List: Read the Book and Saw the Movie


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List: Read the Book and Saw the Movie

Jul. 18, 11:53am

In the list Read the Book and Saw the Movie
please combine:
The Help (Book #60) no cover with
The Help (Book# 205) with cover

Tim (Book#327) no cover with
Tim (Book #1023) with cover

Thank you

Bearbeitet: Jul. 18, 12:27pm

Actually the works have been combined as far as LT is concerned.
If you click on the book titles in the list you will see that they direct you to the same work page.

There's an issue with lists which means that if a work on a list is combined with another work, the list page continues to use the old work number instead of the updated one.

I posted a bug report about the issue here but it doesn't seem to have been addressed yet.

Jul. 18, 5:07pm

Thank you!