2022 Pride Month Treasure Hunt

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2022 Pride Month Treasure Hunt

Bearbeitet: Jun. 17, 8:51pm

It's Pride Month, and that means our annual Pride Treasure Hunt is back!

The object of the game is to solve our clues (in verse!) and go to the LibraryThing page each clue is talking about.

Go HERE for the hunt.

You have just under two weeks—until Thursday June 30th at 5:00 pm Eastern Time—to find all the penguins hidden around the site and get them into your nest.

Use this thread to brag, ask for and give hints, etc.

We'll be awarding profile badges to anyone who finds at least two penguins, and anyone who finds all 12 will be entered into a drawing for a LibraryThing coaster set and sticker.

Helpful tips

Please, use the spoiler tag when posting hints or suggestions. Here's how:

To use the spoiler tag, type the following before whatever you'd like to hide:


And this, at the end of what's hidden:


If the hunt isn't working for you

You might be using the old version of the LibraryThing site. Is the nav bar at the top of the page salmon/peach colored? That's the old site. Go here to change your design. You can switch back afterwards.

Jun. 17, 9:00pm

Yay! Thank you for a new adventure!

Jun. 18, 12:35am

A reminder if you are visiting the Early Reviewer page to turn off filters you might have on for your country.

Jun. 18, 1:26am

I've moved past the delight of getting ten of the answers and reached the utter frustration of not being able to work out the "well-known acronym" and clue 9.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 1:40am

>4 Aquila: Think of the hunt topic, then add to that the (admittedly vast) subject covered by the description in #9.

Jun. 18, 3:57am

I've tried every combination of acronyms plus the "group of big cats" and still can't get #4. Can anyone shed some light for me, please?

Jun. 18, 4:57am

Excellent start of the day, finding a Treasure Hunt on LT :-)

I found 8 penguins, now I need some help with #2, #4, #6, and #9.
The hints above didn't make me find those two.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 5:18am

Manged to get 7 correct.
Stuck on no 1. Have found some awards but just can't seem to find the correct one or if I have the correct page.
No 4. Know the both words but just can't get the correct combination or page.
No 6. Stuck again. I'm in the UK so don't know much about us TV.
Also 12

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 5:54am

Things I've tried for 4:


Jun. 18, 5:17am

I'm stuck on #4, #6, #9 and #12.

>7 FAMeulstee: For #2, have you looked up the definition of the l-word? That set me on the right track.

>8 tina1969: For #10, you need to find a group. Specifically, a group which discusses books by authors with the same actual gender as the 2 authors mentioned.

Jun. 18, 5:19am

>8 tina1969: For 6, I tried a tagmash of Gymnastics and LGBT which got me there

Jun. 18, 5:25am

>8 tina1969: For #1, I found the most useful clue was on the last line. For #10, the clue tells you what kind of LT page you need but I found I needed to search with something common to the names mentioned. For #12, unless you're familiar with the work in question, the easiest approach is probably to search for a clue on the first line and then just read descriptions until you find it - that's how I got it.

>7 FAMeulstee: Like you, I'm also stuck with #2, #4, #6, #9.

For #2 I have no good idea where to start looking, for #6 I think I've been searching too broadly. And I think I know what #4 and #9 are after, but I can't seem to figure which page to go to.

Jun. 18, 5:26am

>11 Caramellunacy: That was a great hint, thank you!

Jun. 18, 5:28am

For 2 you need to figure out the simple meaning of the word in the first line and then you are looking for a recent gay book with that in the title.

Jun. 18, 5:30am

For 6 google should give you a show rebooted in 2018 and then you can find the rest.

Jun. 18, 5:41am

Thanks >11 Caramellunacy: for #6 and >12 queen_ypolita: for #12!

That still leaves #4 and #9...

Jun. 18, 5:44am

It would help to know what we are looking for for #9. It sounds like a tag page, but could be Genre, Common Knowledge, book, series, Classification...

Jun. 18, 5:44am

>14 Aquila: Finally found it! Thank you

Jun. 18, 5:45am

>17 Aquila: I wonder if it's biographies...

Jun. 18, 5:46am

No still stuck. 1 4 6 and 12 x

Jun. 18, 5:47am

Also a question for #4 you can have tags with a + in them, but you can't mash them, you just end up with the tag without the +. I think we found this out in a previous Pride Hunt. So that might be what is making the acronym impossible to find?

Jun. 18, 5:49am

For 1 I just searched an award I could name off the top of my head and then checked the Related Awards. Starting from scratch I guess you'd need a book you thought might win. Or google.

Jun. 18, 5:54am

For #1, if you're struggling to find it, you could try searching for a common shape that's not circle or rectangle, and checking what you get in Common Knowledge. You want the org name not followed by "award"

Jun. 18, 5:58am

>19 Maddz: Tried that as a genre, tried it in combination with umbrella terms and various alphabet soup, not hit on a winning combination yet.

Jun. 18, 6:00am

>9 Aquila: I haven't tries all those, but I did try:
combinations of lgbt and lgbtq with lions, lionesses, tigers, jaguars, bobcats

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 6:03am

>11 Caramellunacy: >14 Aquila: Thanks, found them.

Jun. 18, 6:04am

>20 tina1969: #12: you need a tag search for the trope on line 1. On the tag page, look for a book in the "most often tagged" section with a word related to one of the words on the last line of the clue.

