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Bearbeitet: Apr. 7, 2008, 8:56am

I love the movie The Fountain but I was hoping someone out there could explain some of the Meta Physical and Existenalism symbols to me. I get that Izzy and the Knight she sends on the Quest to find the Tree Of Life mentioned in the Bible and in the end after Izzy dies he plants the seed on her grave. I guess the meaning there is for rebirth and reincarnation. I thought Izzy was supposed to be Immortal like the Knight. Does anyone know if there will be a Sequel to The Fountain since they left the door open to one. I figured Izzy was supposed to be Queen Isabella who sent him on the Quest for Immortality in the first place, right? I am totally lost about the symbolism for being at One with the Universe and eating of the bark from the Tree Of Life and then turning into flowers under the tree after drinking the sap from it.


Apr. 7, 2008, 10:27pm

Beatles, the way I interpreted the movie was that the story about Izzy dying of cancer is the central story. The story of the Knight looking for the Tree of Life was the book that Izzy was writing. And the futuristic story line is the way Hugh Jackman conceptualizes his attempts to save Izzy. I don't know if that's an entirely satisfactory interpretation, but it was my own take on it.

Apr. 7, 2008, 10:36pm

I thought all the stories had the same message which was that the way to eternal life is through death and rebirth. The knight who drank the sap from the tree of life died and became part of nature. It was ironic that he got eternal life but not in the sense that he wanted it.

Bearbeitet: Apr. 7, 2008, 10:58pm

Aye, I'm in agreement with jjwilson. I think if you're looking for some substantial metaphysical underpinning, you'll most likely find it in Buddhist lit.

As far as a sequel, I sincerely doubt it, and also would be disappointed to see one. For one, Daron Aronofsky (sp?) is a fabulous director who does great, intelligent, arty films (Check out Requiem for a Dream and pi Sequels don't seem his style. And more personally, I feel this story would be ruined (cheapened) were a sequel to be made.

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