Lisa's 2021 Category Challenge #2

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Lisa's 2021 Category Challenge #2

Bearbeitet: Gestern, 7:56am

Welcome to my 2021 Category Challenge thread. This is my 13th year doing the challenge in this group. I tend to be a sporadic poster to my own thread, starting out strong in the beginning of the year and then dropping out of sight. I do however, try to remember to let everyone know that I'm still around from time to time.

I'm going to read from 10 specific categories, plus the BINGODOG, and I will also dip into the various KITS and CATS. For the first time since I started doing the challenge, I'm not going to set a goal with a ticker. I just want to read from each category and see where I wind up. I usually read around 150 books a year. If I made that statement outside of this forum, you can just imagine the silence that statement would cause. I'm looking forward to the new year!


False Witness
Deja Dead
The Startup Wife

Bearbeitet: Mai 17, 11:49am

Books I Own

1 Coming of Age in Mississippi February 3.5 *
2 The Distant Echo March 4*
3 A Darker Domain May 4*

Bearbeitet: Gestern, 7:50am


1A Good Neighborhood January 3.5 *
2.The Wedding 3.5 *
3 Bailey's Cafe February 3.5*
4 Good Company April 3*
5 The Drowning Kind April 4*
6 Zorrie April 4.5*
7 Whereabouts May 4*
8 The Postscript Murders May 3 *
9 The Hand That First Held Mine June 4.5*
10 The Exiles July 4*
11 This Must Be The Place July 4*
12 Razorblade Tears July 4.5*

Bearbeitet: Jul. 21, 7:36am

Series in Progress

1 In The Name of Truth January 3*
2Charcoal Joe January 4*
3 A Darkness Absolute February 3*
4 Midnight Atlanta February 4*
5 Not Dead Yet March 4*
6 The Lewis Man April 4.5 *
7 The Chessmen April 3.5 *
8 Blackout April 3.5*
9 In Bad Company May
10 Haunted Hibiscus May 3.5 *
11 Egg Shooters May 3*
12 Careless Love May 4*
13 Many Rivers to Cross June 3.5*
14 Lady Cop Makes Trouble July 4*
15Not Dark Yet July 3.5*

Bearbeitet: Jul. 21, 7:31am

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 9:34am

Series Not Started

1 The Cold Cold Ground January 4.5 *
2 Blue Monday March 4*
3 Sick of Shadows March 2.5*
4 The Ghosts of Belfast April 4*
River of Darkness

Bearbeitet: Jul. 8, 11:22am

Short Stories

1 Tiny Love January 4 1/2 *
2 How To Pronounce Knife January 4 1/2 *
3 The Awkward Black Man February 4*
4 An Elderly Lady is Up To No Good February 4*
5 Kiss Me Someone March 4.5*
6 Daddy May 4*
7Justice May 4.5*
8Certain American States3.5 * June
9Kinsey and Me 4* July

Bearbeitet: Jul. 21, 7:37am

New Books

1. Before She Disappeared February 3.5 *
2.Blood GroveFebruary 4*
3. Faithless in Death February 3.5 *
4. The Survivors February 3.5 *
5 Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder March 3*
6 The Unwilling March 4.5*
7 The Burning Girls March 3.5 *
8 The Consequences of Fear April 4*
9 Eternal April 4*
10 The Four Winds April 4*
11 Mother May I April 3*
12 Malibu Rising June 4*
13 Dust Off the Bones June 5*
14 Dream Girl June 3.5 *
15 Survive the Night July 2*
16 The Night Hawks 3.5*

Bearbeitet: Jul. 11, 12:16pm

Awards- Winners of various book awards, as well as those that were also long and shortlisted.