Jun. 18, 6:07am

>25 FAMeulstee: Huh, I just got 4 results for a queer, lions tagmash, but not the result we are looking for

Jun. 18, 7:18am

Doing a facepalm for six. Should have known that one.

Down to just needing 4 and 9

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 11:58am

>29 gilroy: I'm with you on just needing 4 & 9. For 9 I was guessing DDC: 306.766 or https://www.librarything.com/subject/Homosexuality or https://www.librarything.com/genre/27/LGBTQ%2B but that didn't work. For 4 I'm also trying tagmash with pride and lgbt variations with no luck like the rest of us.

Here is the trick for tags with + but it doesn't work for tag mashes as far as I can see:

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 11:03am

Tried everything and I still can't find #4 and #9...

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 11:12am

For #8, is it in the current ER list? I've removed all filters but still can't find it...

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 11:17am

Diese Nachricht wurde vom Autor gelöscht.

Jun. 18, 11:25am

>32 ScarletBea: for #8 when I got to the ER list, I was on US, and then chose children’s for the genre. Not many choices left to try!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 11:43am

Thanks - I'm not a member, I'm in the UK but use the main site. I also clicked in all children's books, both the ER page and the work page, but nothing...
I can see 4 children picture books: one about vegetables, one on a little bear, land of hearts and daughter+dad. None of them work.

Jun. 18, 11:48am

Has anybody succeeded at #4?
After trying what seemed like the obvious tagmashes, I suspect a technical fault.

Jun. 18, 11:49am

No, I'm missing #4, #8 and #9.

Jun. 18, 11:52am

Stuck on #4 and #9.

Jun. 18, 11:59am

>35 ScarletBea: I picked all countries, and 9 children’s books came up. It is not available in my country, Canada.

Jun. 18, 12:07pm

>39 raidergirl3: Thanks, I got it. Still not sure what I did differently, I didn't have any filters on anymore, hehe

Jun. 18, 1:03pm

Still stuck 6 and 4 x thanks

Jun. 18, 1:55pm

4 and 9 are frustrating me. I've tried everything I can think of, including what's been mentioned above.

Jun. 18, 2:22pm

I can't think of any "well-known" acronyms that have worked for #4. Is the clue writer confusing acronyms and initialism?

Jun. 18, 2:27pm

I'm having some issues with #1 and #7 and I was wondering if someone had some advice. I know the answer to both of the rhymes, but I don't know how to find the page that has the penguin on it. I've tried looking for them in books, in tags, slightly different iterations, etc., but I just can't find it. I'm new to LibraryThing, and this is my first treasure hunt with them, so I might just not know the right place to look for them. Either way, I was wondering if anyone had a hint for me.

Jun. 18, 2:32pm

>44 RosetheReader: For#7, if you type the answer into the search paper and look at the result page, you will see on the left side, a long list of things. You want to click Common Knowledge and then Places which will appear under that.

Jun. 18, 2:39pm

>45 Chrisethier: Thank you so much! I'm guessing the answer for #1 is in Common Knowledge too . I saw some people talking about it, but had no idea where to find it. Thanks again!

Jun. 18, 2:42pm

Jun. 18, 2:43pm

>46 RosetheReader: The hint in >23 queen_ypolita: is quite good :-)

Jun. 18, 2:51pm

>48 bnielsen: Yes there have been some great hints on this thread! I actually already knew the answer to #1 though. I just didn't know what "Common Knowledge" was or where to find it, so I was having difficulties finding the page! I've found it now that I know where it is!

Jun. 18, 2:53pm

>49 RosetheReader: That's one of the points with the hunt: Getting to know some of the more hidden corners of LT.

Jun. 18, 2:54pm

I am totally stuck on #4 and #9. I have tried various combos of pride and LGBT for #4, history, general history, queer history both in terms of genre and tags for #9. What am I missing?

Jun. 18, 2:55pm

Also still stuck on #4 and #9.

Jun. 18, 2:57pm

>50 bnielsen: Yes! It's been really nice to learn how to use the site better while searching!

Jun. 18, 3:25pm

>32 ScarletBea: you need to filter by children's books and all countries

Jun. 18, 3:38pm

>32 ScarletBea: Yes. Search all formats, all countries, and Genre LGBTQ+

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 3:52pm

Just stuck on #4 and #9

Jun. 18, 3:53pm

>56 jenniferw88: For #2 lumbricine means basically worm. You can also put lumbricine love into Google, and the answer is like the third thing on the results page

Jun. 18, 4:03pm

I'm still stuck on 4, 9, and 11.

Jun. 18, 4:12pm

I'm stuck on 4, 9, 11, and 12. I need some hints! Thank you in advance!

Jun. 18, 4:17pm

OK, I got 11 on my own. I just need hints for 4. 9. and 12.

Jun. 18, 4:31pm

>60 jeshakespeare: For #12 the title is a play on the description of the American Flag . If you want a major hint, Taylor Zakhar Perez has been cast in the series based on the book.

Jun. 18, 4:32pm

FYI, I did review all the previous posts before posting what I am stuck on. So, I'm still stuck on 4, 9, and 12 and I'm not entirely sure how to tag mash either. Thank you for the help!

