YA? undead/vampire snow white, as told by other girl narrator

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YA? undead/vampire snow white, as told by other girl narrator

Jun. 1, 5:36 am

So all I remember about the book was the narrator, a girl, living in a village in the woods (I think) she has a childhood friend/crush and I believe she thinks they will be engaged. Then the snow white girl show up in the village and the bo falls hard.
Some how she is either kidnapped or goes into the woods and is found dead (possibly with her heart ripped out?). This may be a string of killings or something. The boy is heartbroken, and the girl is somewhat happy the snow white is gone because then she may have a chance. Then snow white comes back, don't remember if zombie or vampire, as some type of undead creature.
The boy thinks snow white is alive again, but the narrator definitely knows something is wrong. Don't really remember the ending, but I think it was either the village kills the snow white, or snow white kills the boy and the narrator kills her in revenge.
I think I read this in the 2010s but before 2016.

Jun. 1, 8:33 am

Not Snow, Glass, Apples but you might like that too.

Jun. 1, 9:21 am

Why do you refer to the new girl as Snow White? Is this a fairytale retelling or does she have Snow White qualities?

Jun. 1, 2:48 pm

>1 Sen_Tuar: Maybe Beanstalker and Other Hilarious Scarytales? It features a vampire Snow White.

Jun. 2, 7:12 am

>3 juels: I think it was a fairy tale esque book, not sure if actually a retelling. But I think it described her as having white skin, red lips and dark hair, hence snow white. Plus when she is revived as undead the colors are similar to undead (pale skin, bloody lips)

Jun. 10, 8:43 pm


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