1 There, ThereAmerican Book Award 2019 January 4.5 *
2 Disappearing Earth National Book Award Finalist 2019 March 4*
3 Sisters Tournament of Books 2021 Longlist March 4*
4 Luster Tournament of Books 2021 Longlist/ Bailey's 2021 Longlist April ***
5 Interior Chinatown National Book Award May 3.5*
6 The Most Fun We Ever Had May 3.5* Bailey's Longlist 2020
7 Circe June 4.5* IMPAC Long list 2020
8 The Buddha in the Attic July 4* Pen/Faulkner Award 2012
9 Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of the Dead July 3.5* Man Booker Prize International Shortlist 2019

Shuggie Bain Booker Prize 2020
Sing Unburied Sing National Book Award 2017
Fleishman is in Trouble Tournament of Books 2020 Shortlist
The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Costa First Novel 2018
Miracle Creek Edgar Award

Bearbeitet: Gestern, 7:53am

New To Me Authors

1 These Women January 4 1/2 *
2 Malice February 3 1/2 *
3 The Case of the Missing MarquessFebruary 3*
4 My Dark Vanessa March 4*
5 Whiskey When We're Dry April 4.5
6 Writers and Lovers April 4.5*
7 His & Hers May 4*
8 Crimson Lake June 5*
9 The Other Black Girl July 3*
10 The Paper Palace July 3.5*
11 Summerwater July 4.5

Bearbeitet: Jun. 27, 7:14pm


1 Nature or Environment
2 Title Describes You Good Company
3 Contains a Love Story Eternal
4 You Heartily Recommend The Bluest Eye
5 Impulse Read Faithless in Death
6 Suggested by another Generation
7 About Time or time word in title Midnight Atlanta
8 By or about maginalized group There There
9 20 or fewer LT members
10 Classical Element in Title Disappearing Earth
11 Set somewhere you'd like to visit
12 Dark or Light Word in Title A Darkness Absolute
13 Read a CAT or KIT In The Name of Truth
14 New to you Author Ivy Pochoda These Women
15 Arts and Recreation Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams
16 Senior Citizen Protagonist An Elderly Lady is Up To No Good
17 Type of Building in Title Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel
18 Less than 200 pages How to Pronounce Knife
19 2 or more authors Blue Monday
20 Character You'd Be Friends With
21 One-Word Title Malice
22 About History or Alternate History A Black Woman’s History of the United States
23 Made You Laugh The All Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion
24 Southern Hemisphere The Survivors
25 About or Contains Magic

Mai 3, 2:38pm

Bearbeitet: Mai 3, 2:55pm

I decided to do a second thread because it was a bit slow for me. I don't think I've ever had a second thread before. WFH gives me more LT time.

This is my first book read in May and I enjoyed it immensely.

56 His & Hers

This book was one of my impulse reads from browsing through the library's catalog. The story involves a murder victim who is known to newsperson Anna and her detective hex-usband Jack. Anna and Jack are both very acquainted with the murder victim and keeping secrets from each other. In fact, the detective becomes a suspect in his own murder investigation. This was a very good psychologlical thriller and when the murderer was revealed, I did not see it coming.

Mai 3, 10:14pm

Woo hoo, second thread! :)

Mai 4, 4:45am

Happy new thread!

Mai 4, 7:07am

Happy New Thread! Glancing over the books you've read, I notice that you've had some pretty good reads so far.

Mai 4, 2:30pm

Happy New Thread! And I've made note of His & Hers.

Bearbeitet: Mai 5, 7:46am

>16 rabbitprincess: Thanks RP, the second thread is an indication of wfh, more LT time lol!
>17 MissWatson: Thank you Birgit!
>18 dudes22: Thank you Betty!
>19 RidgewayGirl: Hi Kay! Thank you. I wasn't too sure about it, but I'm glad that I took a chance. It was just what I needed at the time.

Mai 5, 7:56am

57Daddy As with most short story collections, there are some stories that stand out more than others. Most of the stories featured characters who were hiding something from their friends and families. My favorite story of the collection was What Can You Do With A General, about a father who reflects on his son and two daughters at Christmas, which is a subtle reminder that that holidays are not always happy for everyone.

Bearbeitet: Mai 11, 1:49pm

58 In Bad Company I found this 9th installment in the Sandhamn Murder series to be just a tad bit long and a little different and darker than the previous books. Nora is trying to convict a drug lord with tax evasion when she also becomes involved with the domestic abuse that he is inflicting upon his wife. It was fast paced and held my interest. I do fear that Nora is going to test the boundaries with her level of involvement in the future. There is a cliffhanger involving Thomas and his wife Pernilla, which hopefully will resolve itself in the next book.