Jun. 18, 4:36pm

Thank you Chrisethier! OK, now I just need to figure out 4 and 9.

Jun. 18, 4:37pm

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 4:42pm

>64 Chrisethier: And same. I don't think anyone here has gotten 4 or 9 yet. (Maybe tina1969 ?)

Jun. 18, 4:43pm

>62 jeshakespeare: To do a tagmash search for two words or phrases separated by a comma. Then select tag from the lefthand search menu. You'll get an option to search it as a tagmash.

Jun. 18, 5:12pm

I join the crowd of stuck on 4 and 9.

Jun. 18, 6:29pm

if anyone has a hint for number 11 that would be awesome! i can't figure out what it's asking

Jun. 18, 6:32pm

>68 oceancat: It's a list. Specifically, the current List of the Month.

Jun. 18, 6:57pm

I have a couple hints for #9! the third line is the most helpful and look for a tag . Still stuck on #4 though, so if anyone knows how exactly to find that I'd be grateful.

Jun. 18, 7:06pm

>70 RosetheReader: Thanks for the help on #9!

Jun. 18, 7:07pm

>70 RosetheReader: Thanks, that got me #9 I ran through the possible umbrella options followed by the word that isn't in line 3 again and finally hit a fairly obvious one I hadn't tried.

Alternatively try a popular book on the subject, expand all the tags and hit all the relevant ones - bonus you can see which ones you have already visited.

Jun. 18, 7:31pm

I think I need a blunter hint for #9 - I am just not getting it.

Still stuck on #4, too :(

Jun. 18, 7:58pm

>73 tardis: #9 search a 5 letter acronym that matches our theme and then choose tags, go down the list until you find one that makes sense

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 8:24pm

Still need #4. I have tried all the hints but I still got nuttin. I thought the cats was a pride but I can't get anything to come up.

Jun. 18, 8:29pm

Those aren't hints for #4, as far as I can tell no one has successfully solved it yet.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 9:05pm

>74 perennialreader: I tried this for number 9, but no luck. Anymore details would be appreciated. I am also stuck on #4 like everyone else. Has anyone solved it?

Jun. 18, 9:17pm

>77 Micheller7: Think about the third line and what a word for events that happened in the past would be. Then, combine that with a five-letter acronym that relates to the theme, and search in the tags . Also, I don't think anyone here has gotten 4 yet. I know someone before was saying there might be an issue because tags with a "+" sign can't be mashed, possibly making the page impossible/very difficult to get to without fancy tech workings . I know myself and quite a few others have tried many combinations, but no one has found it yet, so I'm guessing it's not so obvious one way or another.

Jun. 18, 9:24pm

Thank you for the hints - I was struggling with 4, 6, 9 and 12, but had managed everything else. Still can't get 4. #9 was frustrating me until I saw >74 perennialreader:'s suggestion - I'd tagmashed the two unsuccessfully so relieved to finally reach this point. Maybe there is a glitch on #4, I'm with Aquila in having tried a similar number of options without getting there. Still had fun looking and trying to solve the clues. Thanks to the LT team for their efforts.

Jun. 18, 9:29pm

>78 RosetheReader: the oddest thing. I have credit for 9 but no idea what it is. So I guess I can wait for the answers to that one. But nothing on 4 yet. I will keep checking for clues.

Jun. 18, 9:39pm

I finally got #4 by manipulating the tagmash URL - the pesky "+" messes things up.

Jun. 18, 9:49pm

>81 rodneyvc: Instructions, please?

Jun. 18, 9:55pm

Can confirm that manipulating the URL works.
Explicit instruction: Apparently, you don't want any + at all in the URL, regardless of whether you typed it yourself or not.

Jun. 18, 9:56pm

>83 mhormandl: Yep, that did it. Wow, what a pain.

Jun. 18, 9:57pm

>83 mhormandl: Thank you! What a nightmare that was!

Jun. 18, 10:04pm

All done. Hints on 4 and 9 were totally necessary. Promoting inclusivity by extending acronyms does not lead to elegant heurstics.

Jun. 18, 10:09pm

Finally got #4 with >83 mhormandl: mhormandl's helpful hint! Thank you all for the great tips and thank you Librarything yet again for a fun, fun hunt:)

Jun. 18, 10:12pm

Got them all! Thanks to >81 rodneyvc: & >83 mhormandl:!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 10:30pm

Thanks should go to >81 rodneyvc: as I don't think I would've thought about that on my own.

We've had hunts that require tagmashes before, but I don't recall this specific problem occurring. Perhaps something about how it works has changed?

Jun. 18, 10:34pm

>74 perennialreader: Thanks.
>81 rodneyvc: Yes, that did it! Thanks.

Jun. 18, 10:38pm

Thank you rodneyvc and mhormandl! Finally got #4! I have to agree that it was unnecessarily complicated for all the wrong reasons. I hope they fix this tech issue!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 18, 10:40pm

>89 mhormandl: There's actually a long-standing bug related to tags with special characters. https://www.librarything.com/topic/16488#

Jun. 18, 10:51pm

My Penguin#1 and Penguin#9 are missing. Can somebody help, please?

Jun. 18, 11:18pm

>91 RosetheReader: The issue is that the "Related Tagmashes" have the "+" in the URL, and if you use the "Try Another Tagmash?" field and button at the top of a tagmash page then the "+" gets inserted whether you want it or not.

