Disambiguation problems


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Disambiguation problems

Aug. 24, 2:16pm

I'm trying to deal with this page: https://www.librarything.com/author/bibliographicalsocie . The problem is that I "fixed" a "combination issue" that allowed the page to be known as "Bibliographical Society..." and it's now known as Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia. Can this be undone?

Aug. 24, 3:56pm

>1 jonsweitzerlamme: You need to put the Canonical name back in place.

Aug. 24, 4:11pm

>2 gilroy: Yes, but is that even possible on a split page? It would be important to add disambiguation notices to all similar pages so that well meaning members don't remove the canonical names that keep these pages reasonable.

Aug. 24, 5:11pm

It can be done with a bit of a trick:
1. Click on English in CK
2. Click on any other language - that opens up the full list
3. Click again in English - now you see ALL fields on English.

:) I set it and then added a note to the disambiguated note.

Aug. 24, 5:42pm

Thank you. That's a trick I didn't know.

Aug. 24, 6:26pm

I think that it is really an unintended behavior but as it is useful, I just consider it a side effect and not a bug and use it in such cases. :)