Twinkley's 100 list so far

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Twinkley's 100 list so far

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Bearbeitet: Jun. 27, 2009, 12:40pm

Hi, I just joined today. This is what I've read so far this year. I keep track of my books by what I've read each month so it's not exactly in the usual alphabetical in the usual sense. I also like to mark the genre such (f) for fiction or (m) for mystery.

I'm up to 65 books for the year.

My rating (1)hate – (5) Love it!!

Duprau, Jeanne (SF) The City of Ember 4
Gaiman, Neil (F) The Sandman: Fables and Reflections 3
Hart, Carolyn G. (M) Death on Demand 3
James, Henry (fic) The Turn of the Screw 3
Lippman, Laura (m) Baltimore Blues 4
Maron, Margaret (M) The Bootlegger's Daughter 4
Maron, Margaret (M) Southern Discomfort 4
Page, Katherine Hall (M) The Body in the Belfry 4
Penny, Louise (M) The Cruelest Month 4
Coetzee, J.M. (fic) Disgrace 4
Esquivel, Laura (fic) Like Water for Chocolate 4
Jance,Judith J. (M) Until Proven Guilty 3.5
Le Fanu, Sheridan (fic) In a Glass Darkly 3.5
Maron, Margaret (M) Up Jumps the Devil 3
Page, Katherine Hall (M) The Body in the Kelp 3
Pickard, Nancy (M) The Truth Hurts 4
Thurber, James (F)(Ch) 13 Clocks 4
Amis, Kingsley (fic)Lucky Jim 4
Beaton, M.C. (M) Death of a Dentist 3.5
Boyle, Elizabeth (R) Love Letters from a Duke 4
Boyle, Elizabeth (R) His Mistress by Morning 2
Bradbury, Ray (SF) Fahrenheit 451 4.5
Coelho, Paulo (fic) Veronika Decides to Die 4
Lee, Rebecca Hagen (R) Always a Lady 3
Jannson, Tove (fic) The Summer Book 3.5
Layton, Edith (R) The Duke's Wager 4
Palmer, Diana (R) After the Music 4
Salinger, J.D. (fic) A Catcher in the Rye 4
Sprinkle, Patricia (M) When did we lose Harriet? 4
Watson, Winifred (fic) Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day 4.5
Wyndham, John (fic) (SF) The Day of the Triffids 4.5
Zola, Emile (fic) Therese Raquin 3.5
Brautigan, Richard (fic) Willard and his Bowling Trophies 2
Buck, Gayle (R) The Fleeing Heiress 3
Cain, James M. (m) The Postman always rings twice 4
Dick, Philip K. (sf) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 4
Gibbons, Stella (fic) Cold Comfort Farm 4
Jeffries, Sabrina (R) Let Sleeping Rogues Lie 4
Jensen, Emma (R) The Irish Rogue 3
Kelly, Carla (R) One Good Turn 4
Layton, Edith (R) Lord of Dishonor 4
Pym, Barbara (fic) Excellent Women 5
Sayers, Dorothy (M) Murder must advertise 3
Suskind, Patrick (fic)(hf) Perfume: A Story of a Murderer 4
West, Rebecca (fic) The Return of the Soldier 4
Shakespeare (dr) Much Ado About Nothing 4
Burgess, Anthony (fic) Clockwork Orange 3.5
Duras, Marguerite (fic) The Lover 3
Hansberry, Lorraine (dr) A Raisin in the Sun 4
Hart, John (M) The Last Child 4
Hesse, Herman (fic) Siddhartha 3.5
McMahon, Jennifer (M) Island of Lost Girls 3
Moerk, Christian (M) Darling Jim 4
Schlink, Bernhard (fic) The Reader 3
Vonnegut, Kurt (fic) Slaughterhouse-Five 3
Baldwin, James (fic) Giovanni's Room 3.5
Bazell, Josh (M) Beat the Reaper 3.5
Bradley, Alan (M) The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie 3.5
Carlson, Ron (fic) The Hotel Eden Stories 3
Cotteril, Colin (m) The Coroner's Lunch 4.5
Golding, William (fic) Lord of the Flies 4
Hoyt, Elizabeth (R) To Seduce a Sinner 3.5
Mortenson, Greg (NonFic) Three Cups of Tea 3
Steinbeck, John (fic) The Pearl 3
Strasser, Todd (fic) The Wave 3.5

Jun. 27, 2009, 12:27pm

The last book I read out of the above list is Three Cups of Tea and I gave it a rating of 3 because it was very boring. What Greg Mortenson has accomplised is admirable but the writing was too detailed and very didactic. I couldn't for the life of me keep track of all the names.

I'm right now reading White Tiger (not sure how I feel about this one yet) and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (likeable easy read so far).

Jun. 28, 2009, 1:32pm

#66 Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I just loved this book. I think this would highly appeal to people who like to read, especially the classics. It made me want to read something by Charles Lamb. I don't know how the authors managed to make a World War II book to be mostly joyful but they did.

Jun. 29, 2009, 8:44am

#67 The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga - 4

Did I enjoy reading it? Not really. The character was unlikeable. But was it powerful and good? Yes. His rage came through clearly and how unfair his life and others like him had it. The corruption of most of the society came through clearly. I'm glad I read it but it was in some ways a tough read because of the subject matter.

Jun. 29, 2009, 9:51am

great reading list! I wanted to read something by Charles Lamb after reading Guernsey, too.

Jun. 30, 2009, 2:32pm

#68 The Best Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe 4

A good read. Some stories I hadn't read before like the "Balloon Hoax". Some stories felt like overwritten precursors to Sherlock Holmes. It's good to see the transition though.

Jul. 1, 2009, 12:28am

Ah, I knocked off a few Poe short stories earlier this year, too. I'd never read him before, and was quite impressed by the gothic tales. Less impressed by the overly wordy mysteries, but you're quite right, it's good to see the transition.

Jul. 1, 2009, 7:33am

Wow twinkley, that is some list you have there. You are doing great and off to a ripping start!~!
Welcome and good luck.

Jul. 1, 2009, 11:57am

Thanks for the welcome belva :-)

#69 The War of the Worlds 4/5

Ok, I'm not a slow reader but this was on my bedside table for I think 3 months. I would read a little bit here and there. I think it just moved a little too slow for me. Then the last 30-40 pages moved really quickly. I gave it a 4 star because it was well-written and you could see how other apocalyptic novels and movies stole from Wells. Also the whole connection to colonialism with the alien invasion was pretty neat.