>92 amanda4242: I don't think it relates to the bug with special characters - none are needed for the initialism in question.

Jun. 18, 11:28pm

>83 mhormandl: Thank you!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 12:01am

A specific question about number 4 - am I looking for the results page of a tagmash, or one of the books on the list? I think it is the former. Regardless, I cannot get it and I am not using any special characters. Help!

Jun. 19, 12:04am

>96 Micheller7: Results page of the tagmash, but remove the + from the url and hit enter again after you reach the page (so there's just a comma between the two terms in the URL)

Jun. 19, 12:04am

>96 Micheller7: It's a tagmash. It didn't work for me by using just initials; I only got it by including a + with the initials, then removing the + from the url after.

Jun. 19, 12:22am

Whew! Thank you all for the hints - I have now got all 12.

Jun. 19, 1:57am

Finally got #4 byshortening the initialism AND deleting the "+" from the URL. I had been using the longer initialism to be as inclusive as possible. Oh well!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 2:25am

I'm still getting the answer to #11 when I do the >81 rodneyvc: url mod for #4, so I figure one of the 5 letter terms, one of which has a 6th character '+' isn't correct

Jun. 19, 2:29am

Thanks all, I finally got #9 and #4.

Jun. 19, 2:36am

>101 quondame: #4 The term is right you also don't want the hexadecimal(?) alternative "%2C" for the comma in your url

Jun. 19, 2:46am

>65 bnielsen: no still stuck 4 and 6

Jun. 19, 2:46am

Thank you for the hints on #1, 4, and 9!

Jun. 19, 2:59am

>103 FAMeulstee: I'm still off somewhere on #4. I enter Pride and LGBTQ+ or LGBTQ and select Lists or Tags and remove the + or the hex for comma and don't get any links that lead anywhere new.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 3:28am

>74 perennialreader: thanks for that, it worked!

And thanks everyone helping with #4!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 3:13am

>106 quondame: You need "Tagmash". On the Tag page for "pride", in the right column is "Related Tagmashes", the right one is between them. Remove the "+" from the URL. The hexadecimal can appear when you use "Try Another Tagmash?" on the Tagmash page.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 5:03am

>93 Yamanekotei: For #1 - if you have an idea what the award giving org is called, searching for it and selecting Common Knowledge on the left on the search results page should lead you to the award page. If it's the name you're not sure about--it's hinted at on lines 3 and 4 of the clue--see if the hint in >23 queen_ypolita: can help you find something to search for so Common Knowledge results on the search results page to lead you to it.

Jun. 19, 3:37am

>108 FAMeulstee: Thank you! It took me lots of tries before I correctly interpreted what you so plainly wrote.

Jun. 19, 3:50am

Now got 11 correct. Still stuck on 4. Tried all combination I can think of but no luck.

Jun. 19, 5:08am

>111 tina1969: It's a bit tricky. So usually a tag mash URL ends with something like /tag/phrase1,+phrase2. In this case, you need to go into the URL and remove the + so the URL ends with /tag/phrase1,phrase2. The acronym in the correct answer has 5 letters

Jun. 19, 5:58am

>112 queen_ypolita: I'll keep trying but really am stuck with this one. Think it's been the hardest on the hunts so far x

Jun. 19, 7:16am

>69 amanda4242: thank you so much! that worked :)

Jun. 19, 8:14am

>70 RosetheReader: and >81 rodneyvc: saved my day! Thanks!

Jun. 19, 9:29am

>112 queen_ypolita: the responses for help with #4 refer to URL. That is the part I don’t understand. I search on the two terms (without a +) and select tags from the right menu. I come to a tagmash screen of those two terms. No penguin. No place to remove anything. More help needed. Thanks.

Jun. 19, 9:31am

Jun. 19, 9:43am

>116 Micheller7: The URL is in your web browser address bar. So say I search for "mystery" in the LibraryThing search box and on the search result page I select Tags, and then the top tag result of "mystery". This lands me on the tag page with the URL ending in /tag/mystery. If I select the top Related Tagmash "English, mysteries", the URL ends for that tag mash page ends in /tag/mysteries,+English. In this example I'd remove the + before "English" and hit Enter to reload the page. If you are using the tags the penguin hunt wants, at this point you should get your #4 penguin

Jun. 19, 9:50am

Jun. 19, 9:59am

>118 queen_ypolita: have just done this and now have penguin no 4. Without this I would never have found it. This was so tricky. Thank you x

Jun. 19, 10:21am

Oh gosh, thanks so much! I always just use the 4-letter acronym, so when someone mentioned 5 letters, suddenly things appeared! Also, the tip to remove the + from any tagmash URL.

Jun. 19, 10:39am

>81 rodneyvc: and >83 mhormandl: Thank you for the help with number 4 - solving that was well beyond me having only just mastered the process of the basic tagmash :)

Jun. 19, 11:01am

>74 perennialreader: that's the one that helped me get #9, my last clue

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 12:06pm

>118 queen_ypolita: THANK YOU! A million times THANK YOU! You are the best!
>74 perennialreader: THANK YOU! A million times THANK YOU! You are the best!

Whew! Time for a nap... another great hunt.

Jun. 19, 11:45am

>118 queen_ypolita: thank you so much for responding. But I have no such address bar. I do this on an iphone. Could that be why? At the very bottom of the tagmash screen is only LibraryThing.com. Any more ideas?