Bearbeitet: Mai 11, 1:55pm

59 Whereabouts Jhumpa Lahiri is a wonderful writer. I've enjoyed everything that I have read of hers. This very short novel was translated from Italian and is quite simply a series of vignettes about an unnamed woman written in first person present tense over the course of a year. Each one is simple, and ordinary; going to the market, at dinner, at the villa, and the one that tugged at my heartstrings, at her mother's. It brought to mind discussions that I had with a friend not too long ago about the perception of alone vs. lonely. The protagonist in this story led a solitary life, but I didn't get the impression that she was lonely, that she enjoyed her life as it was.

Bearbeitet: Mai 11, 2:14pm

60 Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel I struggled a bit with the beginning of this book, but I'm glad that I perservered and finished it. The story unfolds in alternating chapters Tilly as a child, and Tilda as an adult. After her mother's death Tilda struggles to understand the events of her childhood, specifically when her father left, and when her she and her mother became residents of the Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel. Tilly loved the hotel, then seemingly out of nowhere with no explanation, her mother sent her away to boarding school, which devastated her.

Tilda has a few behavior quirks, she sees people who are no longer with us, including a pet dog, and has a few OCD tendencies. She feels unloved, then her life changes for the better.

Mai 11, 3:15pm

>22 lsh63: - I'm planning to start this series during the month for AlphaKit "S" so I skipped whatever you had to say except I saw this was the 9th book.

>23 lsh63: - Jhumpa Lahiri is a local author for me as she grew up in the town I live in now. Her parents were teachers at the local university. I was just reading about this book in the May issue of Book Page which I picked up at the library this morning while I was picking up some books that had arrived. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Mai 11, 3:27pm

>25 dudes22: Hi Betty, I hope that you enjoy the series, I remember gobbling them up like candy last year!

Have you read other Lahiri?

Mai 11, 7:14pm

I've only read Interpreter of Maladies which I gave 4.5* and I have two others in my TBR waiting to be read.

Bearbeitet: Mai 17, 11:44am

61 A Darker Domain This is technically the second book in the Karen Pirie series although she only briefly appeared in the previous book The Distant Echo. The story is told in alternating timelines in 1984, when Cat Grant and her infant son are kidnapped and in 2008, when a journalist stumbles upon new evidence which opens the cold case. Another event that took in place in 1984 which also ties into the story is a woman who approaches the police in order to report her father missing after over 20 years. Multiple storylines can make it a bit confusing to keep track of all the details but I took my time and was rewarded with the outcome. I look forward to the next one which I plan to read very soon.

Bearbeitet: Mai 18, 2:04pm

62 The Postscript Murders I enjoyed this one but not as much as I enjoyed The Stranger Diaries. This book features a 90 year old woman who is known to various murder mystery writers as an expert on how to kill people and is dubbed a "murder consultant". At first it seems that she died of natural causes, but then suspicion begins to mount among her caretaker, her friend, and eventually the police as various murder mystery writers are killed.

Bearbeitet: Mai 24, 1:01pm

63 A Town Called Solace Set in Ontario in early 1972 7 year old Clara is waiting for her teenage sister Rose to come home after she ran away. Liam a stranger to Clara, moves into the house next door that he has just inherited from Clara's neighbor Mrs. Orchard. The story unfolds in alternating points of view from Clara, Liam, and Mrs. Orchard who is spending her final days in the hospital. It's a quiet heartwarming book about a small town, families, and a child who just wants to be told the truth.

Bearbeitet: Mai 24, 1:31pm

64 Interior Chinatown It took me a while to get used to the screenplay/vignette format but overall I thought it was a very creative way for the author to blend a little humor along with an analysis of various Asian stereotypes in America. A short read but so thought provoking.

Bearbeitet: Mai 24, 2:04pm

65 Justice Reading this short story collection made me want to read Montana 1948 again. The collection gives the reader backstories of various members of the Hayden family; patriarch Wesley, his wife Enid and sons Wesley and Frank. I plan to read as many of the author's works as I can.

Bearbeitet: Mai 24, 2:07pm

66 Rupture This was the next installment for me in the Dark Iceland series. I found it to be a timely read as the town mentioned (I'm not even going to try to mess up the spelling of it) is in quarantine. Ari Thor looks into an old case while also reaching a resolution about this relationship with his girlfriend Kristin.

