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Michael Scott Rohan

Mai 30, 10:56am

There's a couple of stray works in Michael Scott Rohan's list which don't belong there:

1. Liber physionomiae: this is actually written by Michael Scot, the medieval alchemist. This would therefore make sense of why it's in Sir Walter Scot's legacy library. Mind you, MSR did claim descent from Michael Scot...

2. Famous Stories of Tenalirama: as far as I can work out, the author is not MSR. Here's the Worldcat entry: https://www.worldcat.org/title/rohans-famous-stories-of-tenalirama/oclc/75985867.... The Rohan in the title appears to refer to the publisher - Rohan Book Company; the author is probably Rajni Jain although there's no credit on the cover.

I suspect these are to do with poor author combinations and I don't know enough about that side of things to fix it.

Bearbeitet: Mai 30, 11:08am

1) fixed.

2) fixed.

Mai 30, 11:16am

Note: The two books that still don't quite fit DO belong on this page. First byte is certainly by the same author. The Classical Video Guide I didn't find proof, but it seems very likely.

Mai 30, 11:25am

>2 MarthaJeanne: >3 MarthaJeanne:, Thanks for sorting this.

I did some checking and it's likely they both are MSR - after the great publisher shake out, he mostly wrote non-fiction. He was writing for a classical magazine for a while, and the computer book was likely something to do with his co-author, https://www.librarything.com/author/scottallan-1.

Bearbeitet: Mai 30, 11:33am

Wikipedia lists the computer book as by him, and says that he was very interested in classical music.

I mentioned it because it is a typical combiner 'thing' to look for signs of more than one author on the page.

Ah, hadn't looked through carefully enough. Wikipedia does mention the video guide.