Jun. 19, 12:04pm

Looks like Clue #4 was linked to the wrong page (with the missing "+" in the tag mash). I wonder if we should change it now, since so many have discussed it and solved it already, but I've mentioned it to the team (they'll see it tomorrow). Sorry for the trouble!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 1:27pm

>126 kristilabrie: too late to change since it's been solved? but add an alternative, two correct solutions?

Jun. 19, 12:17pm

>1 AbigailAdams26: The message announcing the Hunt is not showing up at the top of my home page. All the other ones did. Is this something new? Thank you! k4k

Jun. 19, 1:23pm

>126 kristilabrie: please allow two correct answers. It appears from everything I have tried, I cannot get a penguin. My URL on the tagmash page only shows LibraryThing.com, so I cannot manipulate it. Thanks.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 19, 4:04pm

>129 Micheller7: Just for you. Try this link: Removed after >132

I'll remove it, when you've gotten your penguin.

I wonder if the twelve penguins are fixed or if LT just counts them - I'm hoping for a thirteenth penguin :-)

Jun. 19, 1:51pm

>11 Caramellunacy: THANK YOU!! I was totally spinning my wheels on this one. :D

Jun. 19, 2:08pm

>130 bnielsen: you are the best. It worked just fine. I had been to that page so many times without it working. So clearly, LT has a flaw in their programming. This was by no means a hard one if it worked correctly. Do you perhaps know why I don’t see a URL on my iPhone? Anyway, thanks again.

Jun. 19, 2:41pm

>132 Micheller7: I think when you look at the URL all you see is LibraryThing.com, but if you touch it, the specific page url shows up.

Jun. 19, 2:47pm

>109 queen_ypolita:

Thank you! I finally got them all. :D🐧

Jun. 19, 3:45pm

I got them all! Thanks for the hunt and thanks for the hints! I certainly needed some of them. :)

Jun. 19, 10:12pm

Thus far I have 11 (many thanks for the hints here) but cannot get anywhere on 5

I tried with the author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children after struggling to remember the adjective used for the children over a couple of days but got nowhere fast clicking on all of his other books.

Googling some of the lines hasn't helped either


Jun. 19, 10:29pm

>136 Macbeth: For 5 google the main hint plus lgbt book

Jun. 19, 11:10pm

Finally got them all!

Jun. 20, 5:05am

I am still struggling with #10

I think I am looking for a group and have searched every term I can think of without success

Jun. 20, 5:07am

>139 paulmdh: look for a group of bookworms

Jun. 20, 6:02am

>140 bnielsen: Thank you, That was one term I hadn't thought of ☺

Jun. 20, 8:16am

Try as I might with all the bizarre hoops to jump through, still no #4.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 20, 11:39am

>142 Bookmarque: I'll give you the link here and remove it after you've used it :-) SNIP (The URL is a bit different than the normal syntax for tag mashes, which is what drove some of us crazy).

Jun. 20, 11:23am

Ah, thanks, got it now.

As it goes in an obscure Monty Python sketch -

Why, Frog?
S. Frog, sir.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 20, 11:46am

>144 Bookmarque: Yeah, it's a bit amazing that the URL for tag mashes doesn't seem to require the + sign. Except here it is required not to be there.
Reminds me of a discussion with a fellow Dane who has lived in Australia for years. We talked about the different states in Australia and some of the subtle differences.
I.e. in one state you are allowed to make a U-turn unless there is a sign forbidding it. In another state you are forbidden to make a U-turn unless there is a sign allowing it. But at least no states seem to have any of the other (at least four) combinations I could come up with.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 21, 10:34am

Consolidated hints for each clue (thus far) are now in the LT Treasure Hunts Group.

Jun. 20, 7:49pm

>83 mhormandl: Re#4 Oh Thank God, or rather thank mhormandl!

But surely we shouldn't have to manipulate URL's to get to the correct result, having all typed in the relevant tags and hit tagmash on multiple attempts only for it to fail!?

Jun. 21, 1:52am

>137 SandraArdnas:
Thanks so much - I have them all woot-woot :)

Bearbeitet: Jun. 21, 7:51am

>147 Littlemissbashful: I agree with you, unfortunately it's apparently too tricky to code the URL properly. I've been told we need to just tell people the obvious hint for Clue #4.

Big Hint for Clue #4: after you've reached the tag mash page you think you need, remove the "+" sign from the 2nd tag in the URL and hit the Enter key to load that page.

Sorry for the trouble.

Jun. 21, 1:10pm

Not my favorite of the LT Pride Treasure Hunts, but thanks for providing them. I needed an hour of amusement to get over the l cruddy weather here on summer solstice (haze from a local forest fire combined with poor air quality = must stay inside with air purifier and windows closed :( ).

Thanks to those who noticed the URL issue with #4 . . . but really? Doesn't seem right that we have to fix the URL in order to get the right answer. I'm not considering this a spoiler because it is SOOOO annoying. But I am glad there wasn't yet another new acronym that I was unaware of :)

Bearbeitet: Jun. 21, 1:42pm

>6 frogprof: You're ahead of me. I couldn't figure out how to search for combinations of tags at all.