Bearbeitet: Mai 24, 2:17pm

67. Haunted Hibiscus Book number 22 in the Tea Shop Mystery series, which takes place the week before Halloween, finds Theodosia and Drayton at a haunted house party at a mansion bequeathed to the Heritage Society when a murder takes place. Unfortunately, Timothy Neville, the patriarch of the Heritage Society, has a relationship with the murder victim, as does Theodosia's chef, Hayley. Since giving up coffee a few years ago, I enjoy reading about the various tea blends and delicious recipes that accompany them.

Bearbeitet: Mai 25, 2:06pm

68 Egg Shooters This in the 9th book in the Cackleberry Club series, written by the same author of the Tea Shop Mystery series. The Cackleberry Club crew, owners of the Cackleberry Cafe, have slightly more wacky escapades than Theodosia and the characters in the Tea Shop series. In this installment of the series, Suzanne drops by the hospital to bring dinner to her fiance and stumbles upon a robbery in progress which in turn leads to a murder.
The title (because it intrigued me)refers to a fancier version of the classic deviled egg with creme fraiche instead of mayo and topped with pickled peppers and caviar.
I like reading these series because I like to peruse the various recipes, even if I have no intention of making them. I think I need to stop reading about food!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 1, 11:38am

69 The Most Fun We Ever Had I enjoyed this multigenerational story of a couple and their 4 daughters, although I thought it was just a bit too long and if you watch This Is Us, I felt as though the book was like the show, back and forth in time, sometimes abruptly.

Marilyn and David are the parents of Wendy, Violet, Liza and Grace who are all slightly dysfunctional in some way. Wendy is bitter and drinks a lot, but she has also lost her husband and baby. Violet is anxious, and tries to be a perfect wife and mother. Liza is in a relationship with a depressed young man that no on seems to want to help, and Grace has lied about getting accepted into law school and thinks she can keep it a secret from everyone.

The characters were slightly annoying, but there were likeable aspects to each one as well. The character that I liked the best and thought the most realistic, was Violet's son Jonah, given up for adoption, at birth but who is now in their lives.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 1, 11:42am

70 Careless Love This is one of my favorite series. I probably say that about a lot of them though. Two bodies are found in remote locations. A young female student is found in an abandoned care seemingly from a drug overdose and a widowed businessman in his 60's is found in a ravine with a broken neck. Banks and his team try to find the connection if any, between the two deaths. There was a little something at the end that I did not like, that I hope doesn't become an issue in the next book or two. I'll be reading the next one shortly to find out!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 1, 11:56am

Happy June! Here are my May stats:

15 books read (70 YTD)
7 Series
15 Fiction
Female Authors 11
Male Authors 4
Library Books 8
Kindle 7

I took an extra day off today, one of a couple of use it or lose it, and I need to be more work productive. Over the past 14 months I have found and must admit, I am one of those people who do not focus well working at home. I think we will go back to some sort of hybrid in the fall which should be better for me, because I do tend to procrastinate, not just with LT time. I'm going to try to do better with reading more of my own books, I'm going to pluck a couple off of the shelves today and also stalk the Amazon monthly sales.

Jun. 2, 3:30am

>70 The Alan Banks series is one my favorites as well, Lisa. I am behind you by a couple of books and now I want to catch up and see what it is that bothered you!

Jun. 7, 8:17am

>39 DeltaQueen50: Hi Judy, I can't wait for you to catch up so that we can discuss it ! Which book is next for you?

Bearbeitet: Jun. 7, 8:28am

71 Circe I enjoyed this retold tale of Circe, daughter of Helios, who, deemed inferior to the rest of her family, is treated cruelly and banished to an island to live by herself. Circe thrived on the island, becoming one with nature, and holding her own against various other gods; Hermes, Athena, and Odysseus to name a few.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 7, 8:37am

72 Certain American States I bought this as Kindle deal last year. As with just about all short story collections, there are stories that stand out while others are just okay. This collection features various aspects of relationships dealing with death, divorce, family dynamics and other losses. While certainly not uplifting, the stories are about everyday people with everyday problems. One story that I liked best was " Ur Heck Box"- about a native Texan woman now living in New York who struggles over her brother's sudden death and tries to come to terms with her mother wanting to come live with her. The other story "Family Physics" tells the story of a woman who enjoys being the black sheep of her family.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 8, 9:53am

73 His Bloody Project I thought that this book was a very clever piece of historical fiction. The story is that of Roddy MacRae, a young man standing trial for gruesome triple murders. Although he has confessed to the killings, the police and the court try to determine the root cause for the murder of the local constable and two children, was he insane or not? The book is divided into the killer's account, medical doctor and psychologist opinions, the defense counsel's account, and court transcripts which make the reader feel as though they are reading a historical event rather than cleverly structured fiction.

