Combining a Series


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Combining a Series

Sept. 19, 1:02am

I've noticed that there are two series with exactly the same name that need combining: - 9 books - 42 books

The series with more books contains all of the books in the more recently started shorter series, and all the titles in the shorter series are listed as being in both series.

Both are listed as Publisher Series, but the new series is set up to allow a series author to be calculated (incorrectly as there are 5 different authors for the 9 books) and orders the books by 'Custom Order' rather than 'Automatic by order label' (but the custom order seems to be by order label).

I'm a bit surprised that it's possible to use exactly the same name when setting up a new series like this.

I'd combine them myself but am not sure exactly which series is lost when I do this. Ideally the 9 book series should be the one that is 'lost' so do you start the overlapping series combine when you're in the 9 book series or the 42 book series?

Is any information likely to be lost in the combine that I haven't considered?

Sept. 19, 8:36am

I would slightly change the name of the 9-book series before combining. The warning message in the combination system doesn't do much good when the two series to be combined have the same name, because then you can't be sure which series is being deleted.

As far as I can remember from my observations, nothing of note is lost in the combination. It's just reassuring to know what's been folded into which existing series.

Sept. 20, 3:22am

I think when you merge two series you lose the Order Labels from one of them (presumably the one being merged into the other). If they're all duplicates and already have Order Labels in the other it won't matter. But if you have two series pages that only partly overlap before the merge then you'll lose that info from the works that are in the being-merged one.

Sept. 20, 10:10pm

>2 aspirit: Thanks for the name change suggestion. It appears that the series you are in is taken as the one that becomes the new series by default, although you are given the option to merge them the other way round if that's not what you want. You do really need to be merging two different series names to be sure of exactly what is going to happen