- edit to add - having now read to this point, I see #4 has given lots of people grief, and there are now spoilers posted for it.

Jun. 21, 2:15pm

I was able to complete this hunt only because of the spoilers and those sharing the spoilers, especially for the URL complications for a few of the clues; quite the challenge, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Jun. 21, 6:29pm

Got 11 penguins. I found this hunt easier than most until I tried 4 and 9. Eventually got 4 but I've given up on number 9.

Jun. 21, 7:46pm

>153 VivienneR: for #9, it’s a tag page, with the 5 letter acronym mad well as a word that represents what the clue is in general. Look up the acronym on tags, but don’t chose it. Look down the tag list til you find the one. Or just click a bunch of them. Wasn’t more than ten down the list

Jun. 21, 7:52pm

Currently at 7, determinedly not reading spoilers, at least for now.

Jun. 21, 8:04pm

The 'queen' part on #6 completely screwed me up, especially because I don't watch those kind of shows, but I found it, finally. For anyone still looking, try checking out a gymnast's reaction to a petition over her TV ad in 2020 And for #4, make sure you have the letters in the right order. ^^;

Jun. 21, 8:36pm

Thanks to all the wonderful clues I am down to 2. Missing 2 and 5 more help would be appreciated as I am not familiar with books in this category.

Jun. 21, 8:47pm

>157 lowelibrary: #5, I looked up the search subject's description on google and then checked the dates on the relevant books. and for #2, Chrisethier's comment, #57 down, about what to google led me right to it.

Jun. 21, 11:39pm

>154 raidergirl3: Thank you so much! I was going down the same track over and over again without considering options.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 22, 12:57am

I'm stuck on 1 & 4 but I'm beginning to think it's because I'm using my phone rather than my laptop... make that all but clue no.1 I've solved.

Jun. 22, 11:09am

>160 ajaymison: #1 Think of shapely as a kind of shape, so a LGBT publisher with that in the name

Jun. 22, 12:58pm

Found all but #5 . . . I keep going around in circles with the clues for that one.

Jun. 22, 2:10pm

Found all - at last! This took so much googling and working through the helpful clues humouress compiled on the LT Treasure Hunts forum. I thought I'd never get #5... For me, this hunt was the hardest in years.

>162 msoul13: What worked for me is googling "lgbtq book 2020 orphanage" and thinking of a specific shade of blue

Jun. 22, 5:27pm

>146 humouress: Thank you so much for that!

Yay, I found them all, with a little help from my friends here. ;)

Jun. 22, 6:32pm

For #9, I could have sworn I had visited that page. I must have tried all *other* variations... So keep trying.

Jun. 22, 6:45pm

I'm having issues with #7. I thought I was looking for

Stonewall or Stonewall Inn

and I feel like I've clicked through every related link. Can anyone give a hint?

Bearbeitet: Jun. 22, 6:57pm

>158 Khatarina: thank you.
>162 msoul13: find the book the penguin is the author
>166 embly: try looking for the common knowledge place you are on the right track

Jun. 22, 8:16pm

This is a tough one! Even with clues, I've only got 4 of them so far.

Jun. 23, 1:42am

Thank you to the organizers and helpers! I found 8 without help, and the rest with the help of a few clues.

Jun. 23, 3:35am

>83 mhormandl: Even doing that did not work for me 😥

Jun. 23, 9:59am

Jun. 23, 11:02am

>167 lowelibrary: Thank you so much lowelibrary! What's weird is that I actually had been to that link before, but it didn't register for some reason. I got it now, though!

Jun. 23, 12:32pm

Jun. 23, 2:15pm

>168 pith: I only have 4. I keep trying.

Jun. 23, 4:02pm

Me, neither. I give up...

Jun. 23, 4:16pm

>108 FAMeulstee: Thanks so much for this hint! I spent way too long trying to get that one.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 23, 6:58pm

Thanks to all of you who provided the hint regarding the URL for #4! I was so sure I knew the answer but could never get it. I don't understand why the URL is that way.
>81 rodneyvc: How did you figure that out?!

I got 6 using LT, 4 with Google and 2 with help from LTers. That was hard!

Jun. 23, 11:31pm

>174 mnleona: and >175 TheCelticSelkie: Don't give up! Do you know how to do a tag mash? If so make one out of the hints, then click on the URL in the bar. There will be a + in the URL. Delete it and reload. then it should work. Good luck!

Jun. 23, 11:59pm

>177 krazy4katz: Just confidence that I was on the right track, and that discovering that tagmashes still worked if the plus was removed!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 24, 12:29am

>179 rodneyvc: You have my total admiration.

Jun. 24, 5:00am

I have read all the hints and Google but still can’t find the answers to 1 and 9. Can someone give be an clearer hint please and thanks

Jun. 24, 5:46am

>181 myebonyqueen: On 1, I started with the relevant award I did know about (and had also started in 1989) and then when it turned out not to be it, just used the award page's right bar "Related book awards" list to click through until one of them clicked

On 9 what kind of literature contains information about people and actions from the past? Now make it less general to fit the topic. And in what kind of a page would you see all the books covering that specific thing?

Jun. 24, 11:29am

got them all. 4 and 9 were the hardest. I might have gotten 9 eventually (maybe) but would never have gotten 4 on my own because of the glitch in the browser. Thanks to those of you who gave clues on these two!