Jun. 13, 9:46am

Just catching up on your thread Lisa!
I admit I don’t gravitate towards short story collections. You’ve read quite a few this year.
I hope the hybrid work model opens for you if that is best for your personality. I am so introverted that I really thrive at home and it’s been so good for my emotional state.

Jun. 14, 9:48am

>44 VictoriaPL: Hi Victoria! I'm so glad that you dropped by and to see you posting. Short story collections are pretty hit or miss, but I'm such a moody reader they work for me when I want to dip in and out of a book. As for work, I am pretty introverted but I occasionally need the office structure to get things done, as I do tend to procrastinate.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 14, 9:52am

74 How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House This is a hard book to read as it filled with great sadness. Set in Barbados, the main character Lala, struggles with the cycle of poverty and abuse that have plagued the women of her family. The book is well written, but I'd steer clear if you are looking for anything uplifting. Sometimes you have to be in the right mood for this type of book.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 14, 9:59am

75 Malibu Rising I enjoy books with alternate timelines and I thought that this one was pretty good. The chapters alternate between Nina Riva's annual end of the summer party in 1983, and flashback to the story of her parents Mick and June Rivas. As everyone gets ready for the party, we learn that Nina's brothers Hud and Jay, and sister Kit all have secrets that they are keeping, and we know that something explosive is likely to happen at the party but the reader doesn't know exactly what. I greatly enjoyed the flashback story of the parents which was heartbreaking.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 22, 8:37am

76 Many Rivers to Cross Banks investigates the murder of a teenage boy found in a bin. I'm not a big fan of the protagonist in the side story, which is also connected to Bank's old nemesis. The side story is a carryover from the last book and I hope that it reaches a conclusion in the next one. There were also many political references, which I'm not really fond of when reading one of my favorite police procedurals.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 22, 8:50am

77 Crimson Lake This book was a BB from RidgewayGirl and DeltaQueen50 aka as Kay and Judy and it was a good one. Set in Queensland Australia, the main characters are Ted Conkaffey, a former police detective, accused of a terrible crime and private investigator Amanda Pharrell, a convicted murderer who now runs a private detective agency. I thought the story was very well plotted, featuring three different murder investigations and very interesting and complex characters. I will definitely read the next book in the series at some point.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 22, 9:14am

78 Dust Off the Bones I loved this sequel to Only Killers and Thieves, which was one of the best books that I read last year. The sequel continues the story of Tommy and Billy McBride and the evil Native Police officer Noone in 1890. Billy and Tommy are living far apart from each other and dealing with the tragedy of their family in different ways. Racism, excessive violence and offensive wording are a large part of the book, so it's definitely not an easy read, but the characters are interesting and the story is engaging. This was a five star read for me.

Jun. 22, 12:28pm

>50 lsh63: I needed one more book to complete my Thingaversary purchases and when I saw that you were reading this one, I immediately got a copy for my Kindle. I can't wait until I get to it!

Jun. 22, 1:59pm

>51 DeltaQueen50: Hi Judy, I think you are going to love Dust Off the Bones!

