Can we get rid of a "series", 'shonen manga', that isn't a series at all?


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Can we get rid of a "series", 'shonen manga', that isn't a series at all?

Mai 24, 10:07am


I just noticed that one of my manga are incorrectly listed as being part of a series called "shonen manga", together with 896 other books.

Shonen manga is not a series (or publisher series) at all but a genre, "Japanese comics marketed towards young teen males between the ages of 12 and 18."

It would only make sense as a tag (and shounen does indeed appear with big letters in the tag cloud).
So is there a proper way to get rid of this series?
Since today is the first time I've experienced the new series system, I know absolutely nothing about it.

Thanks :)

Mai 24, 10:13am


Go under the Edit Series on the right side of the page.
Click on Add to/Organize Series, to remove the offending works.
Then go into Basic Settings to delete the incorrect series.

Bearbeitet: Mai 24, 10:42am

Thank you, I'll try!

EDIT: I see you've already done all the work, so thanks for that and for describing to me how it works =)