Jun. 24, 11:41am

>170 TheCelticSelkie: I had to try it six or seven times before it worked for me. I know that originally after I adjusted the url I was clicking the little "search" magnifying glass ... that did not work. What finally worked for me is adjusting the url and then hitting the "enter" button on my keyboard. Of course I'm working on a desktop not on a phone or tablet. I don't know if that makes a difference.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 24, 12:55pm

Thanks, for all the hints on #4! Removing the + from the tagmash URL is what did it for me.

Jun. 25, 10:53am

Whew! I finally got #4. That was tricky! Anyway, thank you everyone for the helpful hints. They were much needed and well appreciated 😄

Jun. 26, 9:34am

Oops, I almost forgot to say thank you for this hunt! #4 was extremely tricky, so thanks to everyone who gave hints.
Love the penguins!

Jun. 26, 11:49am

Yes, the penguins are nice. I hadn't thought of penguins as unicode characters :-)

$ echo -e '\0360\0237\0220\0247'

Jun. 26, 2:02pm

>188 bnielsen: I don't even know what a unicode character is! :-)

Jun. 26, 3:52pm

It's just a very, very large alphabet. In the bad old days computers weren't even agreed on which position in the alphabet A should be. So exchanging text from one computer to one of a different brand could be a royal pain.
These days most computers use unicode. But to include emojis and Danish character and penguins and ... requires a very large alphabet :-)

Jun. 26, 6:43pm

So….how did you make a penguin? :-)

Jun. 26, 9:35pm

>191 krazy4katz: Well, when two penguins really love each other...

Jun. 26, 10:19pm

>192 amanda4242: Oh really??!!! Does that happen to penguins too!! OMG!

Jun. 26, 11:36pm

>118 queen_ypolita: thank you!! I’ve been working on this one all night and never would have thought to look up there and edit it!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 27, 4:04pm

Diese Nachricht wurde vom Autor gelöscht.

Jun. 27, 2:48pm

Oof, I haven't said... thank y'all to the LT team for this hunt, to Chris for another lovely illustration, and for everyone posting hints. I needed help to find a few of the penguins, especially for the one at the wonky URL, but I've had the whole group for a while now.

Jun. 27, 3:16pm

Thanks, all! I didn't have time until today to really think about the clues.

I managed 1/2 without hints. One of those (#3) didn't even have any hints here, so I just re-tried what I'd originally tried and clicked on another option I hadn't tried the first time around, and voila!

Like many others, 4 and 9 were the last ones I got.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 27, 3:36pm

Phew! Finally got there. The first penguin was the hardest for me; 4 and 9 had so many helpful hints, so I made use of them :0)

Thanks to the LT crew for the hunt, conceptDawg for the picture and all the members for the helpful hints.

Jun. 27, 3:43pm

Thank you for another great hunt. I thought this one was a bit tougher but still managed to get quite a few on my own. They are always great fun

Jun. 27, 4:36pm

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone giving clues in this thread! It took me days to get through this one because I'm not really at my best right now, and I most likely would've just given up without all these awesome clues. Got all my penguins now!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 27, 7:49pm

>195 Aquila: The things I learn on LT. Amazing! Also cute!

Jun. 29, 2:36pm

Now that we're close to the end of this contest, is there anyone willing to walk one very clueless member through the process of figuring these puzzles out? I'd really like to participate in these, but I honestly don't know how you guys even begin to find this stuff... : (

Jun. 29, 3:27pm

>203 mrbove: Read the clues and see if you can figure out what they point towards (a book, and author, a place, an award, etc.) and then go through LT's pages to see of you can find the right page. Say one of the clues point towards the bible, the you search for the bible and go to the work page (though in the case of the bible there are many versions so you'd have to look at different work pages). If that's the correct answer you'll see a banner at the top of the page congratulating you. And then you go on to another clue.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 29, 3:37pm

>203 mrbove: The hints are collated by clue number (eg all the hints in this thread for clue 9 are in one thread, all the hints in this thread for clue 4 are collated in another thread etc) in this group: https://www.librarything.com/ngroups/23170/LT-Treasure-Hunts. See if that helps you.

Jun. 29, 7:25pm

Thank you for another fun hunt. A little stressful this time around but I still had fun. I even found some and I don't know how I found them. Thanks to everyone that provided hints they were extremely helpful!!

Jun. 29, 9:44pm

>204 PawsforThought: Thank you for that. I guess my problem is that I just don't get enough of the references to even get that far. It appears that this event just wasn't meant for me. Sigh.

Jun. 29, 11:12pm

>207 mrbove: Picking out what look like key words from the clues to search on the larger internet is one way to play. That can sometimes help with finding the book, author, award, book, or tag word to search for on LibraryThing.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 1:10am

>207 mrbove: You can do it! It take some time to learn all the possibilities like tags, work pages and authors— all of which could be places that the clues are pointing to. Perhaps after this one is over we could have a thread with conversations about how we worked out the answers. I must say that this was the most difficult one I have done. However I did find a book to read (will tell you which one after the hunt is over). That is one of the rewards of doing the hunts - finding new books to read. 😊

Jun. 30, 10:47am

>207 mrbove: FWIW, I used Google a fair bit, after my first handful of penguins.

I'm currently at 8 out of 12, and resisting the urge to use the posted hints to find the final four.