Jun. 23, 6:30am

>49 lsh63: - I took this same BB. Now it has 3 BBs. Guess I need to move it up the list.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 23, 2:45pm

> 53 It was very good Betty I'm surprised that I hadn't heard more buzz about the author or the series. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 28, 9:02am

79 The Hand That First Held Mine This was an engrossing novel about two women, Lexie and Elina, who have a connection that is slowly revealed to the reader. Lexie's storyline in the 1950's to 1970's and Elina's in the early 2000's are perfectly paced with alternating narratives and vivid scenic descriptions. It really made me think of what my first clear childhood memory is, not just bits and pieces of various events. I will definitely read more by this author. I won't be able to get my hands on Hamnet for a while, but I will try some of her other works.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 1, 8:10am

80 Dream Girl This book was fun to read. The protagonist, an author named Gerry Andersen is far from a likeable character. After being injured in a home accident, he lies in a hospital bed and is fed daily doses of Ambien, Oxy, and other pills provided by his night nurse Aileen, while his assistant Victoria tends to his care during the day. When Gerry starts to get strange phone calls, he begins to doubt his sanity, especially when there seems to be no record of the call. One day Gerry wakes to a dead body and starts to wonder is it's the pills or if he is losing his sanity. The storylines was of course reminiscent of Misery, and there were other book and movie references throughout the book. Even old favorite Tess Monaghan made a very brief appearance.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 1, 8:16am

81 If It Bleeds I finished this collection of 4 novellas late last night. I really enjoyed Mr. Harrigan's Phone and the title story If it Bleeds, The Life of Chuck and Rat were just ok. I loved the Holly Gibney character of the Bill Hodges series and I hope that there is more of Holly in the future.

Jul. 1, 8:20am

Just catching up on your thread.
Are you excited about the new Slaughter release next month? I have mine on pre-order.

Jul. 1, 8:42am

>58 VictoriaPL: Hi Victoria! I'm patiently waiting for it although if it was a Will Trent, I would have pre-ordered it haha.

Jul. 1, 10:16am

>59 lsh63: I hear you! Do you still want to read it together? I can wait. 😊

Jul. 1, 11:15am

>60 VictoriaPL: I do if you can wait for me. I'm not sure of my place in the library queue just yet.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 1, 11:33am

Happy July everyone!

Here are my June stats:

11 books read (81 books year to date)
3 series
11 fiction
7 female authors
4 males authors
6 library books
5 Kindle book

My favorite or highest rated book of the month was Dust off the Bones the sequel to Only Killers and Thieves. This month is my Thingaversary and my birthday. I think I buy several books a week as a rule, which are usually Kindle deals, so I'm torn about buying 15 books for my Thingaversary. Ok, who I am kidding, I will probably buy more than 15 books during the month! I want to try and read more off my shelves this month, I've been doing a poor job of that. My goal is to clear one of the two bookcases in one of the back rooms, and have one big bookcase instead of two smaller ones, because it's starting to feel very cluttered. I don't usually count my purchases in a given month, but this month I think I will.

Jul. 1, 11:51am

>62 lsh63: Great June stats!

It is true that double-digit Thingaversaries can add a lot to the shelves! You could also spend $15 at a secondhand bookstore, or buy a book that relates to 15 in some way (15 short stories or novellas, page count a multiple of 15...).

Jul. 1, 12:00pm

>61 lsh63: certainly! No problem.
Happy Thingaversary! And Happy Birthday!

Jul. 1, 12:16pm

>63 rabbitprincess: Thanks RP. Sometimes I don’t think outside the box 😃
>64 VictoriaPL: Thanks Victoria!

Bearbeitet: Jul. 6, 9:05am

82The Buddha in the Attic In eight segments, the author told the heartbreaking story of Japanese mail order brides who leave for America and hope to live the American dream before World War 2. Once I got used to the first person plural narrative, I found the book to be a beautifully written timeline of the young women as they find out they've been duped, struggle with childbirth, raising children, and interacting with Americans both before the outbreak of World War 2, and shortly thereafter.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 6, 1:52pm

83 The Exiles I enjoyed this story of three women in 19th century Australia and their hardships. Evangeline, a young governess, who is fired when she is accused of a crime and also finds herself pregnant. Hazel, a young midwife, who is caught stealing, and Mathinna, an orphaned Australian Aboriginal who finds herself torn from her home and everything she knows to be adopted by the new governor of Van Diemen's Land, a penal colony in Australia. As the book progresses, the Hazel, and Evangeline's storyline are seamlessly interwoven, and it becomes clear how Mathinna's sad story fits into the plot, although I wanted more of her character.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 6, 9:08am

84 The Other Black Girl I was intrigued by the premise of this book's storyline, that of a young Black editorial assistant at a publishing company. I have to say that I did not care for the satiric tone and Twilight Zone ending. There was also a secondary plot line that left me slightly confused and a few characters who I wasn't sure exactly how they fit into the storyline.

