Terminator 3 (movie) a mess


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Terminator 3 (movie) a mess

Aug. 5, 4:52pm


is combined with The Last Samurai and I'm afraid I'll do more harm than good if I keep messing with it.

If anyone wants to walk me through how to fix it, I'm willing. It's about time I learn how to do this anyway.

Aug. 5, 4:59pm

>1 Bookmarque: I've taken care of this one, but in future you can just use the workbench to separate works. See https://wiki.librarything.com/index.php/Book_combining#Separating_Works for instructions.

Aug. 5, 4:59pm

By the time I got to it, someone had already done any needed separation - all that was left was a simple title/author and cover recalculation.

The link above will still be bad. You can generate arbitrarily bad links by putting mismatched book and work IDs in a URL.

Aug. 5, 5:16pm

Thanks amanda! I appreciate it. The workbench quietly terrifies me, but I know that's dumb. I've been here forever, but I hardly do any combining or separating.