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Mai 7, 2009, 5:41am

Orion books have published a commemorative edition ofNecronmicon by H.P.Lovecraft. Quite pricey but well worth the money!

Mai 7, 2009, 5:49am

What Necronomicon? He never wrote one. Other people have since, but not HPL.

Bearbeitet: Mai 7, 2009, 6:35am

There are, however, collections of his work under that title from some publishers. So yes, additional info would be most welcome.

p.s.: Never mind - found it :

Yes another best of collection. Well, might be good.

Mai 7, 2009, 8:45am

Hmmm, shouldn't this have a warning 'might cause madness'

Mai 8, 2009, 4:21pm

A 31st anniversary edition of the "Simon" Necronomicon has recently been published by Ibis Press. It's leatherbound, similar to the first edition from 1977. This is technically the 4th edition.

I own a copy of the first edition. Regardless of all the claims of fakery and hoaxes, it's still a very beautiful book.

Mai 11, 2009, 1:57pm

The anniversary Simonomicon from Ibis is being issued in leather and cloth; even the cloth edition is quite dear. Still, it's tempting.