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Cover artist - their websites and links

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Jan. 22, 2007, 7:29am

I thought it'd be good to keep a list referencing any favourite cover artist's websites if we found them.

I thought I'd kick off and link to Geoff Taylor's website . I'd liked his work on UK editions of Katharine Kerr, Raymond Feist, and David Eddings, but never realised he'd done so many other book covers. (All mainly in the Fantasy genre).

I thought his covers interpreted the author's story much better than US editions published at the same time.
See Daughter of the Empire by Raymond Feist & Janny Wurts - Or Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings to see the difference in cover treatment.

Bearbeitet: Jan. 22, 2007, 7:39am

Had a quick look at the Geoff Taylor site you mention. The covers that stuck out immediately were those of the Jean M Auel books about the adventures of pre-historic girl/woman. I read and enjoyed several of them. Until now it had never occurred to me that the same artist would have done covers for the whole series.

Jan. 22, 2007, 9:42am

See for a list of authors websites. It does not include the Geoff Taylor site above.

I have my artists tagged so if you go to my library and search on a tag e.g. Geoff Taylor cover, and go to cover view you wiil get what I have.

Jan. 22, 2007, 1:39pm

The Geoff Taylor site is the only author site so far found which indexes covers by author. This excelent system has allowed me to attribute several more covers.

Jan. 22, 2007, 1:42pm

I thought his covers interpreted the author's story much better than US editions published at the same time.
See Daughter of the Empire by Raymond Feist & Janny Wurts - at least one US cover by Janny Wurts!

Jan. 23, 2007, 9:11pm

5> See Daughter of the Empire by Raymond Feist & Janny Wurts - at least one US cover by Janny Wurts!

oops! I guess that illustrates every reader can interpret a story differently.

Jan. 27, 2007, 11:53pm

Here's the Michael Whelan website: .
It's harder to search on the authors he's worked for but the galleries are very interesting.
Michael Whelan done book covers for Isaac Asimov (Foundation series); Anne McCaffrey & Melanie Rawn amongst many many others.

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Mrz. 21, 2007, 2:43am

Hi. During my research for obscure illustrations of The Island of Dr. Moreau I found an interesting site devoted to War of the Worlds H.G. Wells.
I used it to cross reference illustration styles and find artists that way. I have found that the illustrations I am most interested in are so old that the artists don't have websites. But I can buy the books on e-bay. To see my recent project using book cover art you can go to my website.
If you have any vintage The Island of Dr. Moreau covers, let me know!

Bearbeitet: Mrz. 25, 2007, 12:13am

I was looking for a website for a cover artist called Pat Turner/Patrick Turner and found this .

I've re-read the site in more detail than when I first posted and I think my concerns re studio vs individual artist recognition are ungrounded.
He uses "I" as instead of "corporate we" when discussing specific bookcovers.

He appears to have created a number of Baen covers (Bujold, Robinson, Heinlein, Ringo etc).

Sept. 10, 2007, 10:06am

The locus list mentioned in post #3 seems a bit out of date.

Fred Gambino's website
Chris Foss has an official website now.
Fangorn also has a website

Sept. 10, 2007, 7:10pm

It's an interesting history, with regard to Geoff Taylor, and the Daughter of the Empire art.

Geoff did the very first first cover for the first British edition - the one that showed the heroine as a tall, blond, nordic style woman bearing a metal sword, in front of a mideval castle....sigh.

Mara actually was written as small, dark haired, more exotically oriental in looks, and on the world of Tsuranuanni, metal was extremely rare - and nothing but nothing looked like a mideval castle!

I am quite pleased to say that round two - Geoff Taylor's most recent art for the repackage in Britain is way cool, and quite thrilled me. Gorgeous imagery. He's done some breath taking artwork for many other books, too.

I did only the first US hardbound and first US paperback cover art for the series - Don Maitz did the reissues in the USA- and they, also, are quite splendid. He included a lot of the details precisely, including the lacquer and laminate armor, and the elaborate headdresses, the pierced lanterns, and of course, the cultural backdrop was just the right mix.

Cover art - can really hit or really really miss! It's a fun subject for debate, always.

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