I'm guessing the same is true for this list also, but I haven't been following it closely:

If anyone has been able to exceed the limit since April 6 that would be a useful data point.

Otherwise, it seems to me that at present the limit function works. However, it also prevents users from thumbing down books once they have either "added" or "thumbed down" the maximum number of titles -- i.e., the system counts "thumbing down" towards the limit, which doesn't seem like the way it should work.

I tested this a bit (Firefox, Windows) and there seems to be just one small exception to this, and it involves reloading the page: the link to add or thumb down only disappears after the page is reloaded. If you have not reloaded the page since reaching the maximum number allowed by the list, it is possible to thumb down (but not add) additional titles.

Apr. 12, 12:49pm

megbmore (#1):

I have seen no reports of anyone who has added all five books to their list since April 6 being able to thumbs-down a work. This is not "intermittent", this is "just plain doesn't work". Which is good, since it's much easier to fix.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 19, 1:31pm

There was a comment in another thread which suggests that being able to vote for more titles than a list limit may be connected to accessing the list via a Facebook link: (see post #9).

I also withdraw my speculation that something changed around April 6, since it looks like at least one person has been able to add more than 5 titles to the "Nature Writing" list after that date.