Jul. 6, 1:51pm

>67 lsh63: - Just thought you should know that your touchstone goes to a different book.

Jul. 6, 1:52pm

>69 dudes22: Thanks Betty, I fixed it!

Jul. 6, 2:06pm

>70 lsh63: - Great! I wanted to look at it as I do like Christina Baker Kline. It also looks like a style I'm liking right now of multiple stories/characters or different time periods.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 7, 10:59am

85 Kinsey and Me This collection is divided into short stories featuring the author's character Kinsey Millhone and Sue Grafton's autobiographical account featuring the protagonist Kit Blue. Kit spends her early and later years dealing with her parents, both alcoholics, one functional, the other not so much. The autobiographical stories were sad to read, but you get the feeling that Ms. Grafton was able to make peace with her childhood and grieve for her mother.

Jul. 7, 11:12am

Today is my Thingaversary (14 years). Up there is >62 lsh63:, I said that I wasn't sure how I felt about purchasing 15 books. Er um, I think i may have already passed that with the monthly and daily Kindle deals, oops. I have purchased these 15 books since July 1st and it's only the 7th! Somehow the fact that they were not full price is making me feel better!

A Golden Age
The Thursday Murder Club
Imperfect Women
All Adults Here
The Missing American
The Bird Tribunal
Once Upon A River
The Untelling
Festival Days
The Top Ten
The Winthrop Woman
Deceit and Other Possibilities
The Hired Man
The Bayou Trilogy

Jul. 7, 12:29pm

Happy Thingaversary, Lisa! You've got some good books there - I've read Once Upon a River, Slammerkin and The Winthrop Woman and thought they were all good. And hooray for Daniel Woodrell, I haven't read that one yet but I find he always delivers a great story.

Jul. 7, 12:37pm

Happy Thingaversary Lisa!

Jul. 7, 12:45pm

Happy Thingaversary! I see a few on your list that I'm thinking of reading too.

Jul. 7, 2:24pm

>74 DeltaQueen50: Thank you Judy! Right now I'm preoccupied with library books but I would like to get to Woodrell soon.
>75 VictoriaPL: Thank you Victoria!
>76 dudes22: Thank you Betty!

Jul. 7, 3:24pm

Happy Thingaversary -- enjoy your haul!

Jul. 7, 6:33pm

>73 lsh63: Yay, Thursday Murder Club! Excellent choice.

Jul. 8, 7:04am

Happy thingaversary! And the book-buying didn't hurt at all, did it?

Bearbeitet: Jul. 8, 8:11am

>78 christina_reads: Thanks Christina!
>79 rabbitprincess: Thanks RP I hope to get to it fairly soon.
>80 MissWatson: Thank you Birgit, nope not one bit!

Bearbeitet: Jul. 13, 7:46am

86 This Must Be The Place I loved this story of married couple Daniel a linguistics professor, and Claudette an ex movie star who live a reclusive existence in Ireland. The book shifts both time and place quite a bit, with many characters, but the writing is fantastic.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 13, 7:59am

87 Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of the Dead An odd but enjoyable book about a remote Polish village where Janina, studies astrology, translates William Blake, and is caretaker of the summer homes of wealthy Warsaw residents. Janina is a recluse, and is perceived to be mentally unstable. Her reputation is further suspect as she prefers the company of animals to human beings. When her neighbor and other residents turn up dead, Janina claims that the animals are seeking revenge on their human killers. The ending was great!