Jun. 30, 11:09am

>207 mrbove: Sometimes the answer is a book title, in which case a banner saying that you've got a penguin will appear across the top of the page. But the treasure hunts are designed to introduce us to parts of LT we may not use/ be familiar with/ know about so some answers may be authors, tags, awards, tag mashes, found in Common Knowledge etc etc etc. If you're still using the old version of LT, the banners tend not to pop up even if you do find a penguin.

>210 ArlieS: Just a heads up if you haven't found the answer to 4; there is a glitch in the answer page so you may need help for that one.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 12:26pm

I only got 2 this time. In part because I was also very busy dealing with haters on FB. But that's fine. Fun was had. Thank you.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 2:13pm

>203 mrbove: Okay, let's take a fairly obvious one as an example, #7, and walk through possible steps in solving it.
1. Pick out the key words in the clue. In this case, they are 'Greenwich Village, inn, June 1969'.
2. Assuming this means nothing to you, go to Google and search using that string of keywords.
3. The name of a place pops up, actually the first item this time, but it could be further down in the list for other searches.
4. Remembering that the theme for this hunt is LGBTQ+, read the descriptions of the items returned. Actually, this time, the first item returned by Google is right on, the name of a particular place.
5. Now, go back to Librarything and type that full name into its search.
6. It'll give you a list of works that contain that place name, but since it's a place, click on 'Common Knowledge' in the bibliographic list on the left of the page.
7. You'll get a list of items found that relate to that place name. The first one is conveniently tagged within parentheses as a 'place'. Click on that entry.
8. You have gone to a page representing that place and now you should have a banner pop up on top of your screen saying you have won a penguin!

You can obviously skip over steps if you already have a notion what you are looking for, but the basic process is to end up typing the name of your target in librarything search, then selecting from the left-hand column the proper type for the work (e.g. Author, Common Knowledge/place, Tags, Social/Groups, etc.), then clicking on the returned links that seem correct. If that ends up on the correct page, you'll be awarded. If it doesn't, try clicking on other links that were returned or start over with other aspects of your hunch as to the correct answer.

I know, probably TMI, and fairly anal at that, but I hope it'll give you some confidence in searching for treasures!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:05pm

>212 Nicole_VanK: Sorry about the FB haters!

I left just before the 2020 election, thinking I would go back in November. Then there were the claims of fraud. Then there was January 6th. Then there was… something else, oh yeah, Covid. Anyway, I ended up not going back.

No way I could go back now! So many problems. So many crazy people out there.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:28pm

OK, now I can tell you that the book I decided to read from the Treasure Hunt is The House in the Cerulean Sea. I was very nervous for the first half of the book and considered dropping it, but liked it so much by the end that I am rereading it.

Jun. 30, 11:28pm

Gasp! It is not officially over yet! 😱

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:33pm

>216 Yamanekotei: It was over at 5 pm EDT according to the message at the beginning of the Hunt.

Jul. 1, 12:23am

I'm still getting banners - you can sneak in under the wire if you haven't got all your penguins yet ;0)

Jul. 1, 4:22am

>214 krazy4katz: Yeah, if I hadn't agreed on accepting admin duties, I probably would have left too.

Jul. 1, 10:48am

I love these treasure hunts but this one really was hard for me! So many i did not get and i am disappointed in myself and my search skills but it is what it is I guess.. :( got #9 this morning but only from Talk. #4 was just too much. Anyhow, till the next one!

Jul. 1, 11:01am

>215 krazy4katz: I felt the same way reading. The book could have gone from the opening in directions I did not want to go, but the second half was worthwhile.

Are the answers compiled somewhere publicly after each hint, or am I remembering a wish rather than reality?

Jul. 1, 8:58pm

>221 aspirit: I don't ever remember any answers. What I do is make a pdf of the Hunt page. Then I fill in the answers as I go. I have a folder with a number of pdfs of past hunts.

Jul. 1, 9:07pm

>221 aspirit: After the hunt is closed, the page will have the page each clue led to added beneath them.

Jul. 4, 3:41pm

>215 krazy4katz: >221 aspirit:. I’ve added that book to my wish list.

Jul. 4, 8:50pm

Who won the prizes?

Jul. 6, 6:43pm

Hi All! Apologies for the late announcement, but as you are all no doubt aware, our Pride Month 2022 Treasure Hunt has come to a close. Thank you to all who participated!

This year we had 1,130 players, and 599 players finding at least five clues. The average number of clues found was seven.

Our randomly selected winners this year are:


Winners, please message me with your mailing address, so we can get your prizes sent out to you!

Jul. 6, 9:15pm

>226 AbigailAdams26: Congratulations everyone!

Jul. 7, 2:08pm

I never got my badge for completing. Is there someone I need to contact?

Jul. 7, 2:18pm

>228 kylebrewer13: The badges haven't been awarded yet. It's a manual process so it may take several weeks (or longer).

Jul. 7, 3:58pm

>228 kylebrewer13: This part usually takes a while. Just when you've forgotten all about it, a beautiful new badge will grace your profile. :)

Jul. 31, 3:45pm

>229 Taphophile13:

Ah, I'm glad to see this! I've been wondering about that and wasn't sure how long to wait. Actually I keep forgetting, but like last year I know now it will just pop up when I least expect it. :)