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Sept. 10, 5:04pm

I often upload images for covers. am wondering if there is a way to upload covers for works I don't own; particularly, when I am sorting by series or combining etc. I sorted some books into series, last night. I owned some, but not all of the series, but wanted to upload the covers. I was able to manage some- but not all. hit a button called "re-something covers- and something miraculously popped up. When combining, covers that Are there- disappear???? I would have thought, combining merged covers- but not always true, apparently.

ultimately, have often wanted to upload covers for others- but cannot. when I come to an empty field for covers- and I find a nice one - that is not my cover- I think it would be nice to offer it for others to find...

thank you

Bearbeitet: Sept. 10, 5:25pm

A cover not used by at least one record will be deleted automatically sooner or later. So even if you can add a cover, unless it is used by a book, it will disappear.

It’s just how LT works - everything is controlled by the books/records added - author pages and works are just collections of the books. :)

The only way to have a cover guaranteed not to be deleted is to have a book you control (in your catalog basically) and have the cover attached to it.

Oh - and combining does merge covers - they just take awhile sometimes to show up. Recalculate covers on the combined work can help speed the process.

Sept. 10, 6:07pm

>2 AnnieMod: thank you