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Bearbeitet: Apr. 14, 12:32pm

Hey, friends,

I was too quick on the Enter finger & wasn't paying attention & ended up combining authors Patrick Suskind & Ron Suskind. Can I decombine them without splitting them & aliasing them since they really have nothing to do with each other (no common name)? I'm sorry I messed this up. Thanks for your help ahead of time -- Susan

Whew -- Okay, figured it out!

Apr. 14, 1:04pm

I happens.

Pictures, CK info and links (if any) may now be stranded on the wrong page though. If so, that may need some repair work.

Apr. 14, 2:50pm

In general, when you want to separate out a combined author name, the option is towards the bottom of the right column - 'examine and separate out names'.