Ooops! What have I done?


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Ooops! What have I done?

Jun. 5, 8:21pm

I'm here with my tail between my legs . . .

I entered 9781788639415 Dreaming of Italy by T.A. Williams

When I go to the author page, there are two T.A. Williams, and a list of books under unknown. Because I have a list of his books, I meant to assign the unknown books to the correct author, but I've really messed up. Here's the list of books in question:

Chasing Shadows
Dreaming of Venice
Dreaming of Florence
Dreaming of St-Tropez
Dreaming of Christmas
Dreaming of Tuscany
Dreaming of Rome
Dreaming of Verona
Dreaming of Italy

Under a Siena Sun (Escape to Tuscany series)
Second Chances in Chianti (Escape to Tuscany series)

But instead of assigning them, I accidently combined them and they all ended up under Dreaming of Venice. When I didn't get the expected result, I realized what I'd done. So then I separated them all. But now they're missing! What did I do with them?

Does anyone know how I can fix my mess?

Jun. 5, 8:33pm

They're still combined. Here's the editions page showing that: You can separate them there.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 5, 8:48pm

You haven't separated them. I'm in the process of separating. Will post further soon

Edit: All separated and I've combined stray singletons. I see it's been assigned to the proper author split already, so it seem fine now

Jun. 5, 8:35pm

Thanks! I'll go see if I can do that without messing up more

Bearbeitet: Jun. 5, 8:47pm

sorry, SandraArdnas, I think we were posting at the same time . . . . I thought I fixed them, but maybe it was you. Anyway, they're all fixed now. And I've assigned to the correct author

Thanks everyone

Jun. 23, 2:22am

Okay, I've screwed up here yet again . . .

There are two T.,A. Williams in LT.

I saw a third, with the book La Villa Dei Sogni. This is the same book as Dreaming of Tuscany. I attempted to combine the two but my result was to pull Dreaming of Tuscany out of its correct spot and combining it with the Italian language version instead of the reverse. I guess I need to separate them and then move them back under T.A. Williams 1. But I can't seem to get that to work.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Jun. 23, 3:17am

>6 Nickelini: Not sure what you mean. If the combined work ended up under wrong split, just change it by going to 'edit division' on the right of the author page where all splits are

Jun. 23, 3:28am

>6 Nickelini: Moved to TAWilliams 1

Jul. 9, 10:25pm

Oh no! I just added another book from this author, and I have no idea what is going on. Please help.

I added ISBN: 9781788638326
Dreaming of Verona

When I added this, it said I was the lone owner of this book. Fine. But it didn't pull in the author's name, so I manually added it. But when I go to his page, Dreaming of Verona doesn't have the grey check mark next to it, and there are no other copies of this book with my grey check.

Where is my copy? I don't even know where to look for my edition and shmoosh it in with its others. ;-)

Bearbeitet: Jul. 9, 10:33pm

>9 Nickelini: It was hiding. Check now. :)

Because it did not have an author, it did not auto combine. In such cases, start from your catalog to grab your book and use the workbench to combine them (if they do not show as options in Editions).

Jul. 9, 10:45pm

>10 AnnieMod:

Viola! You're magic