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Bearbeitet: Sept. 11, 5:14pm

many months ago, when I was barely grasping the concept of combining and or sorting into a series, I asked about a specific book. if I got any replies, I apologize to all that may have attempted to help. I don't comprehend most of the responses that I get- which I will address in a separate missive. so, best recollection, I never achieved a satisfactory response. I currently have gone back in and begun cleaning up some of the mess. Again, I encountered the book of my original concern- which I will link at the end.
it seemed to me that books from various series were being lumped into an alleged series- which may or may not have counted as a series. it prevented me from viewing my series as a series. I've learned a few things on the way. as of today, I reached out and received a response from a friend who has been an USBORNE dealer for over 20 years. my division, based upon her information is that they are two separate series.

I would like to separate them; but I don't wish to start an incident. Does anybody disagree so strongly that their lives would be inconsolable were I to separate out the following USBORNE books? if only one person objects but several do not- I might not consider that an ample justification.

so, MY books are titled USBORNE ILLUSTRATED WORLD HISTORY- all over the covers.

the previous series title is: USBORNE WORLD HISTORY- I do not know if that is even an actual series, or more just a rough segregation.

among the titles lumped in the series, by the same author at least partly, is a series called INTENET LINKED SERIES- this could even have subdivision as I think I have seen internet linked encyclopedia. - for now - I care not for that distinction.

I would like to separate "internet linked" from "illustrated". They look completely different. My Usborne friend states: different words, different images, different number of pages; only the theme of the content is the same- e.g. ancient greeks- is the topic- but not the same series; else wise, we would have to consider any book on the topic of Ancient Greece as qualifying.

Sept. 11, 10:20pm

It looks like this was an ISBN/Colon auto combination issue. Which then had others "help" put them into one work.

Since you've done your due diligence, I see no problem with the separation and creation of proper series. I'd not dare touch it since I don't know the books.

Sept. 12, 12:35am

>2 gilroy: Thank U

Sept. 12, 11:50am

I agree that your plan looks good and say go ahead to separating the books into the appropriate series.