Bearbeitet: Jul. 20, 8:22am

88 The Night Hawks In this installment, Ruth returns to Norfolk, and after giving up her Cambridge lecture career, find herself with her old boss's job as head of the Archaeology Department. The complicated dynamic of Nelson, Ruth and his wife Michele continues and hopefully will be resolved soon. When a body is discovered on the beach, Nelson and Ruth become involved with the Night Hawks, a group of detectorists who probe the beach looking for treasure. I thought that the plot of this book was a little weak, and much shorter than the other books in the series. Nevertheless, it was fun to catch up with the rest of the characters, as well as the details about the landscape, and archaeology.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 20, 8:12am

89 Not Dark Yet This is a favorite series of mine, however the last three books have included a certain character whose backstory detracts from the concentration on the police procedural format of earlier books. I hope that this character is gone for good, although the ending suggests that there may be a return in the future.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 20, 8:28am

90 The Summer Wives Miranda Thomas returns to her family home on Winthrop Island after 18 years away. Coincidentally, her first love Joseph has also recently escaped from prison. The story is told through various timelines; 1931-1951, and 1969. The reader can pretty much determine how the story unfolds and how it will end. This wasn't a bad book, but I wasn't compelled to pick it up either.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 20, 8:05am

91 Survive the Night Reading fiction of course requires ones to suspend realistic belief. That being said, I was a little annoyed that the protagonist of this story, a college girl named Charlie, decides to go on an hours long interstate trip with a complete stranger just two months after her best friend who was murdered by a serial killer. She finds her ride from a ride board from the college bulletin board. Maybe that's something that existed back then? I'm not sure.

Charlie is named after a character in the movie "Shadow of a Doubt", and is feeling guilty about what happened to Maddie, when she decides to go back home to her grandmother's. I enjoyed the various film references ( Charlie is a film major), and the cat and mouse games played between Charlie and the driver Josh Baxter, who may or may not be the serial killer who killed her friend.

Jul. 20, 2:53pm

False Witness arrived today. I have lovingly set it aside on Mount TBR. Just let me know when you get it from the library, no pressure. 😊

Bearbeitet: Jul. 20, 3:27pm

>88 VictoriaPL: Now you are making me want to buy it lol! I’m going to check and see how far I am in the line.

Bearbeitet: Jul. 22, 9:36am

92 Lady Cop Makes Trouble It's been about 5 years since I read Girl Waits With Gun, and there was a minor detail that I didn't remember at first, but then it came back to me. I really enjoy this series, particularly that the main character is based on a real life sheriff deputy. In this installment Constance holds her own tracking down a con man who threatens her livelihood. I love the characters of Norma, her pigeon training sister and young Fleurette, who dreams of a life on stage. I will try to get to the next book sooner than five years, as they are fun and interesting!

Bearbeitet: Jul. 22, 9:49am

93 Summerwater This is my first time reading this author, and I definitely intend to read her other works. Summerwater is a short book, but the author's description of a rainy Scottish summer camp and the weather's effect on all of the vacationers. The reader enters the thoughts of the various guests during a single day. The fact that nothing really happens doesn't matter, however the reader is told that something bad will happen at some point. Some of the characters were tiresome, others sad, and there was also the right amount of humor added in. I wanted more detail about the ending, and thought that is was a little rushed, but overall I found this to be a very satisfying read.

Bearbeitet: Gestern, 7:35am

94 The Paper Palace This book has been described as a "beach read", but a forewarning, the story also involves sexual abuse , rape and maybe a few more instances of the "f" word than necessary in my opinion. At any rate, the story of 50 year old Elle, married to Peter, but lusting after her childhood friend Jonas, had me reading pretty quickly because I wanted to know what happens. The title Paper Palace refers to the fact that Elle's grandfather ran out of money and had to use pressed paperboard to build the family beach house. The present day plot take place over the course of one day, while the flashback accounts provide the reader with more insight as to the history of Elle and Jones, and the events that brought them to the present. While the parts of the story that described the sexual abuse were hard to read, I thought that they were important for the reader to understand Elle's character development and why she did the things she did.

Bearbeitet: Gestern, 5:46pm

95 Razorblade Tears This was a heartbreaking story of two fathers, one black (Ike), one white (Buddy), whose paths would never had crossed if it wasn't for the fact that their sons Isaiah and Derek, were married to each other and both brutally murdered. United in their grief and their inability to accept their sons' same sex union, Ike and Buddy, both ex-cons, vow to make the killer of their sons suffer. This book is not for the faint of heart, it is brutally violent and filled with non-stop action.

I read and loved this author's Blacktop Wasteland, and I thought this book was even better.

Gestern, 1:30pm

>93 lsh63: I have Blacktop Wasteland on my TBR and have added Razorblade Tears to my list. They sound like books that I will appreciate!