Adding a book to an existing series


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Adding a book to an existing series

Aug. 20, 12:23pm

I bought this german book today:
the english original is this one here:

Because the german book is also part of a series called "Fargo Adventures" i wanted to add it to it, like i did with other books and series. But instead of adding this book as an translated version it only adds it as a new version. Can anyone help me how i can fix this?

Bearbeitet: Aug. 20, 12:34pm


You will often have to combine German translations manually, because there aren't that many people adding books in German, and until a few forms of the entry have been combined in, the computer doesn't know that it is a translation of that book.

If you have found the original, the easiest way to combine is to add each book to the 'workbench' (lower right on the work page) and combine there. You can also combine on the author page. Sometimes if the computer isn't sure, you can combine from the editions page.

Aug. 20, 12:38pm

>1 icerno78: As for the series - in LT, different translations of the same book are combined with the original in what we call a work. Series contain works. So you cannot just add the German version to the series.

If/when we get Editions level, that may change. But for now, for publishing series, you add the main work even though only one version belongs (that's also the difference between publisher and regular/title series in nutshell).