Dragon Age


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Dragon Age

Mai 28, 2:54pm


So, the umbrella series for Dragon Age, comprising games, novels, graphic novels etc. is organized as a single group with 'story' ordering. This makes no sense whatsoever to me. Each of those should have a group, which can than be ordered chronologically, plus collections since graphic novels have omnibus editions too. Anyone more familiar than me with those to tackle this? I have a few novels and I've played the Origins game, but frankly I'm lost in the ordering designations and can't make heads or tails how to make this more accessible.

Mai 28, 3:22pm

You'd probably be better to mention that in the Series group, as they have more to do with series problems than Combiners!:

Or you could try talking to the series person who seems to have done the most work alexa_d -- they appear to be active right now.

Mai 28, 3:53pm

>2 gilroy: Ah, sorry, I thought I posted it to series, but my auto-pilot apparently chose combiners. Will try contacting alexa_d first