search doesn't always find books

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search doesn't always find books

Jun. 23, 12:23am

Recently I've searched for many books by a certain criteria and some came back as "none found", but later it found the books fine. At first I thought I might have mis-typed, but it was only a 4-digit number in the "Private Comment" field, and happened repeatedly. So there might be an issue with the search function.

Jun. 23, 12:54am

Are you sure 'all collections' is selected? That's the most common source of the problem with catalogue seaches.

Also, for newly entered books, it takes 10-15 minutes to be indexed and searchable.

Jun. 23, 1:48am

And if you're the first one to enter any copy of that work, it may even take longer.

Jun. 23, 3:30am

Site search can take a day or two if it is a new work.

Jun. 23, 10:19am

They're talking about searching the private comments field so site search isn't an issue.

Jun. 23, 2:48pm

>1 CovenantOPC: >2 SandraArdnas: Would be good details to look at and respond, please. Are you able to give me one or two sample searches you're trying that are failing you? I can take a closer look with more information. Feel free to private message me (here: if you'd rather not share your private comments search/es.

Jun. 23, 6:15pm

>6 kristilabrie: I searched for items 0054, 0081, 0083, 0087, and 0560. These came up as none found, then a few minutes later it found them fine during the same search window session. These are not new books, but items that have been in the system for years. Oddly, the first four are ones that didn't come through the export (other bug issue I reported on the same day). Maybe it's related.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 24, 10:00am

The first four books are private books, which might certainly cause some weirdness, so I'm not terribly surprised there. As for the 0560 book, I'm not entirely sure why you weren't able to find this temporarily.

If this happens again for you, please note:
1. Which collection/s you're searching in "Your books"
2. What your search term/s are that you're using.
3. What title/s you expect to see in search results but are not getting.

I'll be happy to dig into this if it crops up again. I'm unable to reproduce at the moment, so I'm hoping it was just a temporary glitch.

Jun. 24, 12:32am

>8 kristilabrie: What does "private books" mean? They shouldn't be any different than the others.