Star Trek Novels in Translation


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Star Trek Novels in Translation

Jun. 22, 11:54am

I ran across some "Star Trek" novels which have an entirely separate series page for German translations. It certainly looks to me like the series and the individual works are the same, just in translation, and should be merged.

There are other parallel German-translation Star Trek novel pages such as the following, though in this case at least there are different numberings which makes it arguable to have a separate series page (though the works could still be combined).

I wanted to bring it up here rather than just start in on merging because it's fairly extensive and I'd rather get a second opinion on the situation (instead of me going ahead, somebody pointing out to me a reason they should be kept separate, and having to undo everything).

Jun. 22, 1:53pm

One thing to watch for in translated works is that series numbering can be different. I've seen in comics the translated versions usually are bundled into 2 or more issues, whereas novels can be split into multiple books.

As a result, I often put translated editions into a separate group if I can't see anything obvious to indicate what's included. If the book is the same (apart from language) then the 2 works can be combined.

If you find something has been split up or bundled together, then please use the work-to-work relationships to indicate what's contained and what's the container!

Jun. 22, 3:53pm

AFAIK these should be combined. I have done some combining of German Star Trek books myself, but didn't realize there were so many uncombined ones out there.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 22, 4:34pm

>1 scott_beeler: The fact that there is a separate German series may or may not mean anything. The way the old series system worked, if you wanted to add the series name in a different language, it essentially resulted in creating a new series for that language. So I imagine there are still duplicate series floating around that are identical except for the language of the series name, simply because no one has gotten around to combining them yet.

I don't know enough about Star Treck to determine whether that is the case here (sometimes, as noted, there are different numberings or the titles have been split or bundled differently when published in another language).

It's very possible that the books in the Heyne Star Trek series have been deliberately been kept separate from the English titles because they are omnibus versions or similar. I have a vague feeling that I looked at something like this at some point and backed away because the publication history was too confusing...

Jun. 22, 7:15pm

Thanks for the second opinions, all. When I have some time I will try to go through and combine identical translated works, and identical translated series where it's identical numbering. I think the overall German/Heyne Star Trek TNG series can stay based on the fact that its numbering is different. I will certainly be careful to not improperly merge an omnibus with a single volume and such.

Jun. 23, 1:23am

I haven't looked and don't have time now, but MemoryAlpha may have info on the German versions.

Jun. 23, 2:34am

>5 scott_beeler: Where there is a different numeric order, you can add a series relationship using 'is a reordering of'.

Jun. 23, 7:51am

Would this be an appropriate use of Publisher series?

Jun. 23, 12:14pm

>8 Stevil2001: If you make it a publisher series, you lose the connection to the other Star Trek series listings (the "reordering of" function only works for linking series of the same type).

There was a discussion of this in another thread in relation to the Asterix books, which have been assigned different numberings in the translations into various languages. At least one user was strongly in favor of using publisher series for everything but the original order -- I think in part to avoid having dozens of variations of "Asterix" cluttering up the list of series in their library. I'm not particularly in favor of this solution, for a number of reasons.
However, I don't know enough about the Star Trek books to judge whether there might be overriding reasons why this would make sense, and I'm also not so invested in it as to have strong feelings about how other users decide to handle it.

I did find some information about the Heyne editions here:
It looks like the titles probably can be combined with the English editions, but I'm a bit leery as I don't entirely understand what is going on here (it's odd that none of the titles have been combined with the English editions, which suggests that either they were deliberately kept separate because the content is different, or someone separated out the German editions because they didn't understand how the LT work system works).